Best Ecommerce Platform For Multiple Stores

Best Ecommerce Platform For Multiple Stores – Want to open a multi-vendor marketplace? Looking for the best platforms for building multi-vendor stores? Well, your search ends here!

A multi-vendor market is like a mall with a number of small shops run by individual vendors. It is basically an online platform where multiple sellers come together to sell their products at one place.

Best Ecommerce Platform For Multiple Stores

To build such a marketplace, you need to choose an e-commerce platform that can serve many sellers at the same time and handle a large number of transactions smoothly.

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In this article, I will show you some of the best e-commerce platforms that you can use to build a powerful multi-vendor e-commerce platform and extend it with integrated sales and marketing tools.

Dokan is a popular multi-vendor WooCommerce plugin that allows you to create any type of marketplace and increase functionality by offering many premium modules.

You can start building your marketplace by choosing any WooCommerce compatible theme. It supports hundreds of payment gateways and attracts customers worldwide by supporting more than 20 languages.

It offers a powerful multi-seller control system that allows you to manage access to sellers and control their selling rights on the platform. They can also send important notifications to all providers or specifically to a group of providers, which will be displayed on their dashboard.

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Sellers get a comprehensive control panel to manage their daily activities. You can view store sales reports, edit discounts, complete shipping tasks, and more. Sellers have full rights to configure their store by adding additional information from the frontend.

Pricing Plans – Dokan offers a free plan that allows you to develop a simple marketplace with good features. With Dokan’s free plan, you get a front-end seller control panel, add unlimited sellers, access store widgets, and get support.

It also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on paid plans, starting at $127 per year. Paid plans give you access to advanced features and premium modules to build a complete marketplace.

If you are looking for a multi-seller marketplace platform that can handle unlimited sellers and a wide product catalog, then X-Cart is my best choice for you. It offers unparalleled flexibility so you can tailor your marketplace to your exact needs.

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You can allow your sellers to sell products immediately or approve them manually by setting pre-moderation rules. In addition, you have the right to regulate your provider’s access to customer information, catalogs, orders and shipping settings.

With administrator rights, you can control the store, configure it and monitor the entire purchase process. Updating seller profiles, setting commission percentage, setting up taxes and payments is seamless and can be done seamlessly.

Sellers can easily manage their inventory by adding products, setting coupons and managing discounts. You can also chat with customers, update global product options and use a special useful dashboard for efficient store management.

With over 35,000 virtual shopping malls built on top of CS-Cart, it is another popular and award-winning multi-vendor e-commerce software that comes with over 500 rich features. It is quite easy for anyone to successfully build and grow your e-commerce business.

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As an admin, you can set up your marketplace with advanced features – automate payments, create category-based commissions, easily approve products, create customizable one-page checkouts, and manage all storefronts from a single dashboard the administrator.

Sellers can mass-modify their products with 45 parameters and create a unique design for their micro-stores. To strengthen supplier-customer relationships, customers can communicate with suppliers directly from the product page. This aspect is crucial as it helps convert first-time visitors into paying customers.

Pricing Plans – CS-Cart offers a 15-day free trial and allows you to sell unlimited products without transaction fees. Themes and access to mobile app source code for customization.

For advanced and custom features, they also have an Enterprise plan that offers access to features like SLAs, NDAs, high-load infrastructure, priority support, and repository access.

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ZielCommerce is a feature-rich, enterprise-ready platform that creates a scalable, multi-vendor marketplace. It is a headless eCommerce platform that offers high-quality revenue models, secured payment gateways and lifetime ownership rights to grow your market.

A prominent aspect is that it loads at lightning speed and contributes to a joyful shopping experience. Besides, with its intelligent automation features, you can effortlessly get rid of tedious administrative tasks that eat up your precious time.

Administrators get full control over their vendors, can view complete vendor transactions, reject vendors, credit transactions and create custom reports. To avoid a complex and time-consuming process, administrators can set taxes through ZielCommerce’s integrated tax module.

