Best Forex Trading Platform Reddit

Best Forex Trading Platform Reddit – Ah, Reddit… this is a great place for serious chats and meme threads. The real question here is which of the best Forex Reddit pages to follow for information?

Reddit pages can be a great resource for information and general communication, but as with all forums, they should be taken with a pinch of salt because, like many other places that let opinions rule the show, not all information can be completely accurate.

Best Forex Trading Platform Reddit

The first recommended Forex Reddit page is /r/Forex, this is the Reddit Forex trading community. This page is operated and owned by and is therefore not a general chat forum and is founded by an industry leader.

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On this page, you are welcomed by a post pinned by FXGears so you can ask any questions about why something is happening or if you need further insight into the topic. The posts are divided by topic, including graphics and settings, questions, memes, and more.

In addition to the posts, this Forex Reddit trading page also has a direct link to the Wiki and a direct link to the ability to chat with FXGear on their own website.

/r/Daytrading is not a Reddit-only Forex trading page, but it includes a fair amount of Forex posts. Most of the community posts here revolve around day trading stocks.

This page also has a direct link to the wiki with information from other pages and books. This page has clear posting rules regarding the number of posts per day and the type of posts that can be made.

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Although these rules are legal, they still leave the same note as any other page, be careful with the opinions of others and know that not everything is a fact or one hundred percent true.

/r/algotrading is another potential Reddit page to follow to join the trading community. This page is another page that will feature various traders as well as some Forex traders. This Reddit page features traders using algorithms to execute their trades.

As a bonus, this is another community built by FXGears, so just like their other page, there is also a direct link to their live chat here for any questions you might have.

/r/Investing is a wider range of post types and it can take a while to find Forex posts, but for the diversified investor, this is a worthy Reddit Forex trading community to join.

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This page has moderators, but it’s pretty much a platform for random opinions and posts as long as they’re investment-related, be it stocks, bonds, or Forex.

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