Ez Wheels Driving School Nj

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EZ Wheels driving school prides itself on first-class services. The company understands the exacting standards required by its customers and responds to the time crunch in the automotive and transportation industry. Their high standard, experienced teaching skills, training packages, customer service and the best knowledge in the state ensures that EZ Wheels runs its business and is referred to as a partner by many companies across the country. and a competitive budget for the creation of new and relevant jobs in the short term. Transport is a supporting partner in global communication and trade. Demand is increasing every year and the sector is competitive. EZ Wheels Driving School serves all transportation industries across the country and its meticulous service ensures that the company’s expensive investments and advanced transportation equipment remain in top condition to provide good service to its customers. With over 16 years of expertise, experience and professional customer service, EZ Wheels is able to provide all the necessary tools for its students in education to learn, build a new career or pursue the necessary skills to provide future professionals with a determined commitment. . for quality services. The goal offered by EZ Wheels is a coordinated approach to each client in partnership with the private and public sectors to provide accurate and flexible scheduling services and packages to all of their New Jersey facilities covering most of the Union City area. , Passaic, Hopelawn, Elizabeth and now Dover,

The good people at school are always there for you and will take care of your needs. I highly recommend this school if you have a dream or goal in your life to become a truck driver. Class A, B, C and Auto, forklift certification

Ez Wheels Driving School Nj

Ez Wheels Driving School Nj

Primero gracias a mi instructor por la paciencia dedicacion y apoyo que tuvo conmigo Mrs. Digna Robles. Lots of content with por ser puntuales service and compromises with top service.

E Z Wheels Driving School

Quiero tomarme un momento para darle las gracias a EZ Wheels and Elizabeth NJ. Listen to EZ Wheels gracias a mi things and decisions darles una opportunity para tomar mis practicas y sacar mi licencia clase B. Me atendió Ivette que de hecho es muy servicial y atenta “Muchas gracias Ivette”. Realmente si quieren una escuela que da la Milla extra por sus estudiantes deben dar le la chance. Most important is working with Marcos and Henry, excellent instructors who are always looking for ways to make you feel comfortable and able to express yourself to pass the exam. Al momento de guiar el Bus siempre attentos para que puedas corregir y aprender rápido. Al final de eso se trata todo, de que aprendas rápido pero bien. I finally had the opportunity to speak directly with the dueño about some doubts I had and was still in the process of correcting. Yo pass my exam yesterday 1/26/16. Lots of content with results! I recommend, thanks for that!

A.Fuentes I just passed 9/9/15 CDL class A thanks to ez wheels in passaic nj I can’t complain n thanks to all the staff at this school starting with the 3 amazing ladies in the office who R helpful great. Second of all trainers in the yard all R good N friendly people but above all trained they do everything they can to help you learn to be a CDL driver. YOU who are reading this looking for a CDL driving school remember this, there is only so much these guys in the yard can do for you, it is up to you to learn the skills these instructors teach. Good luck,,,, once again for Ez Helel Passic. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!

The good people at school are always there for you, Mrs. Victor, the best teacher. I highly recommend this school if you have a dream or goal in your life to become a truck driver.

Good school to study. I started my first class on September 19th and got my Class A CDL license on September 27th.

Ez Wheels Driving School

Excellent school. great stuff, lots of videos to teach you everything you need to know about trucking before you get behind the wheel, very friendly office staff, very professional, they know what they are doing. in the yard all the experts the instructor only you and the inspector in the truck “very” I put in 2o hours of practice and on the first day I passed the road test with an EXCELLENT score 🙂 thanks to EZ-Wheels keep up the good work.. Recommended A++++++++

A very good school. The study material was good, they passed all the tests on the first try. My trainer Junior was very nice. I was very comfortable driving and parking the truck and passed my driving test with only a few hours of practice.

Terrible school. I ordered a lesson and waited two hours but they never came. When I called them and asked them, they straight up told me that I was lying, misbehaving and I was the one who was not ready to enter the classroom. Rudest people I have ever dealt with, terrible customer service. Stay away.

Ez Wheels Driving School Nj

I did my research to get a license called E-Z Wheels I was happy with the prices and happy with the result I was able to complete in four hours thanks to the great teachers Doris and Maria.

E Z Wheels Driving School 10 W Blackwell St. 2f Dover, Nj Training Consultants

These people are useless. They will charge for 2 hours but only teach for 1:30 hours. The staff are uncooperative and do not treat customers well. Various employees provide information and several ladies sitting in the office are particularly rude in Pasic, NJ. I would not recommend anyone to train at this place. EZ Wheels Driving School offers the best CDL training in New Jersey and New York State. When you sign up for the CDL Driving School’s EZ Wheels course, you become part of the family. Our goal is more than helping you pass your CDL test and get your CDL license, our goal is to prepare you for the real world.

0 in one training session This means more time behind the wheel. By driving with our growing instructor, you will learn and understand how to operate the tractor, box truck or bus you are learning to drive.

Flexible schedule Do you have a busy schedule? I don’t know how you will be able to train. This is not a problem at E-Z Wheels Driving School; with flexible time, we train 7 days a week

Career placement for life When you sign up for EZ Wheels CDL Training, our commitment to you is for life. We will help you find the RIGHT COMPANY.

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Get a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP). As of February 7, 2022, FMCSA requires anyone who has not yet obtained their CLP to attend an ELDT course to obtain one.

Theory training includes online training or face-to-face classroom training where you prepare and learn to take the DMV/MVC written tests. For more information about an online course or in-person classroom training, click here to call or register

Written Test After the theory training, you are now allowed to take the written tests and obtain a CLP in your state’s DMV/MVC. He will continue his personal training with EZ Wheels Driving School in NJ.

Ez Wheels Driving School Nj

Public roads EZ Wheels Driving School 1 in 1 training puts you in the driver’s seat. You will gain confidence with the vehicle, learn to safely handle the equipment and learn to drive the vehicle to its full potential.

E Z Wheels Driving School 954 Main Ave, Passaic, Nj 07055

As of February 7, 2022, every student who wants to earn their CDL must complete the ELDT training requirements. Students intending to complete basic driver training with a training provider listed on the FMCA Training Provider Register.

Starting February 7, 2022, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration requires every new student to train with a federally regulated driver instructor.

The theory portion of the ELDT covers what you need to know to pass the written CDL test at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. This part of the training works for all types of CDL training, from buses to trucks. We offer in-person and online training that includes 48 courses and exams. Upon completion of training, our CDL coordinator will enroll in the FMCSA program to take your written test.

After passing the written tests at the DMV/MVC, you will need to make sure you have your CLP before you can start your personal training behind the wheel. At EZ Wheels Driving School, we only offer this training to New Jersey residents. The first part of the Behind-The-Wheel training takes place in our private backyard. Each student will train individually with the truck at his own pace. The scope of training includes inspection/pre-departure courses and basic skills courses.

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After completing the training portion of the behind-the-wheel series, we will continue with on-road training to ensure that the student

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