Masters Degree In Europe

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Each country has its own individual higher system, but they are all part of the European Higher Area (EHEA). The EHEA system helps to ensure that higher systems across Europe are compatible – and that students, researchers and academics in Europe can more easily work together and study or work abroad.

Qualifications across Europe are comparable through the European Qualifications Framework. Most degree programs include lectures and classes with assessment through essays, exams, and courses. Much of it also involves a period of working in the industry or working on industry-related projects.

Masters Degree In Europe

Masters Degree In Europe

The purpose of a PhD is to break new ground – to produce new information and ideas, or to conduct original research to advance your subject. You may be expected to produce papers and prepare a thesis for assessment during your studies.

Masters In Us Versus Masters In Europe: Here’s What You Need To Know

In addition to these three general levels of study, you can also take many other advanced qualifications such as vocational degrees and more.

You will find a wide range of higher education across Europe – Astrophysics, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Football Management, Geography, Green Energy Management, History, Information Technology, International Relations, Languages, Law, Literature, Medicine, Sociology, Teaching, Tourism, Zoology and much, much more.

Most higher education has a ‘modular’ structure. This means that you can put together a personal program by choosing several modules or units of study each year from a wide range. For example, if you study fashion, you can choose a module on fashion marketing, a module on textile design and a module on ethical textile production.

Interested in more than one topic? You may be able to study a combination as part of your studies, eg Business and Russian Language.

Masters Degree In Europe, Masters In Europe

There are thousands of universities, research institutes and higher institutions all over Europe. Take a look at the Country Profiles section to see what each country has to offer.

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to study in more than one European country. Then take a look at the section Opportunities for short study.

There are 24 official languages ​​in the EU… but most countries in Europe also offer study programs in English and other languages. In the Country Profiles section, you can see the language options for education in each country.

Masters Degree In Europe

Start dates vary in Europe, but the academic year usually begins in September or October and ends in June. Some programs also offer January/February start dates. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the website. However, you can change your cookie settings at any time if you wish.

Masters In Germany Guide For International Students [updated 2022]

The real estate sector plays an integral role in the global economy and has become a highly competitive and technically advanced sector. Did you know that the development of new commercial real estate and the continued operation of existing commercial real estate buildings in the US – offices, industry, warehouses and retail – supported 8 million US jobs and contributed $1.01 trillion to the US GDP in 2020? And that the United States, Great Britain, Germany and Spain are at the top of investment destinations worldwide?

The Masters in Real Estate will provide you with the necessary skills and networks to succeed in this fascinating and competitive sector in an international business context.

Taught by world-renowned faculty and guest experts, participants receive advanced training that combines theory with practicality to become industry leaders.

This MSc includes two semesters of intensive courses in Madrid and a term in London of additional specialization courses. Excursions to European capitals are part of the program. The master’s thesis and a company internship are the last steps to complete this master.

Pursue Your Masters Degree From Europe By Global Opportunities

Has a global reach within the real estate sector. From networking events to accredited courses and partnership internships, the school gives us the tools to become successful brokers. We’ve hosted renowned speakers on topics ranging from distressed mortgages to urban design. Events like these have allowed us to discuss with industry professionals whose insider quality has given us an understanding of the market beyond the theoretical lessons we have taken. We have now entered the real estate job market with a rich network and confidence in our capabilities

Participation in this full-time Master of Science corresponds to a willingness to pursue a particular professional project and provides young graduates and young managers with a combination of high-quality skills that recruiters seek.

This program offers academic excellence and presentation of best professional practice. Our goal is to train experts who can develop rapidly in a globalized world.

Masters Degree In Europe

Discover the Institute of Real Estate Finance and Management (IREFIM), a platform sponsored by the Business School dedicated to promoting real estate education and research.

Higher Education In Europe

The specialization complements the more traditional topics in real estate (development, finance, investment, consulting, management, capital markets, law and tax) with advanced topics such as Big Data, PropTech, Smart Cities and more to help future leaders of the real estate industry with the necessary skills needed to enter, develop and succeed in this multifaceted sector.

By combining multiple teaching methods such as classroom lectures, workshops, business cases, field trips, online content, both individual and group work, our students learn to work, communicate and solve problems in multiple scenarios and within different specializations offered by the industry – from banking for valuation advice and more. In addition, many of the professors also work in the professional world and bring their own first-hand experience to the table. This is complemented by numerous networking opportunities with key industry stakeholders.

This full-time specialization lasts 9 months (15 months including internship and thesis) and is divided into three semesters (2 semesters in Madrid and 1 semester in London). You must be fluent in English to take these courses.

NOTE: Commits to delivering the curriculum as is unless external circumstances (such as the COVID-19 pandemic) intervene, in which case we will develop alternatives to meet the learning objectives of the programs.

Get A Masters Degree In Europe With Just £200

They run in an online format between July and September, ahead of campus terms. Candidates may be exempted from attending these modules based on their previous work experience (3 years required). See the Access tab for more information.

The courses cover both theory and real-world applications with a hands-on approach to real estate. They are taught from October to June by world-renowned teachers and guest experts.

From mid-April to the end of December, you must complete a company internship of at least 4 months (although often 7-8 months). helps you find internship opportunities and network with companies.

Masters Degree In Europe

The internship is an opportunity for practical application of the theoretical concepts learned from courses with a view to building a career. Business employers in many cases regard the internship as a probationary period for a permanent position.

Master Of Science (msc) In Real Estate

The Corporate Relations department is involved in collecting placement offers from many companies. The department also organizes a number of trade fairs with companies, giving you many contact options.

The professional thesis is the best way to develop and implement the learning and skills that the students have acquired during the training, to progress in the topics that interest them most in the field of marketing.

The professional thesis is an original research on a specific topic, developed using quantitative, qualitative methods and digital marketing tools to explore a specific communication trend, event or phenomenon.

Students are supervised in the preparation of their professional thesis by a member of the faculty or an expert in the relevant field. Students are guided in choosing a topic of personal interest or one that is strongly related to their profile and analyze how the problem relates to broader concepts and to other sectors and types of companies to draw valuable conclusions

Choosing And Applying For A Study Programme

At the end of the program, a written thesis is submitted and the best projects on campus are invited to reward them for their special contribution to a specific area.

During this time, students also participate in a compulsory research seminar held by a professor. This seminar represents 3 ESCS points out of a total of 90 earned during this academic year.

“ Pursuing a master’s degree in real estate was a central and decisive decision in my career. The cultural enrichment of studying on different campuses, the interaction with top-level professionals, along with the analysis of various case studies and an International Consulting Project (ICP) throughout the curriculum, have equipped me with the necessary skills and mindset to perform my tasks. to be carried out at the highest level at BNP Paribas Real Estate. “

Masters Degree In Europe

Note: Students who start with less than 240 ECTS must obtain an extra 30 ECTS at the Business School due to accreditation regulations. The school offers extra course options for these students. The associated fee for these ECTS is €3,000

University Of Europe For Applied Sciences

Applications are processed in the order they come in; they should be submitted as soon as possible

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