Which Gym Is Right For Me

Which Gym Is Right For Me – We have many training classes in the program, but which one is right for you? Let’s see!

The live aerobics class, which starts at 6pm on Tuesdays, is suitable for all fitness levels and only lasts 20 minutes, so it’s ideal if you want to work out in a group, have a set time to work out, but don’t want to spend an hour slaving away. gym. away during the fitness class. Aerobic cardio gets your heart rate up and increases your aerobic capacity.

Which Gym Is Right For Me

On Thursdays at 6 p.m., Lisa teaches a bodyweight fitness class that is more strength-based. Again, this is about 20-25 minutes long and is great for those looking to build muscle and increase their strength. Because it’s all bodyweight based, it’s suitable for all fitness levels and has different variations for every movement.

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Yoga is a great combination of exercises for both body and mind. It is suitable for all fitness levels and can be tried in several styles. If you like to sweat, a hatha or vinyasa flow is for you. If you like something slower, Yin Yoga might be a little better.

If you love yoga but find it hard to focus your mind or just want a more active class, Pilates is a great choice! It helps you tone and build lean muscle and is suitable for all fitness levels.

Many of our fitness classes are cardio focused, such as Live Aerobics on Tuesdays. But we also have some more general cardio classes to help get the blood pumping through your veins. This type of exercise is great for those looking to lose weight and improve their cardiometabolic health.

If you want to tone certain parts of your body, check out some of our fitness classes that target specific body parts. They try to build more strength in the arms or legs, for example, and can easily be combined with each other for a full body workout. We have full body strength classes that combine a variety of movements to help tone your whole body.

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HIIT is the perfect choice for those who want to get fitter quickly. Fast-paced and high-intensity, but only for a short time. Great if you want to improve your fitness level but don’t have a lot of time to train.

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Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC The App Store® is a property of Apple Inc. Registered trademark in the US and other countries Then this blog is for you! With over 60 classes per week, we understand that it can be a bit of a challenge to know which classes to try, especially if you’re joining for the first time!

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So, to help you out, we’ve put together a cheat sheet so you can decide which classes are right for you and your goals! We’ve sorted each category into the category that best suits it, and ranked each category between categories so you know exactly what to expect!

1) Sweat! – The goal of these classes is to get your heart rate up and maintain it, and expect a cardio boost and endorphins to follow!

The name pretty much says it all. High energy class with just your body weight, lots of jumping and lots of fun!

Do you like to hurt things? Then this watch is for you! Boxing training without black eyes and headaches!

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Mixing strength exercises and cardio, moving from station to station! Once the class starts, don’t stop until you’ve completed all the exercises!

It’s pretty much the same as Calorie Killer, with the addition of an exercise step! In class, you’ll be jumping for joy in no time!

Consider it the full version of LBT. A great low impact option and a great way to learn weight lifting, control and tone technique!

If you want to keep your body fit and healthy for the long term, then yoga is an absolute must – especially if you sit at work all day or do a lot of other sports!

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Like yoga, we can all benefit from Pilates-inspired exercises! Combining movements that promote mobility and flexibility with improving strength and posture. A strong core (think abs, glutes, lower back) is key to a healthy body!

Kettlebells are great—strengthening, cardio, and toning, so you can count on a combination of these in class! Plus, learning kettlebell moves is a great skill that you can always improve! A true all-rounder in a class.

It’s similar to a circuit in that it mixes functional total body exercise and cardio, but it’s in the park and only uses your body weight! Cloudy weather, gloomy and bear sliding! There was a time when we got all the fitness and exercise we needed from our daily activities. But hunting and gathering led to agriculture, and eventually the need for human “work” almost disappeared in the industrialized world we live in today. Now that we work at desks, eat out, and generally lead a sedentary lifestyle, we need to re-introduce this missing physical activity. For some reason, the question of how to incorporate physical activity or work into our lives has proven to be confusing, contradictory and difficult to navigate. So if you find yourself Googling fitness near me, read on.

The fitness industry has evolved tremendously due to market demand. Much of the industry is dominated by health clubs and large gym franchises that offer samples of strength equipment, cardio machines, TVs, massage chairs and minimal staff. Considering how many employees would you need if your members didn’t attend the club? A study conducted by students at UC Berkeley found that 67% of gym memberships among the population surveyed are unused.

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Smart marketers at big box gyms know how to target their marketing to people who may not visit the facility. As humans, we often get excited about a new fitness initiative. “This is when I change, don’t look back,” you say. The challenge is that the health club makes no commitment to you. They don’t care if you show up or not. Fortunately, there are some who do.

Boutique fitness is an alternative to the traditional health club model. Boutique gyms offer special classes based on the expertise of the owner, teacher or trainer. Crossfit boxes, group exercise studios, Bikram yoga, parkour facilities, spin classes are all great examples of boutique fitness models.

These communities succeed when all parts work together; Owners, staff and customers are all successful when they all achieve their goals. This synergistic effect results in faster results and greater satisfaction from all parties. As a client, you have a team of coaches and staff to support you, teach you, and most importantly, hold you accountable. Getting fit doesn’t have to be work, challenging or painful. In fact, it can even be fun 😉

The past decade has seen a rapid growth in boutique gyms as customers have realized that not all gyms are created equal when it comes to fitness. Some common excuses are:

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These are great excuses, but since you’re ready to make a change, it’s time to drop the excuses and focus on the results. By adopting a system that addresses your objections, you’ll have one shot at getting the results you want.

If you struggle to stick to a routine, you can benefit from the coaches, friends, and community members you meet during each class. A group of people who ask about your day, learn about your goals and life, and most importantly, encourage you to show up consistently for your workouts.

If you say you’re too busy, you might want to sign up for classes in advance. The variety of classes available in time frames that fit your schedule makes it easy to get an hour’s workout in.

If boredom is your challenge, then a workout that changes every day is exactly what you need. Not only that, but the different training styles and friends you can make at different times of the day make each class a completely unique experience.

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