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Tech Schools In Pennsylvania

Tech Schools In Pennsylvania

Communications Technology High School was a public high school for grades 9 through 12 located at 8110 Lyons Avue in the Hedgerow neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The school, which was adjacent to George Pepper Middle School, was part of the Philadelphia School District’s Comprehensive High Schools section. In its later years it functioned as the campus for John Bartram High School, which is still in operation. In 2013, amid the rapid growth of state-funded charter schools in Philadelphia, the city closed Communications Technology High School along with 22 other district-operated schools to cut costs and consolidate the district’s remaining students onto fewer campuses.

Future Made By Hand

Communications Technology High School was originally known as the George Wolf School, after the 19th-century governor of Pennsylvania who has been referred to as the “father” of the state’s public schools. Construction of the school building, designed by famed Philadelphia school architect Irwin T. Catharine, began in 1926 and the project was completed the following year. The building’s three yellow brick floors, arranged in nine bays with projecting D-shaped bays and a raised basement, are constructed in the Flamboyant Gothic style. The design includes a domed main trance surrounded by stone, a two-story projecting stone bay window, and a crenellated parapet.

The school’s name was later changed to Communications Academy as the school was incorporated into John Bartram Secondary School. In 2005 the name was changed again to Communications Technology High School. As of 2018, the City of Philadelphia planned to convert the old high school into a community center while the adjacent Pepper Middle School building was scheduled for demolition.

Communications Technology High School students were required to wear school uniforms, which consisted of light blue golf shirts with the school’s yellow name tag on the right breast with navy blue stockings and skirts or black khaki. 39°54′23″N 75°25′24″W / 39.9065°N 75.4234°W / 39.9065; -75.4234Coordinates: 39°54′23″N 75°25′24″W / 39.9065°N 75.4234°W / 39.9065; -75.4234

Williamson College of the Trades (formerly Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades) is a private junior trade school in Middletown Township,

Trade & Vocational Mechanic School Philadelphia

Having pondered the idea since the 1850s, Isaiah Williamson spent the last decade of his life formulating and developing the concept of a new trade school for underprivileged boys to be located in suburban Philadelphia. Williamson personally drafted the charter, which he presented to the Board of Trustees on December 1, 1888. The founding members of the Board of Trustees were all members in their own right, composed primarily of merchants who were Williamson’s colleagues and Frids. . Sev charter trustees included: John Baird, James C. Brooks, Lemuel Coffin, Edward Longstreth, William C. Ludwig, Hry C. Townsd, and Williamson’s close friend and protégé, John Wanamaker. Baird was elected chairman of the trustees (after Wanamaker declined the position), and Brooks and Helmbold were elected treasurer and secretary respectively. John M. Shrigley was also appointed secretary and president of the school. He took the lead in developing the campus and implementing the curriculum.

On March 6, 1889, the day before his death, Isaiah Williamson authorized the purchase of 220 acres of land for the school’s campus in Middletown Township near Elwyn, Pennsylvania. The site was chosen from over 200 potential sites and managers acted quickly to secure the property and realize Williamson’s vision for the institution. The campus was later described by John Wanamaker as “…a very hilly country, with its springs and brooks, its wide pastures, its wooded acres of ancient oaks and chestnuts, its distant vistas of fertile farms, prosperous towns – natural beauties complemented by wise ones.” and not exaggerated gardening, winding gravel streets and an artful as well as sociable grouping of the different school buildings”.

Philadelphia architect Frank Furness won the design competition for the original campus buildings. Her design was selected from other invited entries for its understated detail and simplicity. Land was broken up for the administration building in 1890 and the campus opened for classes in September 1891.

Tech Schools In Pennsylvania

In 2013, a Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission historical marker was placed near the main campus trance to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the school and its remarkable architecture.

Williamson College Of The Trades

Founded in 1888 by philanthropist Isaiah V. Williamson to teach underprivileged youth “a trade without expense” through a character-based curriculum. With the decline of commercial apprenticeships in the United States at the end of the 19th century, she was a role model in vocational training. It is the only business school in the country to offer full scholarships to all students. The campus contains the largest surviving collection of buildings designed by Frank Furness.[12] Studt’s life[ edit source]

Although the vocational school belongs to a “Judeo-Christian” belief system and enforces a very disciplined lifestyle, it is not affiliated with any religious organization.

Williamson is the only business school in the country to offer all students full scholarships that cover tuition, textbooks, room and board. The college uses its dowmt to cover two-thirds of tuition each year, with the remainder coming from private donations and fundraising. Neither the college nor its students accept any form of federal financial assistance. Williamson College of the Trades is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Vocational Schools and Colleges of Technology.

All students are required to live on campus during their three-year degree. Stallions live in supervised dormitories, attend a daily service in the chapel, and follow a dress code. Stallions must also take part in at least one official stallion event each year. You can choose from: team sports, Studt-Zeitung and Studt Government.

Murrell Dobbins Career And Technical Education High School

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