The Best Car Insurance Comparison Site

The Best Car Insurance Comparison Site – Online car insurance comparison sites are a great way to save money on your car insurance. But which is the best?

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The Best Car Insurance Comparison Site

It used to be that to shop for car insurance, you had to call or visit each insurance company one by one, spending hours or even days comparing individual quotes from each carrier. Fortunately, car insurance comparison sites these days take what used to be a process of hours and turn it into a process that takes minutes.

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If you’re still not convinced, read on and find out why you should use comparison sites and find out which is the best option.

Many people see shopping for car insurance as a hassle, but luckily there are tools that can save you both time and money.

Online price comparison platforms allow you to research and get quotes from different car insurance companies in one place. These tools work with multiple insurance companies simultaneously to offer you the best price on your next car insurance policy, without the hassle of calling or visiting websites for each individual company.

All comparison websites require some information from you to start the process. They may ask for information about you, your driving history, insurance history, address, and other factors that may affect your rates. Then, they use this information to find the insurance companies that best suit your needs.

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Once you finish entering your data, all these sites will provide you with a list of insurance companies ready to offer you a quote. Some may provide real and actual quotes on the site itself. Others require you to go to the insurance carrier’s website to complete the process, and you’ll lose all the data you entered initially. The site you choose can mean the difference between an easy and painless car insurance purchase and a stressful experience that leaves you feeling like you’re wasting your time.

Buying car insurance can seem like a more difficult decision than buying your car. Trying to determine who will give you the best rate for your situation can be a weeks-long search if you visit individual companies one after another. Insurance comparison websites can help you get the best quotes for your car insurance in one easy place, which not only puts money back in your pocket every month, but saves you time and stress while doing so.

But this does not mean that all comparison sites are equal. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but some are easier to use and provide more accurate and cheaper quotes than others. is an insurance comparison company based in Foster City, California. They define themselves as a company where customers can shop, buy and purchase car insurance in one central location.

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When you start your search, you’re asked to enter information such as your name, location, car make and model, and driving history. Before loading your results, they ask for your phone number and email address.

However, this is where things get a little confusing. Instead of quotes from major carriers, you’ll be given links to three other comparison sites. When you click on the link to view those quotes, you will be asked to re-enter all of your information. It felt like a waste of time and effort to fill out this form again just to see a quote.

There is not much information about customer experiences from, but there are some reviews about its parent company, Quinstreet, Inc. Many users complained about the repetitive nature of the search and received constant calls from QuinnStreet after they entered their phones. the number

If you want to find an insurance quote quickly, is not the comparison tool for you. We had to answer several questions in hopes of seeing an accurate quote, only to find out that we needed to start the process all over again. Additionally, does not have a mobile app for users to search for quotes. For this reason, we put it as #10 on this list.

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ValuePenguin may be the most recognizable name on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for car insurance.

The company claims to offer an easy and reliable way to get car insurance quotes in your area, but it ended up as the lowest-ranked site on our list.

Founded in 2013, it ranks well in the Google search engine and is usually one of the first choices available to anyone looking for insurance quotes online.

When we used ValuePenguin, we only got one quote from Progressive Insurance. And it didn’t even have a price tag.

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If the frustration of only having one option wasn’t bad enough, when we clicked on the link to view our quote, we were redirected to Progressive’s website, where we needed to enter the information again just to get a quote.

While ValuePenguin ranks very high with employees, it is middle of the road with users. Many users have reported frustration with redirection and redundancy to get insurance options and quotes. They also prefer mobile applications to make the website easier for the user to use.

Our overall experience using ValuePenguin was worse than expected. We were hoping to be able to choose from at least a couple insurance quotes. Instead, we only had one, and it wasn’t even worth it. If we end our search here, we believe that only one company will agree to insure us. This is not the case with other car insurance comparison websites, which is why ValuePenguin comes last on our list.

EverQuote was founded in 2011 with its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company claims to provide one-stop insurance quotes for most major insurance providers.

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The site requires you to answer basic questions about your driving record, age and location. Once you upload your results, EverQuote provides your quotes for coverage. In our experience, EverQuote offers only two options for auto insurance coverage. No single price was offered, only advertisements for other companies. Even then, a company wanted to redirect us to their website to get coverage, where we had to re-enter all our information.

Another company wanted us to call their agents to get a quote. This process required us to complete a quote during normal business hours and took some time to complete before we were offered an actual quote.

Reviews for EverQuote were mixed across the board. Some users have rated their experience as good. Customers love mobile apps. They also liked how easy the website was to use. Others did not like the lack of actual quotes available on the site.

Employees were generally happy with their experience working for EverQuote. Many advocated a positive and energetic work environment. Of course, one or two employees complained about their experience, but the complaints were limited.

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Reviews aside, Everquote offered little in the way of insurance quotes. It offered two options for insurance coverage, which required a redirect to the insurance company’s website or a phone call. A mobile application makes the site easier to use. However, the site does not offer much benefit to a person looking for insurance options. For that reason, we come to 7

SmartFinancial, like EverQuote, is a lead generating company. This means their sole purpose is to pass your information on to other insurance companies, so don’t expect to get any real quotes using SmartFinancial.

Like others, the site requires basic information to provide insurance quotes. However, once we entered our information, we found only three options for coverage. We need two options to get a quote from their website. On each carrier’s website, we re-entered our information and answered a few additional questions before getting a quote.

The final option required us to request a call from an agent through SmartFinancial’s affiliated insurance companies. Like the others we’ve mentioned, it’s not the most efficient process possible.

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SmartFinancial has a small online presence. However, its sister company, Contactability, has a presence on Google My Business and other websites. Both companies have maintained strong reviews from users and employees. Employee reviews were very high, with a fun and energetic work environment. Customers mostly claimed that lead generation and insurance quotes were helpful.

At the end of the day, reviews aside, SmartFinancial functions more as a lead generation website than a quote comparison website. The website continues to direct you to provide a phone number only to receive an agent call multiple times through distracting pop-ups. It offers only two insurance quote options, which are from well-known providers. Neither of these two options provided prices. Both were just ads for other comparison sites.


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