How To Start Investing In Stocks And Shares

How To Start Investing In Stocks And Shares – If our money is not working, the value of our money is constantly decreasing. 100 rupees today will be worth less than 100 rupees next year due to rising inflation. Learn how to start investing in the stock market for beginners in this post.

Stock markets are a great place to meet your long-term wealth building goals, beating inflation and earning good returns.

How To Start Investing In Stocks And Shares

But before investing in the stock market, one needs to learn how to invest in the stock market, how to buy stocks and how to make the right investment choices.

Stock Market Investing For Beginners Essentials To Start Investing Successfully ( Pdfdrive )

Buying stocks, shares or mutual funds and holding them for a longer period, usually more than 3-5 years is called investing. When we invest in financial instruments like mutual funds or stocks, our objective is to earn higher returns than the FD rates offered by the bank.

The resulting profits should also outpace inflation. Here is an example. Today you can buy 1 liter of mustard oil for Rs 100. In 1 year, the price of the same brand of oil may rise to 105r due to inflation.

So if we don’t raise our current Rs 100 above Rs 105, we won’t be able to buy a bottle of oil in future. If we deposit Rs 100 in the bank, the FD earns 6% interest and at the end of the year the bank will give me Rs 106.

If we get 106 rupees, we can buy oil for 105 rupees next year, but our profit is only 106-105 = 1 rupee. So the inflation adjusted return on bank FD is only Rs 1 out of Rs 100.

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We invest Rs 100 in shares and get 12% return after one year. In this case 100 rsi becomes 112 rsi. Assuming the same inflation, we make 112-106 = Rs 6 more than keeping it in the bank.

It’s called beating inflation and generating positive returns. This is the main objective of investing – to earn a high return on your investment to build wealth after accounting for inflation. One way to earn such income is that you should know how to invest in the stock market through mutual funds, stocks, ETFs, etc.

There are many ways we can invest in the stock market. Some of the more popular ones are mutual funds, ETFs, and buying stocks outright.

If you are a beginner and want to get decent returns on your investment, you can start investing in best mutual funds through SIP mode or Lumpsum mode.

Stock Markets Basics Or How To Start Investing In The Stock Market

If you want to earn high returns and can master the fundamentals of the stock market to analyze stocks and companies, you can invest directly in stocks or shares.

But investing in stock market is risky for beginners. Before investing, you should know how to do a thorough analysis of stocks and stock market fundamentals.

A stock is like owning a company. If you own 0.5% of the company’s total shares, you will own 0.5% of the company. If a company makes a profit, even you as the owner of that company get the profit and the profit is distributed as dividends.

In the short term, stock prices move through news, events, etc. In the long run, if the company is making money every year and increasing profits, it will continue to pay its owners in the form of dividends.

How To Invest In Share Market: Investment Guide For Beginners

You must understand why stock prices are rising. You can check the reasons that lead to higher future profits of the company. Generally, when companies make good profits, they return the profits to investors through dividends.

You should learn how to pick good stocks and analyze companies by doing their fundamental analysis. We have a complete online fundamental analysis course and stock market courses to help you learn the stock market.

Don’t invest in just one company. You should choose 10-15 companies and divide your money into small amounts to invest in each stock. This is called diversification. This is done to avoid unsystematic risk, IE, the possibility that a single firm will fail completely

To start your investment journey, you need to open a demat account with a reputed stock broker. There are many best stock brokers in India. We recommend Zerodha which is one of the best stock brokers in India and offers free investment with no brokerage fees. You can start by visiting this direct link to open Zerodha Demat account in 10 minutes. Below is the list of documents required to open demat account online.

How To Start Invest In Stock Market

You need to pay off all your high-interest debts like credit card fees, personal loans, etc. The interest on these loans is higher than your income from the stock market.

Invest money in a way that doesn’t affect your daily life. If you are new to the stock market, investing in debt/loans is not a good idea.

Cash on hand always acts as an emergency fund and a key to freedom. If you have money in hand, you can take important decisions in your life like moving to a new city or quitting your job. Do not invest all your funds in the stock market as it leads to heavy losses.

Although you can invest anytime, it is generally recommended to keep your investment tenure above 5-7 years if you want to get the best returns from the stock market.

Make A Million Dollars With Stock

Investing in the stock market can increase your wealth. Once you open a demat and trading account, let’s see how to invest in the stock market by following the steps below

You can follow the 50-30-20 rule to save money to invest in the stock market. This means if you earn 100 rubles, you should spend 50 rubles on needs and wants, spend 30 rubles on wants and desires and save 20 rubles. From this 20 rupees savings you can invest fixed amount in stock market according to your age.

When you are young, you can invest up to 40% of your savings in the stock market. If you are in your mid-40s, it is not recommended to invest more than 20% of your total savings in the stock market.

Once you’ve decided on the amount, it’s time to design a portfolio that includes stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. If you have no stock market knowledge, you can invest all your money in mutual funds.

Start Investing With Little Money

If you want to invest in the best mutual funds and you have a small budget, an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is the best way to invest. Mutual funds often have a minimum of Rs 500 or more, but ETFs trade like stocks. , where you can buy them at stock price. Learn more about what ETFs are here.

If you know about stocks and can pick stocks, it is better to create a portfolio that includes a mix of mutual funds and stocks.

Decide whether you are willing to invest in lump sum or through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). Plan a small periodic investment and then you need to analyze how much money to invest each month.

Most people have a misconception that investing in the stock market requires a large sum of money, but this is not true. You can start with any small amount of money

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There are many stock market books on investing that help you learn the basics of the stock market. Here are some of those books

If you notice a company’s product or service, you need to research it. You need to find out more about its parent company, whether it is listed or not, its current share price, etc. Most of the products and services you use in your daily life, be it soap, shampoo, cigarettes, the bank, or the gas pump, have a company behind the SIM card.

It’s always good to have an exit plan. You can book profit or cut loss to exit the stock. In most cases, there are only four situations in which you should sell a good stock in your portfolio, namely

After achieving your investment objective, you can happily exit the shares. You can book some of the profits in your stock portfolio and shift it to other safe investment options. If the stock falls, you should exit the stock.

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Choosing good stocks to invest in requires understanding how companies perform and how the company’s future earnings will increase or decrease. When we analyze the income statement and balance sheet of the companies on the basis of such financial parameters, we call it fundamental analysis of the company. Below we will read some parameters that will help you choose the best stocks to invest in the stock market.

Companies that are capable of increasing their sales and profits will be a good bet for the future. If the company’s sales grow rapidly every year, investors will be attracted to invest in that company. If investment increases, demand also increases

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