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The College of Western Idaho () is pleased to announce that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Phoenix (UOPX). This agreement provides an additional, guaranteed, seamless transfer path for graduates at the junior level to any online undergraduate degree at the University of Phoenix.

“The agreement with the University of Phoenix provides a wide range of educational opportunities and amenities for our students and staff,” said David Shellberg, executive vice president of education and student services. “Our students now have access to programs and resources that put them in a better position to succeed in their academic endeavors.”

University Of Phoenix Apply

University Of Phoenix Apply

The University of Phoenix accepts up to 60 community college transfer credits for its undergraduate programs. Students currently enrolled in the programs have the opportunity to transfer their credits to the appropriate program at the University of Phoenix.

University Of Phoenix

Through this agreement, UOPX will create additional program-specific transmission guidelines. These guidelines provide a clear transfer pathway for students who also have career and educational ambitions beyond their completed Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.

“We are proud to work with them in their efforts to help students achieve their educational goals,” said Doris Savron, executive dean of the College of Health Professional, Educational and Humanities and Sciences. “The University of Phoenix provides career-relevant education to help students realize their dreams of higher education, and the opportunity to pursue a mission is at the heart of all our activities.”

The College of Western Idaho is a public, open, and inclusive community college committed to providing affordable access to quality education and learning opportunities for residents of Western Idaho’s service area. it has seven campuses in southwestern Idaho that provide higher education and 21st century technical skills. The aim of the college is to improve the economic well-being of society by responding with highly trained and productive scientists. For more information about the college, call or call 208 562 3000.

The University of Phoenix is ​​focused on helping working adults move from education to a career in a rapidly changing world. It offers flexible timetables, relevant and immersive courses, and interactive learning to help students realize their career and personal ambitions more effectively while balancing their hectic lives. It serves a diverse student population and offers associate, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs from U.S. universities and educational centers, as well as online. Visit for more information. The University of Phoenix, one of the nation’s largest for-profit college chains, agreed on Tuesday with a $ 191 million deal with the Federal Trade Commission that the school cheated on fraudulent allegations that one of the chain’s own leaders had established large-scale partnerships. Called “smoke and mirrors”.

University Of Phoenix Arizona

The school’s scams revolved around a marketing campaign that invited A-list companies like Microsoft and Twitter to target students who enrolled between October 2012 and December 2016.

The University of Phoenix has not admitted any crime under the settlement. He pays a $ 50 million fine to F.T.C. and to cancel a $ 141 million debt, largely due to unpaid tuition and fees owed to former students who enrolled for the first time in a four-year period. They cover tens of thousands of students, most likely for relatively modest sums.

F.T.C. filed a complaint in federal court in Arizona on Tuesday describing the advertising campaign. As of 2012, the university’s series of television ads and online entries began its “business partnership” with more than 2,000 employers, including the American Red Cross, AT&T and Yahoo. According to the ads, the school has partnered with these employers to “design our curriculum” and “create alternatives” for its students.

University Of Phoenix Apply

The F.T.C. according to his complaints, the companies did not actually have special employment programs or curriculum links with the school. One of the school’s senior vice presidents complained in an email that the use of the Adobe software company in advertising was “smoke and mirror” because the chain did business with the company but had no scientific relationship with it.

Everything You Need To Know About Attending University Of Phoenix

The complainant said the ads prompted one of Staples’ executives to be one of the selected companies to send a message to the school asking, “What is Staples doing as part of the program?”

The school ran the campaign as enrollments declined. The University of Phoenix was once the largest online university in the country, with more than 460,000 students in 2010. However, increased competition has led to a sharp decline in enrollments; The school currently has approximately 97,000 students nationwide and was sold in 2017 to Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm.

The F.T.C. The municipality is the largest town in the agency with a for-profit school, following an investigation launched more than four years ago. He has also previously filed complaints against two other chains, DeVry Education Group and Career Education Corporation, for what he says are false allegations.

“Students who make important decisions about their studies need facts, not non-existent imaginary work,” Andrew Smith, director of the agency’s consumer protection agency, said in a statement.

University Of Phoenix Settlement ‘drop In The Bucket’ For Student Debt, Advocates Say

Corinth Colleges. Under the largest-ever student loan waiver ever, the Department of Education said it would wipe out $ 5.8 billion that 560,000 students at one of the country’s largest for-profit college chains, Corinthian Colleges, would wipe out before it collapsed in 2015.

New sources of help. The education department will apply one-off exemptions and adjustments to credit millions of borrowers retrospectively with additional payments against loan defaults. The move will help people who want to terminate their loans through a public service loan repayment program and the use of income-driven repayment plans.

Payments were again late. President Biden postponed the resumption date for federal student loan payments to September 1, extending the break introduced at the start of the epidemic. Millions of borrowers who have failed with their federal student loans are also starting again and restoring their loans.

University Of Phoenix Apply

Cost of personal loans. When the Fed changes its reference rate, private student borrowers have to pay more because both fixed-rate and floating-rate loans are linked to benchmarks following federal base rates.

University Of Phoenix Cancels $141 Million In Debt For ‘deceptive’ Ads

Affected students have yet to repay any loans, but F.T.C. he clearly noted that federal student borrowers who thought they had been scammed could apply for debt relief through the Department of Education’s borrower repayment scheme. This program allows borrowers to try to get rid of federal loans they have taken out to attend schools that have acted fraudulently.

However, this program has virtually come to an end under Betsy DeVos, Minister of Education. The ministry has stopped making decisions on the claims because it has filed lawsuits over its attempts to ease the program. According to the Ministry of Education, more than 210,000 applications were stranded and awaited a decision in June.

At least 3,000 applications have already been filed to protect borrowers, former students at the University of Phoenix, according to the Student Loan Protection Center, a nonprofit advocacy group.

A spokesman for the Department of Education did not immediately comment that F.T.C. how his actions would affect the borrower’s defense claims filed by the school’s students.

University Of Phoenix And College Of Western Idaho Form Partnership

For-profit universities are often criticized for leaving students in debt for degrees that rarely led to well-paid jobs. In the middle of the decade, a federal and state strike tightened the rules and bankrupted the biggest chains. Lawyers for students and veterans have praised the record $ 191 million deal in a lawsuit against one of the country’s largest for-profit college chains. week is an important step forward in protecting students, but said compensation is a “drop in the bucket” relative to borrowers’ total debt.

The University of Phoenix and its parent company, Apollo Education Group, have agreed to write off $ 141 million in student debt and pay $ 50 million to the Federal Trade Commission to get back to consumers in a lawsuit filed Tuesday. due to misleading advertising. students, including veterans.

Although the settlement is considered significant, the presenters said the case highlighted systemic problems in protecting students affected by deceptive methods and highlighted how much they still owe students for their loans.

University Of Phoenix Apply

“Despite more than $ 100 million in aid, it’s a drop in the basket of the total amount of debt these borrowers owe,” said Seth Frotman, executive director of the Student Loan Center, a nonprofit advocacy group. “I think this case shows the deep systemic problems that persist in the student loan market, and especially around predatory for-profit schools.”

List Of University Of Phoenix Scholarships 2022

The $ 141 million debt write-off relates to debts from former students at the University of Phoenix that were filed at the time the FTC found it was subject to false advertising, but that doesn’t apply to the debt. by federal and private individuals. The billing applies to students who enrolled between October 2012 and December 2016.

Toby Merrill, director of Harvard Law School’s predatory student loan project, said federal student loans “

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