Fairfax County Public Schools Ratings

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We are parents, students, and community members who promote diversity and excellence at Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology. We support increasing diversity through merit-based recruitment to TJ.

Petition: Fairfax County School Council Vote ‘No’ on New Fairfax County Admissions to TJ Coalition for TJ, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Organization whose parents, students, alumni and members of the community oppose the Fairfax County Lottery System . Schools released to replace the current academy-based admissions process for TJ. There will be no objective admission tests, no essays on solving problems, there will be no possibility of getting teachers’ recommendations on a new plan, as well as a lot of lottery problems. This plan is an example of committee decision-making and will ultimately lead to the demise of TJ and his excellence in STEM, without addressing the important goal of increasing the number of under-represented minorities in TJ by better preparing younger graders to attend TJ. We encourage all members of the community to object to the lottery approval process proposed by Fairfax County officials and the wider efforts of Virginia education officials to eliminate merit-based admissions at TJ. We are committed to promoting diversity and excellence in No. 1 American high school with a community of diverse, inspiring students. VOTE NO to this plan and CONTACT the community to find more effective solutions. Coalition for TJ 3,555 Unterstützer * innen

Fairfax County Public Schools Ratings

Fairfax County Public Schools Ratings

Petition to: Ralph S. Northam, Virginia State House, Virginia State Senate. VA Gov. Ralph Northam: Maintaining Merit-Based Admissions at TJHSST Honorable Governor Ralph Northam, Virginia Secretary of Education Atif Qarni, Virginia legislature, Fairfax County Public School Superintendent Scott Brabrand, Thomas Jefferson High School Director of Science and Technology Ann Bonitatibus, FCPS Board Members Laura Jane Cohen, Tamara Derenak Kaufax, Karen Keys-Gamarra, Abrar Omeish, Megan McLaughlin, Melanie Meren, Elaine Tholen, Ricardy Anderson, Karen Corbett Sanders, Karl Frisch, Stella Pekarsky, Rachna Sizemore Heizer, members of the Governor’s Schools task force and other Makers : We are caring citizens. Many of us are parents, students, and alumni of Fairfax County Public Schools and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a governorate school in Alexandria, Virginia. We are members of the Coalition for TJ that promotes diversity and excellence in TJ. We are deeply concerned about the government’s secret and fanatical, anti-Asian, anti-immigrant actions. Northam, his cabinet, and Virginia state education officials to challenge admission standards, the curriculum, and the future of TJ. We are very concerned about the existence of the Governor’s Task Force, which was quietly created in July 2020 by the Governor. Northam and Virginia Secretary of Education Atif Qarni to recommend TJ to the Virginia State Legislature and in the approval process that it is possible to replace TJ admission in a racing blind situation with race-based options, including a lottery, quota, and adversity rating hitting students from underrepresented minorities. This task force meets without public information about its meetings. It is inappropriate to use TJ as a Petri dish for social engineering experiments and the suggestion of at least one of the Mr. Qarni about the potential elimination of governor schools like TJ is genuinely reckless. We are trying to increase the number of black, Hispanic and economically disabled students admitted to TJ, but we are looking for solutions that will address the causes of this phenomenon, rather than imposing a race-based short-sighted solution. Policy makers should consider four key points: 1) First, TJ is not only a great school with a long tradition of providing world-class STEM education to advanced students academically, but is also a magnet for businesses, families, and investments in Fairfax County, Virginia. US News and World Report ranked TJ first. 1 high school in America and this is the main reason schools in Northern Virginia – and Fairfax County Schools in particular – are highly regarded by publications and companies, many of which identify the school system as a reason to find in Northern Virginia. Is there a better recommendation for a school district than having a high school number no 1 in America? Given the importance of TJ to the region and state, we shouldn’t be destroying the school. Do the Commonwealth of Virginia and Northern Virginia now value virtue more than academic excellence and a business-friendly climate? 2) Second, they will have a disproportionate impact on Asians and immigrants who make up about 70 percent of TJ’s students. There are no claims in TJ’s rebuilding that he is fighting “white privileges.” There is no justice or moral basis for this task force to admit certain students on the basis of race and force immigrants and other people of color to admit to TJ on the basis of merit. There is a name for considerations in this policy. This is called racism, and racial discrimination and “racial equality” expressly promoted by these efforts are unconstitutional. Particularly unfortunate for Asian and immigrant members of this group is that the decision-makers who make decisions about TJ’s future are powerful and privileged US citizens, many of whom are white. In other words: we are bad. Many TJ families left behind racial discrimination, political repression, religious discrimination, or limited economic opportunities in countries ranging from Romania to India and China to find an opportunity in the US. We were deeply disappointed to see how the discrimination and plantation mentality came from our country of origin. Many of TJ’s families suffered from oppression, racism, colonization, violence and poverty, in fact intergenerational trauma. It is racist, bigoted, and unfair for most Asian immigrant families of the TJ color and their students to harass and accuse “privilege” as they simply pursue the universal value of education as a means of progress and then return to society with service. 3) Third, they threaten to undermine TJ’s reputation and academic integrity by separating TJ’s admissions from purely merit-based admissions. We heard speeches from members of the Governor’s Task Force that so many TJ students and families use exam preparation services to get into TJ, and that black, Hispanic, and economically disabled students may not be able to afford such a test. The solution to this problem (if it is a problem) is simple. Commonwealth or counties in Northern Virginia must offer reduced or free exam preparation services based on the needs of local residents. Such examination training will provide benefits beyond just being admitted to TJ. Furthermore, you are disrupting services for black, Hispanic, and economically disabled students by moving TJ’s admissions gate to allow them admission. Admitting students who have not been lawfully admitted will not strictly weaken TJ academically and we expect many of these students to face academic difficulties or lead the school to change the curriculum to make it less academically advanced. A better course of action would be to improve the connection with TJ through the Count’s Advanced Academic Program, the Young Scientist Program, caring for students from under-represented communities, and other initiatives to support these students. Academic excellence in high school can be achieved by all ethnicities and cultures if properly prepared in the lower grades where s is essential. Preparing students in advance by making the Advanced Academic Program available to more students and extending the Young Scholars program, while maintaining academic sustainability and high standards, will best prepare children of all communities for the future. This should be our common goal. 4) Finally, we question the legitimacy and the lack of transparency of this task force. Secret task forces meet privately under the guise of being an “informal” aftertaste of behind-the-scenes political deals, and this is highly undemocratic. There should be transparency and greater public commentary throughout this process, which is so important it affects so many families in Northern Virginia. We encourage you to take this letter to heart and let it be a warning. We are not silent. Your efforts to embarrass us will not work. We will continue to expose your efforts to what they are: fanatical, anti-Asian and anti-immigrant. We speak without apologies for the diversity and excellence at TJ. Please contact us so we can help find a solution. You can contact us at koalicja4TJ@gmail.com. Student Coalition TJ 5.010 Unterstützer * innenTJ Prathik Naidu (right) was the finalist of last year’s Regeneron Science Talent Search, the oldest and most prestigious competition in science and maths for senior high school students. Dr. Brian Kennedy (left), director of TJ’s Chemical Analysis and Nanochemistry Laboratory, is Regeneron’s school coordinator.

Fairfax County High School Takes Top Spot Nationally In Latest Us News Ranking

One of the best high schools in America has 1,800 students, and thousands more are competing for admission. This spring’s admission rate at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a selective magnetic school outside Washington. 15 percent – a correlation lower than that of nearby Georgetown University.

It was as intended. Thomas Jefferson or TJ was designed to provide

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