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Many Boulder High School students were disappointed that classes were not able to resume quickly after the Marshall Fire. Among them are (from L-R) Emma Hecht, a sophomore at Centaurus High School. Jaden Crowley, a sophomore at Centaurus High School, and Julia Crowley, a senior at Monarch High School.

When the Marshall Fire tore through their home in the Sagamore subdivision in Superior last week, Julia and Jaden Crowley were home alone. Today that neighborhood no longer exists.

Boulder Co High Schools

Boulder Co High Schools

Around noon on December 30, 18-year-old Julia received a fire alarm from a friend. Then Jaden saw the house across the street light up.

Boulder, Co Private High School

“I held my sister’s hand. I caught our dogs. I threw them in the car. We didn’t catch anything else. We were still in our pajamas,” Jaden said.

“We couldn’t see,” he said. “I almost crashed my car while driving. We couldn’t breathe. We were suffocated by the smoke. It was too thick. We had ashes on our faces.’

Their out-of-town mother immediately returned to Colorado, and they spent the next week bouncing from hotel to hotel. The sisters wanted to help their mother fill out the FEMA aid application and talk to insurance adjusters.

Meanwhile, the spring semester begins today. The sisters say they can’t deal now because they fled with only the clothes on their backs.

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“Two days ago there were no masks at school. We’re still homeless,” said Jaden, a sophomore at Centaurus High School in Lafayette.

So far, the Boulder Valley School District has insisted that school will continue as planned, even in Louisville and beyond. Julia High School’s Monarch High School barely escaped the fire, but crews had to clear debris from the campus and clear the air inside the building.

District leaders insisted the schools were open not because of the fire, but because they were open. Chief Communications Officer Randy Barber said kids need a safe, stable place, and so do parents.

Boulder Co High Schools

Our primary focus is not academics, Barber said in an interview. “We are doing everything we can to wrap our arms around them to provide what they need to support them during this difficult time.”

Boulder High School

Barber said absences would be waived and scores would be considered, but he did not say when the more relaxed rules would be implemented.

Some students say that’s not enough. Monarch freshman Kay Nelson and Centaurus sophomore Emma Hecht worked to circulate a petition asking the district to delay or start the semester. It has thousands of signatures.

“We just ask that they understand that it’s not something they can recover from in five days,” Hecht said. “It’s been five days since people watched their houses burn in front of them and they can’t wait for us to go back to school and act like everything is normal.”

The Crowley sisters in Superior still don’t go to class — and they don’t know when they’ll be ready. While it can’t stop school from starting, Hech hopes the district will find ways to support students for the semester.

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Boulder Co High Schools

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School Is Back In Session In Boulder County. Students Affected By The Marshall Fire Say That’s Not What They Need

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