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Best Platform To Trade Penny Stocks – Co-founder of Alton Hill. He has a passion for helping people and one of the ways he finds it is in his trading world. Elton’s skill set is in product development and design thinking, which he uses to create and improve holistic experiences.

Trading penny stocks is not for the faint of heart. You have to become a true master of day trading. The reason is that the risks are high and the action moves so quickly that there is little room for error. In this article, I will elaborate on two of his patterns that I set daily. Please note that this is not a solicitation to trade these patterns. This article is for informational purposes only. You really need to know what you’re doing before you even think about trading penny stock setups because of the high potential for loss.Table of Contents Why discuss penny stocks?Before the market rise /Market Open Crash Pre-Market Rise Setup – Example 1 Market Open Sell Setup – Example 1 Market Pre-Rise Setup – Example 2 Market Open Sell Setup – Example 2 So what do we do with this penny stock chart pattern? Entry Premarket Long Opening Market How does the long opening market short help?External reference Why are we even discussing penny stocks? I prefer to trade stocks with low volatility and more predictable price movements. Honestly, the pattern between low volatility OTC and high volatility OTC is the same. Anyway, the reason I decided to write this article is knowing that penny stocks continue to be a favorite of some retail traders due to their potential for instant wealth, regardless of the risk. After this rough introduction, let’s dive into two of the best 1-day trading chart patterns. Pre-Market Rise/Market Open Crash Pre-Market Rise Setup – Example 1 If you’ve ever tried to trade penny stocks at the opening price, you’ll notice one of the following patterns. Here’s an image of his CTRV after the major news release of the clinical trial. This caused the stock price to rise by 100% in 20 minutes. CTRV Morning Rally Please wait a moment. In less than one episode of Seinfeld, even without commercials, the stock price jumped 100%. This type of action is common in premarkets. In this example, I was moving fast and didn’t have many opportunities to hop on the board. This is common with morning movers. Most of the long runs are seen in the premarket. Now, as a trader, you can jump on the bandwagon early on. As I said at the beginning, premarket trading allows you to get a portion of the profits from the spike. With thin volumes and large spreads, this is not easy. Sell-off setup for market opening – Example 1 When going long, pre-market is risky, but opening is less safe. It is common for retailers not willing to jump into the premarket to take advantage of the open and buy the market. These are all traders watching news reports or sticking to stock tweets and jumping in a bit to invest. This bullish pressure will push the stock higher or at least keep it afloat until the 9:50 timeframe. What is happening behind the scenes is that all smart money is being used as a means to sell off stocks and make big profits using pre-market bought retail penny stock traders. Then there’s Fallout. The video above is at 10 minute fast forward speed, but the action is pretty fast even if you’re watching the playback in real time. So how do you make money trading these stocks? It is possible, but not easy. Those who go long in the premarket and then open short positions can clearly see that they do very well. Pre-Market Rise Setup – Example 2 This penny stock chart pattern appears daily. I think it’s human nature and inevitable. After all, there are always people looking for penny stocks to invest in, regardless of risk. BLIN Pre-Market Move Again, another example of a sudden move. BLIN saw him rise more than 40% during premarket trading. As you can imagine, every penny stock trader paid close attention to the pattern of their morning cup of coffee. As with the CTRV example, penny stock traders jumped at the opening. What do you think happened next? Opening Sell Setup – Example 2 Here is another example of a morning sell. It’s annoying to see this action, but it’s very common in penny stocks. Let’s take a quick look at what happened to BLIN. Use a 10 minute fast forward speed so you can see how fast the action is moving in front of you. This is another example of the daily boom and bust cycles the market has with penny stocks. [1] So what do we do with this penny stock chart pattern? there should be I don’t think there are many, but if you study the patterns well and work hard, you can do anything. Entry Premarket Long Longside offers two entry options. The first is the premarket. This will allow you to catch most of the movement, but you do have to worry about the stock potentially moving against you. It becomes difficult to You won’t see a 15% spread on a $3 stock in the morning. The market has been open for a long time and this often fails. As you can see in the previous two examples, most setups I see routinely fail. If you have to travel long in the morning, wait for a short retracement before jumping into your shorts. Then buy the high pre-market break. This gives you some pop from shorts and open shorts ridden before the market.This pattern is commonly known as the gap-and-go breakout. [2] Short Market Opening Another option here is not to fight the trend. If you know a stock has a high failure rate, sell it short. Now that the hit rate of shorting after opening is high, the problem here is that if you get it wrong, the stock can go out of control and go out of control. Therefore, the suspension should be respected. Otherwise, your penny stock trading career will be short-lived. how can i help? If you’re used to trading penny stock chart patterns, it takes practice. Now, head over to a place where you can practice trading penny stocks and see if it suits your trading style.External reference Sykes, Timothy. How to Find Penny Stock Pumps and Dumps. A Simple Day Trading Strategy for Beginners: Gap and Go! Warrior

Best Platform To Trade Penny Stocks

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Day Trading Penny Stocks

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