Top Rated Preschool Apps

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School closures across the UK have left many parents and carers suddenly and unexpectedly in the position of home tutors. Schools are providing support where they can, but there are still plenty of apps for smartphones and tablets that can be used as part of learning.

And (for adults) YouTube, but the upside is that the best educational apps are interesting enough to – perhaps with an initial prompt – engage children. Here are 20 apps to get parents off to a good start. Younger apps are best suited for preschool and elementary school age children, while older apps are more suitable for toddlers and early middle schoolers.

Top Rated Preschool Apps

Top Rated Preschool Apps

It is clear that the full range of CBeebies programming from the BBC will be heavily used in the coming weeks. They’re all good, but this one focuses on educational games, from phonics and geography to senses and self-care, all based on the parent channel’s show and characters.

Best Apps For Toddlers 2022

The Khan Academy is a free collection of educational courses for all ages, but it has a program specifically for two- to seven-year-olds that focuses on math, reading, and social and emotional skills. It has a large and growing archive of instructional videos, digital books, and simple yet engaging exercises.

For those too young to miss out on some of this year’s preschool activities, this beautifully designed app can be a big help. From math and phonetics to music and early coding, his colorful exercises never feel dry or boring. It costs £5.49 per month.

British company Hopster describes its program as “educational children’s television”. This means a collection of familiar cartoons and movies, including your favorites

, combined with fun games to explore topics such as math and phonics. It will also remind children not to overdo it with too many series in a row. It costs £4.99 per month.

The 39 Best Apps For Kids (of All Ages)

It normally costs £4.99 but has become free due to the school breakdown. No matter how you feel after a few days of homeschooling, the titular monster is not your child. Instead, it lets kids create a monster and then teach it to read – a great way to teach yourself.

It’s one of a growing number of subscription-based children’s programs – seen as a more reliable model than in-app purchases and/or advertising. This is another collection of educational games aimed at preschoolers, but also includes videos, photo creation and songs from TV shows. It costs £4.99 per month.

After a rocky start where some unwanted videos made it through the filters, YouTube is working hard to make its official kids program something kids can trust. It includes a special educational category that collects many videos about science, nature, space and other topics.

Top Rated Preschool Apps

It’s been out for a few years, but it’s still one of the best math apps for kids that looks very educational. It is built around various mathematical exercises and developmental tests. Separate versions cover children up to 11, and there is also a spelling series.

The Best Learning Apps For Preschoolers

“Big A, little A. What starts with A?” Well, augmented reality for starters. Dr. Seuss’ unique alphabet has been transformed into an AR app, with animated characters that appear in the room around your child. Learning aspects include tracing letters to learn their spelling forms (not AR).

Scratch is a programming environment familiar to many children from school. ScratchJr is a version of the program aimed at five to seven year olds, although older children may also enjoy it. It uses coding blocks to create programs for games, animation, music, and other creative tasks.

This newly released math game challenges kids to calculate quickly, increasing in difficulty as they continue to answer correctly. They write numbers on the touchscreen with their finger instead of pressing buttons. You can try it for free with a £3.99 in-app purchase that unlocks everything.

Tours and museum visits may be off for a while, but the Google Arts & Culture program at least has virtual tours of more than 1,200 museums and galleries. Kids can browse and read and make their own lists of favorite artwork to share.

Best Learning Apps For Toddlers

There are some great apps for learning to code for kids, but Mimo is particularly relevant to the world of professional programming. For £8.49 a month, it offers quick but fun exercises in languages ​​including Python, Java and Swift.

Elevate is one of the few quality brain training programs (see also: Peak or Lumosity) full of mini-games designed to improve memory, math skills, concentration and other mental skills. Like the other apps, it comes with a subscription – £38.99 a year – but there’s a one-week trial to test it out.

If music lessons are out of the window, Simply Piano is one of the best alternatives to the program. It helps kids (or adults!) learn the songs and then listen to them play on any real piano or keyboard for feedback. Two courses are free, but then they cost £83.99 a year – expensive for an app, but not so much for piano lessons.

Top Rated Preschool Apps

This is a history program dedicated to various famous women who “helped us better understand our world and make it a better place to live in.” Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, Malala Yousafzai and Amelia Earhart are among the women profiled through animation and storytelling.

Top 5 Best (free) Apps For Kids

Duolingo is not only a fun and popular way to learn languages ​​that children are already learning at school. It consists of more than 30, including Arabic, Hindi, Hebrew and Welsh. These are well thought out, useful short daily activities. It’s free, but in-app purchases remove ads and unlock some extra features.

Cheers! it’s not just an app, it’s also a website: a huge collection of quizzes created by other users. It comes into its own with school closures. It’s also a great group learning experience, with one person leading the game while others compete on their devices.

The TED talk archives are a great repository of food for the mind for all ages – including older kids. Look for history, science, nature – whatever – and see what comes up. Not all conversations are appropriate for children, but many are.

Swift is Apple’s own programming language, and Swift Playgrounds is its app to teach people how to use it. It’s aimed at both adults and children, but it’s definitely accessible to the latter, with its lessons presented as coding puzzles that will give people the skills they need to create their own apps and games. It’s on Apple’s iPad, but not (yet) on the iPhone. As a LeapFrog Mom Ambassador, I receive products, promotional materials, and educational materials to use and share as I see fit. However, any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.

The Very Best Kindle Fire Apps For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Most tablets for children are focused on learning and educational games. They help practice skills and abilities such as letter/number/color/shape recognition, writing, reading, creativity, problem solving and more. With the tablet, there are lights, music and interaction that engage children, making it a fun and engaging way to learn.

This month we’re teaming up with LeapFrogs to explore the latest one-of-a-kind Android tablet, the LeapFrog Epic. My kids immediately fell in love with the customizable home screen that looks like a small town or city that you can customize by adding your favorite apps, changing night to day and adding animated characters to liven up the scene. It also tracks the weather from your location, so if it’s snowing at home, it’s snowing on your home screen too! The kids thought it was really cute!

But the biggest thing that sets it apart from other LeapFrog educational tablets is that it’s an Android-based operating system, so it’s compatible with almost all popular apps and games. Using the parental control options, you can not only access LeapFrog’s amazing preloaded games and exclusive content, but you can also add others that you approve from the Amazon app store. So after you’ve set up your tablet and had fun setting it up, you’ll want to start downloading and playing with some apps. I’ve included some of our favorite learning programs that my little preschooler loves to play with, including programs for number recognition, creativity, curiosity, and a love of reading!

Top Rated Preschool Apps

1. Crayola Color, Draw, and Sing is my kids’ favorite game that lets you draw and color to music. Each burst of color evokes a new musical instrument! They will also learn the names of all the instruments in the orchestra and what they sound like.

Best Apps For Preschool And Kindergarten Ipads

2. Letter Factory – This game teaches upper and lower case letter recognition, how to write them, and phonics in a fun, interactive way! The game shows how to form the letter and then the child circles it correctly or tries again until they get it right. Great for fine motor skills and most of all fun!

3. Paw Patrol: Ready To

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