Online Stock Broker For Beginners

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Online Stock Broker For Beginners

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Stock Trading: What It Is And How It Works

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If you want to actively trade the markets, you will probably want to pay more attention to your broker’s trading platform. Unlike buy-and-hold traders, who don’t need to get the best price every time, active or short-term traders live and die with their ability to take low prices. Therefore, finding a broker with a top-notch trading platform can be crucial.

The best trading platforms offer traders tools to quickly and intuitively place orders, follow a watchlist of stocks and funds, receive alerts for securities that might be interesting, analyze complex options trading, and much more. The best trading platform can also provide streaming news and even give you better trading execution by helping you secure the most attractive price possible.

Best Stock Trading Websites For Beginners

Charles Schwab is a good choice for all investors, especially beginners, but is also a good choice for active traders. A broker’s home trading platform can provide you with company financials, analyze trends, and maintain watch lists. But step into the StreetSmart Edge platform for a leading experience: a highly customizable platform that offers screens for trading ideas, news feeds, CNBC live stream, advanced charts and an all-in-one trading chart. StreetSmart Edge comes in web and desktop versions. All this and you get Schwab’s excellent customer service and a host of other great features.

Interactive Brokers has long been popular with active traders due to its good trading practice and ability to trade in almost any market. If you need to make a quick trade, the broker’s core platform will get the job done, but traders will likely find the broker’s Trading Workstation to be the real workhorse. This full-featured platform seems to do it all: customizable charts, real-time data, streaming news, options analytics, and more. Interactive Brokers offers Pro level with per share pricing and Lite level with commission-free stock and ETF trading. Either way, you get access to the premium trading platform and you also get discounts if you trade a significant amount.

With volume discounts and powerful trading platforms, TradeStation should top the trader’s shortlist for potential brokers. The leading desktop app offers a high-quality experience with built-in chart indicators, 180+ technical and fundamental indicators, the ability to create your own indicators, and decades of historical data for backtesting strategies. If you don’t need all that power but still want a highly capable app, you can opt for a broker’s web platform with a real-time quote feed, dozens of technical studies, watchlists, and more. And if you want to trade cryptocurrencies, TradeStation offers some very affordable commissions.

TD Ameritrade has long been a favorite of active traders, and the broker brings two trading platforms to the fray. Its classic web-based platform handles all the basics, including news feed, third-party research, and watchlists. TD is improving its game with the thinkorswim platform, which has web, desktop and mobile versions. This full-powered platform gives you access to not only core securities (stocks, bonds, ETFs, options and mutual funds) but also more advanced ones (futures, forex and futures options). You’ll have nearly 400 technical studies and tons of charting tools, along with analytics to help you understand everything.

How To Trade Stocks

Power E-Trade lives up to its name with a powerful feature set for active traders. The broker’s flagship trading platform is web-based and offers over 100 technical studies and dozens of charting tools to help traders analyze the markets. You’ll be able to place technical patterns on charts to gauge where a security might go in the future, calculate risk-reward and profitability in options trading, and look for unusual activities that could lead to an attractive opportunity. You will be able to visually see the risk and return of options trading, and the trading platform brings Bloomberg TV directly to your browser. Plus, it doesn’t take many options to secure the discount price, which is one of the best in the industry.

Fidelity offers Active Trader Pro, a trading platform with lots of other tools and features. You can chart stocks, analyze action with dozens of technical indicators, multi-trade and stream Bloomberg TV directly to your desktop. You’ll also get real-time news, earnings reports and other economic news so you can stay on top of the market. You’ll also have instant access to tools like Real Time Analytics, which provides trading signals when a stock crosses key technical levels, and Trading Armor, which visualizes your trading options. Everything comes in a customizable layout or you can choose one of the preset layouts. On top of that, you’ll have Fidelity’s helpful and responsive customer service.

Merrill Edge’s feature-rich trading platform is called MarketPro, and it offers a ton of offers.

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