Best Ecommerce Platform For Small Business Uk

Best Ecommerce Platform For Small Business Uk – Do you want to take your business away from traditional stores? If so, e-commerce is the flight that takes your store to the rest of the world. To learn more about the best eCommerce platforms for small businesses, keep reading!

An e-commerce platform is a software application that allows business owners to manage their sales, marketing and all business operations online. Whether it is a B2C or B2B company, it is the backbone of your organization. In fact, an e-commerce platform is the most important thing when starting an online business. Additionally, a good small business e-commerce platform can help simplify the way your business interacts with customers, clients, and employees. E-commerce platforms are software applications that help businesses perform complex backend and frontend functions.

Best Ecommerce Platform For Small Business Uk

To make sure you choose the right ecommerce platform for your small business, we’ve researched and rated some of the best ecommerce platforms for small businesses in the UK.

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Check them out one by one and decide which one is best for your business. These platforms will help you significantly improve your business, sales and SEO results. In this blog, we share the 7 best e-commerce platforms, their features and prices. This will also help you understand how much a UK website costs? So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of eCommerce platforms.

Wix is ​​one of the most advanced and innovative e-commerce platforms for small businesses in the UK because it relies on cloud-based storage instead of hard server-based storage. This eCommerce platform will help small businesses like yours to create your online store with creative drag and drop tools and also includes countless designs and templates.

It is considered as the best ecommerce platform for beginners till now. What it offers is more than enough for a small business, luckily there are various plugins you can plug in to extend these features for added value.

Despite its low price, Wix offers a lot of features, including extensive website building features such as the ability to showcase digital products or create pages dedicated to product image galleries.

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In addition, they offer a lot of delivery options and discount codes are also available. In addition, it also includes a comprehensive inventory management system.

Apart from that, its shopping cart recovery tool is different and interesting, which many customers will love. In addition, the UK small business e-commerce platform is mobile-optimized and equipped with numerous mobile app payment gateways, so international transactions are much easier.

Wix is ​​an easy-to-use and affordable e-commerce platform. They offer a free trial that includes ads. The cheapest Wix plan is £3 per month and the most expensive website plan is £18 per month.

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for small businesses in the UK. When you look at Shopify’s history, you’re in for a real surprise. In 2004, a group of ski enthusiasts raised funds to build a platform that is now a household name in the market.

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With over 1 million companies taking advantage of the platform to rise to the top, it’s no surprise that businesses of all kinds, big and small, love it.

Shopify is loaded with tons of website building features, and its pricing is pretty reasonable, depending on how scalable you want it to be. Plus, it comes with a 14-day free trial so you can try it out before committing your money.

There are tons of site building features at your disposal, such as custom domains, unlimited product listings, inventory tracking, and tons of customization and customization tools.

In addition, if you purchase premium platform services, you can also collect artificial intelligence tools to provide shopping cart recommendations and personalized greetings for your regular and most valuable customers.

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One of the coolest things about Shopify is that you can easily create your own unique website as it comes with over 70 different themes and templates.

Shopify is reasonably priced. With prices ranging from £22 per month for a small business to £219 per month for a large business, there are so many payments online every day. They also offer a free trial.

If you’re looking for the best free eCommerce platform for your small business, look no further than WooCommerce. It’s an open-source plugin designed specifically for WordPress sites, so it’s a great choice for WordPress users. (Who doesn’t use WordPress these days?)

WooCommerce is the perfect eCommerce platform for UK small businesses who need a free tool to help them grow quickly and increase sales. In addition, there are additional add-ons and extensions available, some of which are paid. But yes, trust us, you get a lot for a little money with WooCommerce, it’s awesome!

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They offer a lot of great features that are very easy to integrate into your WordPress site, as well as mobile-optimized shopping (important since most traffic comes from mobile apps only), tons of catalog management tools, and support for geolocation services.

In other words, WooCommerce offers almost everything a beginner needs to serve customers and track inventory.

Various other tools such as discounts and special coupons are great for businesses struggling to drive new leads to their website. It also includes a product review feature, a shipping calculator, and options. Not only that, but it is one of the best platforms for SEO.

As we already said, WooCommerce is free for users. Plus, it’s easy to add it to your WordPress site.

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The only and biggest downside is that they don’t offer any kind of email or phone support, so you’ll have to work through the technical hurdles yourself. But you can put in some effort because you get it for free.

BigCommerce is one of the best e-commerce platforms that has helped around 100,000 people build their digital stores. It has been downloaded over 82 million times and gives existing websites the ability to sell online.

A variety of features are worth your time and money, including a rating and rating system, custom domains, support for selling in multiple currencies, and even online gift cards.

Not only that, but the platform also comes with 12 different free themes, however, you have to pay a minimal fee to access more than 160 additional features that will help you stand out!

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Some very important features of BigCommerce are that it offers custom domains, online gift cards, unlimited product listings, rating and rating system and many Google Analytics tools. So it is a great option for small businesses.

Entering the next best UK small business ecommerce platform on our list is Squarespace, which is the best at combining design with selling features. With its smooth, customizable templates, you can make your website stand out. You know what the best part is? You don’t even have to spend a lot of time creating an attractive Squarespace store.

Moreover, each template of this awesome e-commerce platform is quite unique and conveys a nice and clear message with strategically placed payment tags. This helps improve user experience and increase sales. These are some of the reasons why Squarespace is one of the great eCommerce platforms on the market.

No, Squarespace also offers great value for your money. It supports the sale of digital, physical and service-based digital products through Instagram within its affordable pricing plans.

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However, it is not as easy to use as Wix or Shopify. Additionally, it only supports two payment processors, which may force you to take a step back.

Squarespace’s pricing is pretty good. From £20 per month to £30 per month. A 14-day free trial is available.

Now, on the self-hosted solutions side, comes the very popular and well-known small business e-commerce platform from the UK, namely Magento.

It was published in 2008, bought by eBay and then sold to Adobe. Magento processes over $100 billion in merchandise volume annually. It helps beginners to create websites that meet their requirements. It’s also a great platform for a store that you know is well built and will do well in the future.

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Also, with the help of Magento, you can easily build your online store. In addition, it is optimized for high traffic volume, thousands of digital products and high volume sales. In addition, it offers a mobile site store with mobile compatibility

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