Best Ecommerce Web Hosting Sites

Best Ecommerce Web Hosting Sites – But with so many hosting providers in the market, are you struggling to choose the best web hosting for your e-commerce website?

In this blog, we will tell you about the best web hosting for e-commerce websites and why you need to choose e-commerce hosting for e-commerce websites.

Best Ecommerce Web Hosting Sites

Now, if you want to cut to the chase and check out the top 5 ecommerce hosting platforms we have listed,

Best Hosting Provider For Ecommerce 2022

Running an online website is difficult in itself. In addition, managing an e-commerce website can become even more complicated. That is why it is important to choose a hosting that is designed for this.

As we said before, when you run an e-commerce website, you need to have many features that allow you to run your business smoothly. And having e-commerce hosting simplifies the setup.

Compared to a regular hosting plan, eCommerce hosting is optimized in every way to provide eCommerce sites with the best performance and user experience. This will help you not worry about how your site is performing and focus more on sales.

Scalability is a crucial factor for your e-commerce website in terms of handling spikes in traffic. If your brand is established, your site will be visited by multiple audiences every minute.

Best Web Hosting Providers For Ecommerce Sites

And your site servers have to handle it. If not, your web servers will be down and your site will stop working.

Now imagine you’re running a big sale and your audience can’t make a purchase. This can lead to a lot of losses for your business.

Compared to a regular blog website, an e-commerce website stores more sensitive information such as customer details, payment details, personal information, etc. This information needs to be kept secure to protect your business and its audience.

This is not exactly a disadvantage, but the higher price of hosting can be difficult for businesses struggling with a tight budget. But if you’re like us, you also prefer scalability and high performance for your website instead of spending a few extra bucks.

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As important as choosing eCommerce hosting is, choosing the right eCommerce hosting provider is just as important. Because a hosting provider goes a long way and literally forms the foundation of an e-commerce website.

Therefore, before you decide, you must consider a few factors that you want to create for your website. This includes how much priority your website is for speed, reliability, security, etc.

So, to help you make an informed decision, we have analyzed various eCommerce hosting providers and compiled a list of the 5 best eCommerce website hosting.

Before we go into each of the hosting providers in detail, let’s first understand what must-have features you need to look for in an eCommerce hosting provider. These features will help you make a better decision as we take a detailed look at each hosting provider.

Best Web Hosting Providers For Value, Speed, And Security (dec 2022)

Uptime is the period of time during which the website is operational and available to users. From the perspective of hosting providers, uptime is the period of time when the hosting server is working, ensuring that your website is available online.

Anytime a website is down or customers can’t access it is called downtime. And downtime affects the business as sales decline, ultimately resulting in lost profits.

One of the most important factors not only for e-commerce websites, but for all types of websites is website speed. It refers to how fast the hosting server responds and how fast the website loads for the end user. Website speed can either make or break your website.

Memory or disk space, in technical terms, is the amount of space available on a hosting server to store the content of your website, such as text, images, etc. As your website grows over time, you will need more and more disk space to account for the traffic.

Things To Consider While Selecting The Best Hosting For Your E Commerce Store

While security is important for all types of websites, it is even more important when it comes to e-commerce websites. As customers transact and pay on your website, their payment and contact information must be secure at all times.

From time to time, you may experience some problems while setting up or managing your e-commerce website. In times like these, it’s helpful to have a hosting provider that provides 24/7 help to keep your business running smoothly.

With that, let’s move on to the list of top 5 eCommerce hosting providers and take a detailed look at each of them.

After carefully considering the above factors and more, we have made a list of the 5 best web hosting for e-commerce websites.

Best Ecommerce Hosting Providers Hosting

WebSpaceKit is a popular hosting provider specifically designed to host WordPress websites. Although WebSpaceKit is relatively new, it has become very popular because of its fast website loading.

WebSpaceKit is very popular because of the speed it offers. With servers located in Europe, India and Singapore, users around the world can choose the nearest data center to enjoy super-fast websites.

Let’s say a website gets most of its traffic from Asian countries, a business owner can choose an Indian or Singaporean data center and get the website up and running in no time.

In any case, we checked the speed on ourselves. We hosted a test website using WebSpaceKit and tested its performance using the GTMetrix Speed ​​Test.

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Well, it was not without surprises! WebSpaceKit showed why it is the best WooCommerce hosting provider in India, the test website loaded in just 1.5 seconds!

1.5 seconds! That’s all the WebSpaceKit needed to fully load an e-commerce website for visitors. Considering how important speed is for e-commerce stores, WebSpaceKit has emerged as one of the best web hosts for e-commerce websites.

In a speed test, LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) refers to the time it takes for the largest content element (images, headers, etc.) on a page to become visible to the user.

Whereas FLT (Fully Loaded Time) is the time in which the entire website is finished processing and all resources including headers, text and images are fully visible to the visitor.

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As website speed slows down, another important factor we need to consider is uptime. WebSpaceKit offers an amazing 99.99% uptime, which means there is virtually no downtime for your eCommerce website.

As for security, WebSpaceKit provides free SSL with all of its hosting plans. This provides basic security for an e-commerce website, while taking it to the next level with the latest CageFS technology.

Unlike other hosting providers where WooCommerce hosting is only one type, WebSpaceKit is built specifically to host WordPress and WooCommerce websites. So it is no surprise how suitable it is for WooCommerce websites.

With WordPress-optimized servers, everything from creating an online store to managing it will be a breeze for business owners.

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Website loading time is critical for e-commerce websites as it determines whether a customer makes a purchase or not. Unlike most hosting providers that mostly have their servers in the United States, WebSpaceKit has its servers in Europe, India and Singapore.

Another important feature of WebSpaceKit is the staging site, which is an exact replica of the original website, where business owners can try new themes, plugins, etc. without affecting the original e-commerce store.

A staging site helps businesses test and experiment with different elements of a website before publishing it to customers.

WebSpaceKit has a beginner-friendly user interface that removes all kinds of complications for website owners. It is designed in such a way that you can access domains, files, backups and even launch a website with a few clicks.

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WebSpaceKit provides expert support to all its users through three commonly used channels: email, phone and chat. With WooCommerce experts, they provide 24/7/365 support via email and phone, with a live chat option available during business hours.

In addition, WebSpaceKit has a knowledge base that answers frequently asked questions. To satisfy all users, they also have a traditional ticket-based support system where users can raise a ticket in case of any issue.

WebSpaceKit has four managed WordPress hosting plans, namely Starter, Pro, Business and Geek, with the starter plan priced at just Rs 199 per month. It provides free SSL, free domain and free business email for all plans.

Each of the four plans is tailor-made to suit the needs of the respective website owners. While all of them are suitable for building an e-commerce website, the Pro plan for ₹ 549 / month with 15 GB disk space is ideal for hosting new and small businesses.

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However, if you already have an online store and want to upgrade to a much better plan, then the business plan for ₹ 949 / month is ideal considering the number of WordPress websites and disk space.

Over the years, as the business grows, WebSpaceKit can also be scaled to accommodate the growing traffic of the online store. Check out our detailed WebSpaceKit review to learn more about this fast eCommerce hosting provider.

One of the big names in the hosting scene, Bluehost is a popular choice

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