Sellers can view order summaries, sales reports, best selling products and revenue details on their dashboard. To attract potential buyers, sellers can display banner ads in their designated area to increase visibility, traffic and profits.

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Kreezalid is an affordable multi-vendor e-commerce platform that lets you launch your own custom marketplace without coding. It offers a fast, easy to deploy, modular and responsive design that will take your business to the next amazing level.

Customers visiting your marketplace can order physical goods, book services, rent goods and download digital assets. Also, the platform allows setting management of storage and commission fees (fixed, variable, hybrid) that diversifies your income portfolio.

From the admin panel, it becomes easy to moderate, update and modify the offers published by your providers. Provides flexibility to organize offers into different categories based on product type.

It is also possible to allow sellers to set a minimum order quantity. This option allows sellers to increase their profits by selling their products quickly.

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Sellers can have their own store front to display all their offers in one place. They can specify the stock/quantity available for their product/service and also manage variants effectively, which helps customers to easily choose the best version of the product.

Pricing Plans – Kreezalid offers a 14-day free trial and a single plan at $299 per month. You can add up to 25,000 users (supplier or customer), 50,000 quotes, multiple order types, API access and much more. It also comes with email support.

Sharetribe is an advanced cloud-based multi-vendor e-commerce platform designed to manage and scale your business. It offers two products – Sharetribe Go and Sharetribe Flex. With Sharetribe Go you can develop a marketplace without coding and with Sharetribe Flex you can create a custom marketplace with powerful APIs.

It supports unlimited transactions, listings and traffic to exceed your profits in the market. The best part is that you can change your user experience, cater to a specific audience, and visually communicate your brand’s intriguing look and feel.

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The admin panel gives a complete view of all ongoing activities in your market. As an administrator, you access transactions, offers, comments and news. You can make your marketplace safe by banning users if they violate your terms of service.

Sellers can create their own listings and customize product information, prices, images and more. The platform also offers personalized profile pages for all sellers that showcase their deals, bio and buyer ratings.

Pricing Plans – Sharetribe Go offers a 30-day free trial and comes with 4 main pricing plans. The paid plan starts at $99 per month and goes up to $299 per month and allows up to 1,00,000 users. You can enjoy no hidden fees and sign up for paid plans.

With Sharetribe Flex you can develop your marketplace for free. However, monthly fees will be charged once you start inviting users. The monthly fee is the sum of the subscription and transaction fees. The transaction fee is calculated based on your monthly transaction volume.

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Shuup is an open source, multi-vendor e-commerce platform that helps open up horizontal and vertical markets. It has built-in and powerful multi-vendor capabilities that scale your market potential to unmatched levels.

To make shopping more convenient, you can assign certain attributes to certain products and product groups. This allows customers to view only the attributes and filter to quickly find their favorite products.

Admins can only approve all products from verified buyers. With the reseller subscription plan, it is possible to charge resellers monthly for advanced features. The welcome message on the control panel guides you step by step through the registration process.

Sellers can create or upload their own products and sell digital downloads, service bookings, video streaming and more. They can also create their own cart promotions, including free shipping, discounts, rewards, and coupon codes. Additionally, automated holiday and timed sales settings can also be enabled to boost sales.

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Pricing Plans – Shuup charges $299 per month, including multi-vendor e-commerce capabilities, email support, development of multiple types of marketplaces, and setup within hours. However, there is an additional $100 per month if you add more admins.

If you already have experience with BigCommerce, you can build your own marketplace with Webkul’s Multi-Country Marketplace Extension. It allows you to add multiple sellers, monitor their orders and manage their listings on the front end.

To get the most out of it, you can create a seller membership plan that allows sellers to make purchases during registration. This way, you get a commission fee from each seller based on the subscription plan they choose. If you want to learn more about BigCommerce, you should read our in-depth review

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