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The personal information of 1.1 million users deemed attractive enough for the controversial dating website has been leaked, according to news reports and an expert who runs the security analytics site on Monday .

Good Looking People Dating Site

The breach involved nearly 15 million private messages sent between members of the site, including information such as encrypted passwords, email addresses, mobile phone numbers and personal information such as height, weight , work, favorite movie and TV show.

Best Dating Sites In The Us: Top Ranked And Rated Us Dating Sites 2022 confirmed with Forbes that it was aware of the breach, which was first reported in December 2015. It sent back a statement issued late last year, which said: “This is a configuration server and not a part of our production. database. The system server is closed immediately.”

The statement also said that all affected users were contacted at the time of the breach. But two users who found their information in a database discovered last year by researcher Chris Vickery told Forbes they never contacted the site.

The accuracy of the leaked accounts was confirmed by security expert Troy Hunt, who runs, a website that lets you find your email. address to see if you are affected by the data breach.

Hunt tweeted that 170 of the 1.1 million leaked accounts used government email addresses. “I keep seeing bunches of government stuff where it probably shouldn’t be,” he wrote.

Finding Love As A Trans Woman, owned by BeautifulPeople Network, has seen its share of controversy since its inception in 2002 when it launched in Denmark before going global in 2009. The site bills itself as a dating site for attractive people only. , allowing its community of users to vote to deny any applicant more worthy than the average to join. A reported 5,000 users were kicked off the site due to “overuse”, The Guardian reported in 2010.

In the vast and complex black market of data hacking, one very important thing is access to the passwords of millions of real users. Cybercriminals buy these lists of data to load into large databases like rainbow tables, a kind of dictionary of possible passwords used to crack encrypted accounts.

In February of this year, 27 million passwords hacked from dating website were reportedly sold for 20 bitcoins, roughly $8,700 at the time. Hunt said he didn’t know how much the data ended up being sold for.

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Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. Publication or distribution of this content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Toronto Star Newspapers Limited and/or its licensors. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, visit: www.TorontoStarReprints.comLOS ANGELES, Calif., Jul 19, 2018 () —, the #1 Internet dating site for large beautiful women, has updated its entire view soak. Now with a brand new website, this dating site for plus size singles is revolutionizing the dating scene., the world’s best dating site for large beautiful women, has recently updated its web design to cater to lovers with a modern dimension. Now your front page is the best version by the great beauty of your makeup is inspired by Dita Von Teese, a real 10. Her gorgeous cat face makeup with wings is very attractive, charming and sophisticated. Statistics show that most of the beautiful women on are real 9 and 10 year olds who are confident and compassionate in love and life. Therefore, this brand new home page is a true representation of the majority of additional measures on this platform. It’s no wonder that more and more curvy singles are responding to the message.

Also, has already removed those bells and whistles from their homepage, so your look is completely streamlined. Users can see only what they really need without distractions.

Instead of using green as their theme color, has now chosen blue as their new theme color because modern science shows that blue looks best on big beautiful women;

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A new login option has also been added to Members can use their Facebook accounts to log in easily. “Although you can log in with your Facebook account, will not post anything to your Facebook Timeline, so there is nothing to worry about. Protecting the privacy of our members is our top priority,” said RexY, Operations Manager at “Of course, if a user prefers a separate username and password, that’s fine. The traditional login option is still available. We just added a new entrance.”

Since introducing this new design, has attracted 12,882 new members per week. Apparently, an increasing number of plus size singles and their fans are joining the big beauty dating sites with their Facebook accounts.

“Another reason we added a Facebook login option on our platform is because Facebook only allows people to use their real names. This means that those who use our dating service are trustworthy and reliable if they log in with their Facebook accounts, but their full names will not appear on our dating platform because we need to protect the privacy of our users.” , Rex said. “Obviously, trust is the most important aspect of online dating these days.”

Yes, Facebook only allows users to use their real names, and that’s why people’s behavior on Facebook is more important than their behavior on other social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube, where comments are less polite. than what you see on Facebook. Obviously, took this factor into consideration when they decided to include a Facebook login option in their new web design. This way, those logging in with their Facebook accounts can be real people rather than robots. Therefore, the quality of curvy singlets at is guaranteed.

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With 17 years in the online dating industry, is designed for singles over 18 and their fans. Do you ever find yourself lazing on your laptop on a Saturday afternoon thinking, do I really want someone to judge my appearance in real time online right now?’ Yeah, not me, at least not since my high school LiveJournaling days. See, then there are these LiveJournal communities with names like xxGorgousx or x___eLiTe__Xx or something; it’s all very gossip girl. You’ll contact them by submitting a photo or two of yourself and filling out a questionnaire, and members will vote you up or down. My 13-year-old self used to be something like that (as if high school itself didn’t provide enough opportunities to judge my views/statements of my safety in a public forum).

Well, a few weeks ago my lovely editor emailed me to ask me to try out a dating site that, for all intents and purposes, looks like 2014’s answer to LiveJournal’s social media groups. It’s called Beautiful People (dot com!), and it caused quite a stir recently when applicants reportedly made drastic changes to get accepted. Your home page offers the following test promises:

Well, if there are two things I hate, riff-raff and FAKE beautiful people, so why? It should be noted that I’ve never really dabbled in online dating, even Tinder. I mean, I haven’t been alone since my freshman year of college, and that’s when I met all my boys at frat parties and fell in love with a broken BlackBerry. So this was a great experience for me.

And yes, you must fill every section, including your weight. I dropped the scale a year ago, so it’s entirely possible that I put on more weight. Oh, and also, I list myself as in a relationship, but open to party invitations. Both true!

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Anyway, you upload a photo and your 48 hour trial begins, during which members of the opposite sex on the site (I don’t remember being offered a non-hetero option, although I might have missed it) vote for you. or exit by pressing one of the following buttons:

They fall into the following cute categories from left to right: As you can guess, you need to get enough Cutes, or at least Hmmm OK, to preempt any downvotes.

I’ve heard my friends strategize and sometimes agonize over choosing the right photos for their dating profiles. For example, I haven’t had a good photo without a boyfriend in two years, so I decided to go with the picture I use for my life. This is a bad boy.

Not at all? Absolutely NOT?!?!?!?!? As if I would take it lying down. I remember one of my online

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