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CFDs come with a high risk of losing money due to complex instruments and leverage 79% of stock market investors trade CFDs with this provider You should consider how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take too much risk of losing your money

Best Web Based Forex Trading Platform

Founded in 2001 as a division of GAIN Capital Holdings, is a global brokerage serving those looking to trade the FX and CFD markets. GAIN Capital Holdings, the company that owns CitiIndex, an online CFD and affiliate brokerage and futures trading firm, has acquired Daniels Trading Stonex Group Inc. In February 2020

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Publicly traded conglomerate (NASDAQ: SNEX ) Stonex Group Inc.

Globally, to spread betting on futures between different asset classes, from CFE, offers several offers, although not all are available where he serves. In addition to Forex, from which it derives its name, offers trading opportunities for traders of all types of stocks, indices, private equity, bonds, ETFs, gold and silver (not used in the US), cryptocurrencies and futures. . (U.K.) also offers client account protection, such as negative balance protection and liquidation orders mandated by ESMA. offers US customers access to over 80 currency pairs with competitive rates in a variety of account types. A well-organized and manageable website with fully published services and fees, multiple users, educational and research materials as per industry standards, and forex spot regulations on internet brokers. claims its role as the #1 FX broker in the US and that claim was most recently (June 30, 2020) confirmed by the CFTC.

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The report “represents the total amount in an FCM, RFED, or FCMRFD of all funds, securities, and securities held by a forex trader in an account forex trading or deposited into the account, adjusted for net realized and unrealized gains or losses.” seeks exposure to a wide variety of products and asset classes for all types of traders but is best suited for advanced traders. Product offerings vary by country but customers emphasize fast and reliable fulfillment, a variety of programs and account security. In the United States, it is intended for clients who wish to trade in foreign markets started as a market broker, but has evolved into an ECN that earns revenue through client trades that exceed bid/ask spreads or commissions like a business. Pricing at is clear and easy

The spread varies depending on the account type chosen by the customer For example, the minimum EUR/USD spread for US clients in the “Regular” account is 1 pip, while the “Commission” and “STP Pro” accounts show spreads with 0.2 and 0.1. However, there are two commissions of 50 million and 60 million with the displayed spread Divisions outside the US also offer Direct Market Access (DMA) accounts for many large accounts (25,000+). The DMA account does not give any signal on the spread, but the commission is paid

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Regular account traders can also earn commissions from the Active Trader Program The program is open to those who open an account with a minimum of $10,000 or trade $25 million in a month. The program is not open to DMA account holders, as those accounts have discounted rates requires a minimum initial deposit of at least 100 in your chosen base currency, while they state that a deposit of 2500 gives customers “more flexibility and better risk management” in their trading.

As is common in the FX industry, clients may incur swap fees on positions held overnight, and currency conversion fees if they purchase currencies. Apart from the principal amount of the fund

As per other fees, accounts with inactivity for more than 12 months are subject to an inactivity fee of $15/month. The site does not charge additional fees for deposits and withdrawals

Libertex Trading Platform’s trading platform includes both active day trading and long-term trading Clients can choose a downloadable advanced trading platform or MetaTrader 4 (MT4) for a desktop experience, Online Trader for a browser-based trading experience or or MT4 Mobile software for trading on mobile smart devices.

Within the platforms, traders can access charts, stock calendars, news, conditions, and trade/order history and access trading signals and research reports, including market analysis from analysts. Platforms don’t have many problems There are plenty of indicators and tools to satisfy tech enthusiasts, and enough platforms to make quick fire trades if needed. The chart is provided by TradingView and is, by far, the best feature of the site

Placing trades in an online client or downloading an advanced trading platform is intuitive Clients can trade directly from the chart by clicking on the “Trade” option or by clicking on the “Buy” and “Buy” buttons at the top of the chart. This brings up an order window where entry, stop loss, and profit targets are set One click transactions can be used for fast trade execution has four standard order types with the option to attach “take profit” and/or “stop loss” orders to them. Additionally, traders can choose to place a stop at the end of a stop order The only difference between online and downloadable distribution is that there is a termination order at the end and specifically for the UK/E.U. Customer

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A account can be integrated with NinjaTrader, a popular third-party trading platform VPS available for MT4 accounts Clients can use’s API to connect to their strategies MT4 and MT5 interfaces can use automated strategies using MetaTrader algorithms

The mobile app allows merchants to access all their account information Traders can add and withdraw funds, view trade history, create watch lists, view news and view charts from a mobile device. It is also easy to manage and set up

One of the shortcomings of the mobile app is the document feature There are a limited number of standard indicators, such as RSI, MACD, and moving averages, but they lack graphical functions and more advanced technical tools. Full order functions are available, including the ability to easily set stop loss and profit targets during position orders and trades.

Working demo accounts are offered free of charge, giving clients time to evaluate trading methods before making real money. The only criticism of the broker’s demo accounts is that they expire within 30 days and does not give customers the option to upgrade or request a new one under the same proof. It looks like you have enough time to test our platform, so open a “live” account and go elsewhere

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Its product line in the United States includes only forex trading, gold and silver, and futures through its company Futures Online.

Customers can contact, including online chat and live phone support, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. ET on Sunday The FAQ and online customer support were helpful, but repeated attempts to contact via “live chat” failed There is no social media support, although there are social accounts where they post market analysis and business information.

Phone support is the fastest way to get questions answered by a real person There is a small menu to choose from when the phone starts Wait times will vary based on phone volume, but on a typical day you can expect to wait a few minutes before being connected to an agent. Email support is available for more in-depth questions but expect to wait one to three business days for a response’s training courses conform to industry standards and are well organized Customers can access information according to their knowledge level or topic All content except for “technical information” topics

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