Easiest Blog Platform To Use

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Want to skip reading and go straight to my top pick? The best blogging platform for most people is WordPress hosted by Hostinger.

Easiest Blog Platform To Use

While many things have changed since I started, I have managed to keep up with this area of ​​the internet, helping me make a steady living for over a decade.

Best Free Blogging Sites In 2022 (to Build A Blog For Free)

Below, I’ve listed the top five options that I’ve used myself — or know that have actually worked well for my colleagues.

You can blog for free on WordPress.com. The company hosts your website and gives you a subdomain. The downside is that it relies on serving its own ads unless you upgrade your plan.

Alternatively, you can download the platform for free at WordPress.org and use it on a self-hosted website. Hosting isn’t free, but if you use a high-quality WordPress host like Hostinger, the whole thing ends up being less expensive than a similar website builder.

The whole idea of ​​WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org can be a bit confusing, but both options work on the same platform. Personally, I prefer WordPress.org because you are unlimited in how you can bend and configure the platform to make it look and work exactly how you want.

The 5 Best Blog Sites In 2022

Additionally, using WordPress.org and paying a hosting provider for web hosting tends to be a more cost-effective option than paying for a WordPress.com plan.

Whatever you choose, it starts with choosing your WordPress theme. Think of it as a template that formats your entire site as opposed to a single page. There are tons of great free themes to promote your content. These will keep your blog on brand and help you curate posts for your readers.

To add more functionality to your blog, there are tens of thousands of WordPress plugins you can use. These will help with SEO, website security, setting up newsletter subscriptions and more. Many useful plugins are free.

Since WordPress is open source and extremely popular, there is an active community that is constantly creating new features for today’s challenges. These are just some of the reasons why more people choose WordPress for their blog:

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You can get plugins and themes to get your site where it needs to be, and if you can’t, there’s probably someone working on a solution right now.

With Wix and Squarespace, you’re paying for an all-in-one platform. With WordPress, the platform is free and you can buy what you need à la carte. Choose the combination of plugins and themes to get exactly what you need.

Turn your blog into a social media forum or host member’s only content behind a paywall. Anything you want is as simple as finding the right plugin.

If you start building a really complex website with lots of plugins, of course, it will take more work to maintain, but you will also have a blog that is much more unique than what you can put together on Wix.

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When it comes to day-to-day editing, however, WordPress is a breeze. Gutenberg Editor simplifies this process of customizing and improving your blog. You can work in HTML or edit visually, block block and effortlessly add content from your media library.

For the non-technical user, creating a custom blog rich in images and videos is incredibly easy. Gutenberg can even help you reduce the number of plugins you need, which can start to cause conflicts if you use too many.

Looking at the overall cost of using WordPress as a blogging platform, it really depends on what you’re trying to do. And, of course, which version of the platform you’re using.

WordPress.com lets you get started completely free, but there are some paid plans that let you do more. For example, for just $4 a month, you can remove WordPress ads and get a free custom domain for a year. These plans go as low as $45 per month for an ecommerce-focused package.

Free Blogging Platforms To Start A Blog For Free

One such cost is using themes and plugins. Many free ones are available, but premium ones will usually cost you some money.

Another big one is hosting, which you’re ready for with WordPress.org. Don’t worry, though, because you can find great hosting that costs significantly less per month than any of WordPress.com’s paid plans.

If you are just starting your blog, I would recommend Hostinger’s WordPress Starter hosting plan. It starts at $3.99 per month. They give you a free domain name for the first year, automatic WordPress installation and updates, and a fantastic website builder guide.

The whole process takes minutes instead of hours. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and Hostinger takes care of some of the maintenance. For all these reasons, I recommend Hostinger as the best way to start a WordPress blog.

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If you’re looking for the shortest distance between you and a working blog, use Wix. There are other great options on my list, but nothing is as easy to get started. It’s a great option for beginners interested in building a full website with a blog.

Wix is ​​very template-based, but has an amazing range of options available. You will be able to find something that fits your brand and change it to match the vision you have in mind.

Alternatively, you can use Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). Just answer a few questions about who you are and the purpose of your blog, and Wix ADI will build a website for you. I’m not kidding:

And even if you want to design your own website, Wix ADI will help you understand which layouts work best, allowing you to preview your content before making a decision.

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Everything looks clear with very little configuration on your end. Your final product will leave a professional impression, regardless of whether visitors are on a laptop or mobile phone.

And if you’re a person on the go, don’t worry. The Wix mobile app lets you design and blog right from your phone.

When it comes to growing your audience, Wix is ​​packed with powerful tools to help you grow your reach and engage meaningfully online:

From website creation to display, Wix is ​​much more than just a blogging platform. You can get started today and use Wix for free forever.

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A free Wix account keeps things simple and still gives you access to world-class website building tools. But your site will have wixsite.com in the web address and you’re limited to 500GB of bandwidth, which basically means it only works for small sites without a lot of traffic.

Another downside of the free forever plan is the Wix ads, which allow the company to offer the free version. If you run your blog as part of your business, do you really want another company’s ads?

If you upgrade, Wix removes the ads and gives you a free custom domain name for the first year. Your blog is completely yours, which I think deserves more.

Plans start at $16 per month for Combo, which is good for personal use, and go up to $45 per month for the VIP plan, which has much more storage and tools to grow your brand. This price includes web hosting, which usually costs around $10 per month. Indeed, Wix includes everything you need as part of its premium package.

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Business and eCommerce plans start at $27 per month and allow you to accept online payments and sell products and services directly from your blog. Even for the most complex websites, the Wix installation process will still be very user-friendly.

Wix is ​​a great choice for individuals and small businesses trying to get the word out. There is a 100-page limit for Wix sites (excluding blog posts, of course), and site performance can suffer if you start hitting the cap.

If that’s a concern, I’d just go with WordPress, which can scale as you need. That said, Wix offers custom solutions for enterprise customers starting at $500 per month.

Squarespace is an all-in-one website builder, like Wix. However, it is famous for its aesthetically pleasing templates, which makes it ideal for visual-based businesses such as photographers, designers and artists.

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Looking at the clean and beautiful presentation of the brand on the Squarespace blogs, you might think that everyone hired a designer to get there. In fact, it could be this person’s first website.

Don’t get me wrong. Graphic design gurus can take Squarespace to amazing places, but I think the appeal of the platform is that non-technical people can build a great website themselves.

For the entrepreneur or small business looking to grow their online presence, Squarespace is an amazing choice. They can get the stylish blog they want without having to hire a web designer or developer.

This is great because you don’t have to pay anyone to build your site or struggle to find help when something breaks.

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And if something goes wrong, Squarespace has a very responsive customer service available 24/7. The relatively small monthly fee for the website builder is probably

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