Which Stock Photo Site Pays The Most

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Stock image sites are a dime a dozen, so it’s hard to know where to find free, high-quality images that aren’t on every other website.

Which Stock Photo Site Pays The Most

As a freelancer and business owner, I’ve scoured the web to find that perfect photo. So I spent weeks sifting through dozens of image websites – and narrowed it down to the nine best for your next project.

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Finding images that are free for commercial use isn’t as difficult as you might think, thanks to the many sites that aggregate stock photos, illustrations, vectors and more. These sites usually let you search and filter by keyword or category, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. But that doesn’t mean every image site is worth looking at.

When I review these sites, I visit each one and sign up for an account if necessary. I explored the site’s menu and ran a few searches to see what kind of photos would come up. I check the quality of the photos and note things like how fast the search filters are, whether high-resolution download sizes are available, and whether there’s anything uniquely useful about the image site in question.

With more than three million photos and more plugins, Unsplash is one of the most accessible and largest photo collections available.

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It comes with native apps like an iOS app, an Android photo picker, an Apple TV and desktop wallpaper app, and even a Chrome extension that randomly picks a wallpaper when you open the browser. The Unsplash API has also been natively integrated into popular tools like Figma, Notion, Trello and Squarespace, allowing you to find and use high-quality photos without leaving your favorite platform.

The site is also easy to use: enter a keyword in the search bar at the top of the page and browse the results to find the best image for your needs. And if you don’t know what you’re looking for, there’s a category tab at the top of the home page for inspiration.

Another feature that sets Unsplash apart from other free photo sites is the Collections section. Site users can create collections—such as “Christmas Traditions,” “Fall” and “Milky Way”—by selecting photos they find. If you want multiple similar photos for a specific topic, Unsplash might be your best bet.

Picabai hosts more than 2.6 million photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos—all free to use. Click on Images next to the search bar to search for images by type, or you can refine your search by learning about Picabay’s advanced search options. Picabay lets you search by photographer, orientation (ie landscape or portrait), size and even color. The site also features an Editor’s Choice section, which highlights the best images selected by the Picabai team. Click the Explore drop-down menu at the top right of the site to see their options.

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If you need professional-looking illustrations—that is, hand-drawn images or computer-generated graphics—you should start your search here. Royalty-free illustrations may be hard to find on many free stock image sites, but Picabai has plenty of them. Just click on Image, select Illustration, enter your search term and that’s it. You can also use Picabay to find vector graphics, videos, music and even sound effects.

Gratisography doesn’t have thousands of images for you to browse. What it does have are some of the weirdest images you’ll find on the web — images you won’t find anywhere else, like little kids doing spray paint and alarm clocks that look like they’re on the moon.

The site is pretty simple – and the color scheme is very distracting, with bright neon colors and cartoon UI elements. Photos are organized into just nine different categories: animals, business, fashion, food, nature, objects, people, cities and weird. And while the photo resolution is high quality, it only comes in one size (and you have to download each photo to find out).

But if you’re looking for unique images to bring your content to life, Gratisography is definitely the place to start.

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Canva is a web-based graphic design tool that makes it easy to edit images. If you’re looking for stock images for a graphic design project—like a social media banner or flyer design—Canva is a one-stop shop for your needs. Even with a free account, the platform offers a library of over 1.6 million free images that you can use for any purpose.

If you plan to enhance the images you find by simply overlaying text, or regularly adjust the transparency or brightness of your photos, Canva will help simplify the process. Find a photo, then use Canva’s built-in design tools to enhance it on the spot.

One handy feature is that Canva automatically generates a color palette for any photo you select. If you’re creating a vision board or design presentation, you can easily use hex color codes to keep your project’s color scheme consistent.

Canva has some drawbacks though. While testing, I found that you can’t directly download photos like you can from other image sites. Instead, you need to click Use in Design. Canva takes you to a design control panel with basic photos on your digital canvas. While this is useful if you intend to add text or graphics to an image, it’s an unnecessary complication if you plan to download a stock photo as is.

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Also, many of the best image sites let you choose the size of the photo before you download it. Canva only provides one size—even though all photos are high-resolution.

If you’re looking for more image sites for graphic design, PicWizard and Kaboompics are great Canva alternatives. PickWizard is linked to DesignWizard, a design tool similar to Canva. And Kaboompics focuses on color palettes; you can also download selected photos along with the color scheme used, which is useful for organizing vision boards and presentations. Kaboompics also lets you choose a custom pixel width when downloading images, which is a handy feature.

Burst is a free photo site powered by the leading ecommerce platform Shopify. The platform offers thousands of free images that you can use to enhance your content, including a large selection of business-oriented photos (eg retail, e-commerce, money and products). The site offers 28 different categories, some of which are divided into subcategories to make it easier to find the images you need.

Browsing, searching and downloading is standard fare, but as an added bonus, Burst and Shopify offer advice on things like how to turn your online business idea into reality.

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New Old Stock publishes vintage photos from public archives. If you think an old photo — like a group of men sitting in front of a shop window in the late 1800s or a British motorist in France — would suit your brand, take a few minutes to scroll through New Old Stock to see if there’s anything interesting your attention .

Unfortunately, this site doesn’t have as much variety as other stock photo sites — and not all photos are free for commercial use. The site creator advises commercial users to check with the copyright statement of the original institution via the link provided to the original publication of each photo on Flickr.

The site’s search function also leaves a lot to be desired. And unlike most free image sites, New Old Stock doesn’t offer any way to filter photos. However, if you’re lucky, click on the magnifying glass in the top left corner of the site, enter a search phrase and you might hit (vintage)

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