How To Buy Municipal Bonds Directly

How To Buy Municipal Bonds Directly – This is important because investors should focus on asset preservation as much as asset accumulation, especially during aging and retirement.

Let’s take a closer look at municipal bonds and learn how to invest in them. So you too can benefit from the safest and most durable investments.

How To Buy Municipal Bonds Directly

A little knowledge goes a long way before purchasing municipal bonds, so getting educated on the subject is highly recommended.

Fully Invested In Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds are debt obligations used by government agencies to borrow money for public projects such as new roads, bridges, schools, parks, and health facilities.

Like most bonds, municipal bonds pay interest to investors twice a year, so those investors know when they will get paid and how much interest they will pay on their municipal bond investment. Additionally, municipal bonds come with stated maturity dates, meaning investors know when they will receive the principal amount of their original municipal bond investment back.

General Obligation Bonds. So-called “GO” bonds are backed by state, city or local governments and are considered by investment professionals to be very safe fixed-income investments.

Income bonds. These types of bonds are backed by a public entity such as a city or state hospital with a public water or sewer system.

Stimulus Bond Fix May Boost Local Governments More Than Cash

As of mid-2019, the US municipal bond market was valued at $3.7 trillion with approximately 50,000 issuers, making it one of the most popular investment categories available to investors.

Investors can put money into municipal loans and earn interest on the investment, with a full government guarantee that their capital and interest earned on their investment will be returned.

High credit quality isn’t the only reason Americans regularly invest in municipal bonds. Interest earned on such bonds is exempt from federal and most state taxes (Oklahoma, Utah, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois still tax municipal bonds). Municipal bonds are generally tax-exempt in the states where the bonds are issued.

This makes municipal bonds popular with investors who live in high-tax states, as investing in municipal bonds from those states offers significant tax savings.

Should You Consider Muni Bonds?

Consider the after-tax return of an investor in the 39.6% federal income tax bracket. Corporate bonds of similar structure would yield an investor’s profit after tax of around 2.4%. But with a similar municipal bond’s tax-exempt status, this investor would earn an after-tax yield of 3.6%, providing a safe and secure source of investment income for investors in higher tax brackets.

Uncle Sam also treats municipal bonds on a taxable basis, with one catch. Municipal bond interest earned by investors is prohibited by the Internal Revenue Service, but capital gains from the sale of municipal bonds or bond funds may be subject to federal IRS taxation.

In general, state, city, and local municipal bonds are issued for projects that are important to the state, city, or region. These bond issues go towards public works projects, which are taxed or levied, ensuring a steady income to repay the principal of the bond and interest from the public issuer.

With municipal bonds, many investors reside in the same state where the bond is issued. Not only does this give the investor more local knowledge about the bond (why it was issued, what benefits it offers), it also allows the investor to invest in their own state, city or region.

Municipal Bond Market Trends In 2020

Investors can buy bonds directly from traditional Wall Street sources such as banks, investment brokerages, bond dealers, and the municipality that issued the bonds.

Investors can also buy new municipal bonds in the primary market, although this market is generally reserved for high-net-worth investors. You will need an account with the seller of creditable bonds (for example, the investment bank that underwrote the bond issue) and work directly with a representative of the relevant bank you are registered with to balance your desired investment. To make on municipal bond issue (g .ie bond’s coupon, maturity date, number of bonds you want to buy.)

The secondary market is where most Main Street investors buy municipal bonds, typically with a face value of $1,000 per bond (although the secondary market prices bonds in $100 increments).

Here, municipal bonds have already been issued, so you have a wide range of places to buy bonds, including banks, brokerages, bond dealers, and the open market from other municipal bond investors.

Municipal Bonds, Race, And The American City

The secondary market makes it easy to buy municipal bonds outright, but expect to pay a modest markup or closing fee.

Municipal bond mutual fund and exchange-traded fund offerings make it easy to invest in a group of municipal bond issues in a single fund at lower entry costs than individual municipal bonds.

Buying municipal bonds through mutual funds also gives access to professional fund managers who choose which municipal bonds to include in the fund and which to sell. You can easily invest in municipal bond mutual funds directly by opening an account with a mutual fund company that sells municipal bond funds or online through a discount brokerage firm.

Note that some high-end mutual funds charge a 1% fee for a higher investment experience, but you may pay a small investment fee starting at 0.15% of the total investment.

Muni Bonds Suggest No Recession

In general, the average investor is better off buying municipal bond funds than individual bonds because you’re buying multiple high-quality funds and getting professional investment management advice as you follow the fund path.

Wall Street investment management brands like TD Ameritrade and Merrill Edge do a great job of offering investors a wide selection of municipal bonds at low costs. For example, TD Ameritrade offers its Bond Wizard tool, which allows you to choose from a variety of municipal bonds and bond funds worth about $1 or more (additional fees may apply as the purchase becomes more complex).

If you’re not sure how to buy municipal bonds, or even if you’re not sure if muni bonds are right for you, consult a certified financial planner.

A financial professional can advise you on the right move for municipal bonds based on your risk tolerance and long-term savings. He or she may direct you to buy municipal bonds at a bargain price, although it’s always better to err on the side of caution, especially if high commissions and management fees come into the conversation.

Investing Close To Home: The Basics Of Municipal Bonds

You can also look into so-called robo-advisors, which completely automate the process of investing in municipal bonds, usually for pennies on the dollar. After performing a risk-reward analysis of the investment portfolio, the robo-advisor can create a ready-made portfolio based on your risk profile and asset allocation requirements, including municipal bonds or bond funds.

Establishing a municipal bond has never been easier than it is today. Dedicated digital platforms such as,, and Uncle Sam’s municipal bond site can provide valuable pricing and analysis.

Websites like take an eBay approach to investing in municipal bonds, matching individual buyers and sellers who meet online and negotiate prices before making a transaction. You can research individual municipal bond prices, spreads and bids for each state and buy municipal bonds at a discount.

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Municipal bonds are bonds — loans — borrowed by city and local governments. Governments typically use these “sages” to raise money for public projects such as schools, streets, highways, bridges, hospitals, public housing, and utilities.

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Like other bonds, you buy them and earn interest over the life of the bond. This period can be one year or two decades. Municipal bonds pay interest at a fixed or variable rate depending on the terms

Municipal Bond Funds

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