Mcafee Antivirus Free Download For Mobile

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Looking for a complete security solution for your Android device? There are a lot of malware running for the particular Android operating system. With McAfee Mobile Security, you get effective protection against malware. In addition, the application ensures your privacy and offers several functions for system optimization.

You can find more suitable alternatives in the list of the best in the category “Antivirus software”. The top 100 programs of all time, on the other hand, can be found in the downloaded tops.

Mcafee Antivirus Free Download For Mobile

Mcafee Antivirus Free Download For Mobile

Tips! The premium version of McAfee Mobile Security has more features than free downloads. You can get this directly from McAfee Mobile Security

Mcafee Mobile Security

You can download McAfee Mobile Security for these platforms. Regarding the latest update: Android version “” McAfee Mobile Security was updated on May 4th.

All available versions of McAfee Mobile Security are available for download on the download page. There you will find even more details about the individual versions.

General notes on 32-bit and 64-bit versions! Many Windows downloads come in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Here’s how systems differ and whether you’re using 32-bit or 64-bit Windows. If you enjoy a friendly system setup, use portable versions. They don’t write anything in the Windows registry and can start right from the USB stick – hence the name. These versions are marked with us as “portable”.

You can download McAfee Mobile Security for Android smartphones and tablets from the Google Play Store. Here you will find the current version “” from May 4.

Mcafee Mobile Security: The Best Android Antivirus In 2022?

McAfee Mobile Security review in the Google Play Store A previous speaker described it well. Instead, a downgrade in terms of optics, usability and user accessibility. Finally, you can add a WLAN. A saved WLAN is not recognized. This irritates the functionality. This still does not create confidence in the secure software. Who scheduled such a thing? There are still errors in the applications. New threats were found. No threats. What now?

McAfee Mobile Security has many options to effectively protect your smartphone from Internet threats. Advanced scanning, virus removal, and mobile security features to protect against phishing, spam, risky applications, and WiFi threats provide better comprehensive protection.

In addition to these basic features, the app also has some useful extras. If your smartphone is stolen, use the device lock and the anti-theft camera. With these features, block access to your device and take a picture of who is using it. You can also remotely delete private data and restore factory settings. To find your smartphone again, you can find it by GPS and, if necessary, trigger a remote alarm to stop the thief.

Mcafee Antivirus Free Download For Mobile

In addition, the app has several performance optimization features. For example, you can free up memory, optimize battery usage, and clean up data. McAfee Mobile Security is free and only available for Android. A premium subscription of around € 2.20 per month unlocks additional features such as parental controls and application blocking, and removes the ad.

Mcafee Total Protection 2022

For a free application, McAfee Mobile Security offers a wide range of features. With the app, you can be sure that there are no malicious niche programs on your smartphone. The app even improves the performance of your device and we were particularly impressed with the ability to respond to theft, lock and locate your mobile phone.

Just the publicity that appears can be a little annoying for some of us in the long run. However, with a premium subscription, you can lock and unlock multiple features. If you prefer to look for an alternative, you will find appropriate suggestions in the overview of our antivirus software. We’ve also tested the top five antivirus applications for you.

McAfee Mobile Security is classified in the software category Antivirus Software, a subcategory of Security. Similar categories in this area can be found below. McAfee is a great brand when it comes to cyber security. McAfee has been in the field of cloud-to-device cyber security for over 3 decades. Undoubtedly, McAfee has used its experience to create one of the best security solutions for all types of devices for a long time. But did McAfee manage to create the best antivirus for Android? Does McAfee Malware Protection offer the best in the industry? Without further ado, let’s go:

The main purpose of an antivirus application is the security of malware. Malicious software (malicious software) is still used as a technique to steal and misuse user data. The most admirable antivirus application for Android offers complete protection against malware threats such as Bitdefender Mobile Security, Norton etc.

Mcafee Internet Security 1 Year, 3 Licences Windows, Mac Os, Android, Ios Antivirus

McAfee Mobile Security malware protection is provided by someone else. There are several independent laboratories that evaluate the performance of these antiviruses. One of these labs is the AV-Test Lab. In a test conducted in July 2020, McAfee Mobile Security was able to detect and remove 99.9% of malware on 3,345 samples. Although the score looks pretty good, McAfee rivals like Bitdefender Mobile Security managed to detect all 100% of the samples.

Antivirus applications provide real-time protection against malware and cyber threats. To alert the user instantly of any malicious files or software, antivirus applications continue to run in the background of the device constantly. In addition, if an antivirus application comes equipped with the Anti-Theft tool and the user chooses to take advantage of it, the application always uses the location service in the background. For all these reasons, antivirus applications can have a huge impact on device performance.

While using McAfee Mobile Security for 7 days, I did not experience any major impact on the performance or battery of the device. (The anti-theft device was activated and used the background location service at any time.) AV-Test Lab found the same conclusion in its assessment of the effect on device and battery performance.

Mcafee Antivirus Free Download For Mobile

Similar tests performed on McAfee competitors such as Bitdefender, Norton and Kaspersky gave similar results. Therefore, McAfee and its rivals have not yet surpassed the course of being the best antivirus for Android.

Mcafee Security: Antivirus Vpn Für Android

In competitive environments, antivirus applications are judged not only by the Malware Protection provided, but also by the additional tools provided.

When it comes to additional tools, McAfee has no competitors. McAfee offers the best of the best tools that are not generally available to any other competitor. These tools definitely put McAfee ahead of its rivals in the race to be the best antivirus for Android.

McAfee comes equipped with a makeover that, although it requires an updated premium version, can be really useful. VPNs are highly recommended for maintaining data security and privacy, especially on Android devices. McAfee Makeover is a good addition to McAfee Antivirus.

Theft is the worst nightmare when it comes to privacy and security. Once your device is stolen, the intruder has several ways to access your data, even if your device has a biometric lock. Therefore, the most admirable antivirus application comes equipped with Anti-Theft tool.

Download Mcafee Antivirus Plus 2022

However, not all of these tools work very well. Anti-theft tools built into only Bitdefender and McAfee were able to do the job manually.

A number of other tools are also equipped with McAfee Antivirus, which is not available with competitors. See the chart below for a clear idea:

Price is a less subjective subject. We can only compare McAfee prices with its competitors. But we can’t tell you which one to choose. It all depends on how much sensitive data you have on your mobile device; how much you want to spend on it; and so on

Mcafee Antivirus Free Download For Mobile

There is absolutely no doubt when it comes to functionality, McAfee is the best Antivirus for Android on the market. However, the cost of all these services is higher than its competitors.

Mcafee Mobile Security Review: Middle Of The Road

When it comes to features, McAfee is the absolute best antivirus for Android. The features offered by McAfee are not available elsewhere, regardless of price. So if you are a user who wants the best, choose McAfee Mobile Security.

But if you’re a regular user like me, you wouldn’t mind losing some features if you could save $ 50 on cost. Therefore, if you are like me, I would suggest Bitdefender Mobile Security. (Read the full review here)

We hope we can help you decide if you buy McAfee and if McAfee is the best Android antivirus available on the market. Tell us what you think about McAfee and who your personal favorite is.

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