Which Crowdfunding Platform Is Best

Which Crowdfunding Platform Is Best – Choosing the right platform to host your crowdfunding project can make or break your chances of success. With hundreds of crowdfunding platforms to choose from, researching strengths, weaknesses, success rates, and common reasons for choosing one platform over another can be a daunting task. Some platforms provide an e-commerce platform only to raise funds. Others have more robust educational tools to help project creators on their journey to crowdfunding success. Here, we’ve identified the top 5 crowdfunding platforms for you and compiled their collective metrics and analysis so you can make the best launch decision to increase your chances of crowdfunding success.

Is an analytics platform used to discover, optimize, and research crowdfunding campaign metrics on projects from major crowdfunding websites on the web, including Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Tubestart, Rockethub, and Possible. These insights are invaluable for project creators looking to uncover the secrets to successful crowdfunding campaigns in their category. Today’s blog is about the Platform Analytics module.

Which Crowdfunding Platform Is Best

The purpose of the Platform Analysis tab is to compare data from successful campaigns across multiple platforms to determine which crowdfunding website would be the right choice for you and your project. The module is divided into three tabs; (1) platform statistics, (2) funding statistics and (3) traffic statistics. As shown in the screenshot above, Platform Status starts by dividing the number of live campaigns across the five platforms we track. In addition, we also see new campaigns daily that show us the relative growth rate of each of the funding platforms on a daily basis. It ultimately shows you, as a project builder, the relevant competition you will face on a given platform to focus on your own project.

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Next, we look at overall pass and fail rates in the Platform Analytics module. This will help you, as a project builder, understand that relative platform size doesn’t necessarily mean the best chance of success. As noted above, Indiegogo, the world’s largest platform, has seen its success rates plummet after increasing the number of projects launched on its platform. What this really tells you is that a platform isn’t the key to your success, it’s the preparation you put in the months leading up to your launch that will determine the success or failure of your project.

The screenshot above shows us more meaningful data by looking at the total number of successful campaigns sorted by category. By taking our hypothetical category of movies and videos, we are able to see the total of successful and unsuccessful campaigns by category. It seems that Indiegogo and Kickstarter have the most projects falling into this category, with Kickstarter having the highest success rate for their creative culture as a platform.

The last module in the Platform Stats tab gives us the total number of successful campaigns sorted by platform and category. Reviewing each platform and looking at success rates by category will help you identify the best platform for your unique project category.

The next tab is the Funding Status tab. It shows us the cumulative amount of funding by the platform in all categories. As indicated by the screenshot above, Kickstarter predictably has the most funding, followed by Indiegogo. This is indicative of the marketing both platforms have done since their inception to make their names synonymous with the crowdfunding movement.

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This bar chart breaks down the annual search in US dollars (USD) across all other platforms. It’s worth noting that funding seems to have slowed down in Kickstarter in 2014. At first glance, you might think the crowdfunding movement is slowing down. On the other hand, the decrease in funding in 2014 is, in our view, due to increased competition. With hundreds of funding platforms being created, these other platforms have taken a slice of the Kickstarter and Indiegogo funding pie.

The last tab is the Traffic Stats tab which displays the relevant website traffic tracked by the top 5 funding platforms. Global Platform Traffic Rank and Platform Traffic Rank show us Alexa traffic ranking. This is somewhat counter-intuitive because the lower the traffic ranking, the more traffic these websites get. This is important for one main reason, if you are prepared enough and execute the campaign correctly, you will have a chance of being featured on the front page of a crowdfunding website platform. The way you get to the front page of a crowdfunding website is by getting a large chunk of your funding (industry statistic 30%) within the first week of your campaign launch. This then leads to increased traffic to your campaign page which will hopefully convert into contributions and funding.

Pageviews per visitor shows the average number of daily pageviews per visitor as well as the total number of backlinks per page. This will tell you that website visitors who may initially browse a specific project but end up looking at more than one project during their visit, increasing the likelihood that they will browse with you and join. It’s important to get funding from people outside of your traditional network, people who have never known you before.

The last module of the Funding Stats tab displays the Google Rank which is the authority of the platform as compared to other websites on the internet. This is basically the credibility that search engines and other media networks give to the platform. Load time refers to the relative strength and consistency of the speed at which a website loads after a visitor visits. These are additional things to consider when deciding which platform is right for you.

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Is the #1 crowdsourced marketing and public relations software. Founded in 2014, Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns are designed to promote crowdfunding campaigns, as well as any other rewards.

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Crowdfunding is the technique of soliciting money from a large number of people using authorized Internet platforms to sponsor a project. The platform is used to raise funds from the general population. It is a monetary investment in a business for the purposes of product creation, production, expansion, sales and marketing, office space and inventory. Many companies prefer not to seek outside investment and instead rely entirely on their founders for funding (to avoid debt and equity dilution).

The money needed to start a new business is called seed funding or start-up capital. It can come from many places and can be used for any reason that eases the transition from startup concept to reality. The act of raising funds to support a business initiative is called seed funding. Funding takes many forms and depends on the maturity of the business, but most businesses need some form of fundraising to increase their growth potential.

Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of money from a large number of individuals to fund a new business. Crowdfunding connects investors and entrepreneurs through social media and crowdfunding platforms, potentially boosting entrepreneurship by expanding the pool of investors beyond the traditional circle of owners, families and equity investors -risk.

Several crowdfunding options are available. For businesses and investors, each type has its advantages. You need to decide which one is best for your business, project or business.

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The use of small funds from a large number of people to support a new business initiative is known as crowdfunding. Investors contribute money philanthropically or receive benefits such as shares in the company that raised the money, depending on the form of crowdsourcing. Crowdfunding initiatives have a specific goal in mind and reward contributors. Funders usually receive support from a campaign if the goal is met. Backers can receive cash or equity if the company has an exit event in the future.

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