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The University of Minnesota is committed to a variety of students. As a university, we encourage and welcome all students to apply, regardless of immigration status. We encourage students to apply as a freshman (freshman) or as a transition student!

A diverse student body significantly improves the academic and social environment of the campus and helps prepare students to prosper in a global society. One of the learning outcomes of university students is that graduates must “understand the different philosophies and cultures within and between societies.” Learn more about how U of M broadly defines diversity.

Apply To University Of Minnesota

Apply To University Of Minnesota

“… allow me to reaffirm our university’s strong and enduring commitment to supporting all DACA recipients, including our students, professors, staff and community members, as well as their families. I would also like to point out that the Minnesota Dream Act does not change in any way as a result of this decision or any potential future efforts to abolish the DACA at the federal level. ” Read President Gabel’s full statement.

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The University of Minnesota welcomes applications from undocumented students and those with Delayed Childhood Action (DACA) status, and evaluates their applications in a group of candidates from the country according to a blind enrollment policy. Need blind means that the verification team cannot access information about your household income, such as your FAFSA statement.

The University of Minnesota offers two ways to apply: the Common App and the Golden Gopher. We have no preference which application to send, we are just glad that you applied! Please submit only one application.

Note: The University of Minnesota Twin Cities wants to make sure that the application fee is not a barrier for every student who wants to apply for enrollment. If you believe that your financial circumstances may entitle you to an exemption from the application fee, complete this section of the application.

In recognition of outstanding academic achievements, the University offers a number of academic scholarships for new freshmen entering the fall semester of the university. These highly competitive prizes range from $ 1,000 in one year to $ 60,000 in four years.

University Of Minnesota Twin Cities Admissions

To be eligible for a university scholarship, simply apply for freshman enrollment. There is no special application! Admitted freshmen are considered for these university-wide scholarships based on the overall assessment of their application for enrollment.

The mission of the Immigration Team is to ensure that all faculty, staff, and students affected by immigration policy change have access to resources and support. The team provides access to the wider university community on the impact of regulations and other policy changes, immigration rules, and DACA and immigration status issues.

The Student Legal Service (SLS) offers advice and representation in many areas. These services are available to University of Minnesota students who pay for student services on the twin city campus and are limited to those listed in our Policy Guide.

Apply To University Of Minnesota

Vision Student Consulting Services is a university where all students have the opportunity to achieve their personal, academic and career goals. Staff and students are actively working to address cultural forms of harassment and are considering the impact of oppression on students seeking SCS services. SCS continues to address this work through empowerment and advocacy.

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The Multicultural Center for Academic Skills prioritizes the academic lives of students from historically marginalized backgrounds in their quest to obtain a college degree in a predominantly white context.

The University keeps private and personal records of students and will not provide such information to immigration agencies unless required by law. Curiosity is what motivates us to discover. Continue to spread what we know about science, art, life and thought. Let’s go beyond what we know. To discover what we do not know. When you get curious about attending the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, you’ll master the skills and connections you need to explore the world, find a job, and find your future. The possibilities are endless – both in the classroom (choose from 150 undergraduate courses and thousands of courses) and outside the community (sister cities offer thousands of internships and cultural experiences just minutes from campus).

At the University of Minnesota, you are considered a freshman if you are still a high school student (even if you have college credits in programs such as PSEO or AP) or if you have not enrolled in any college after high school. Freshmen can register and learn more at Essays, letters of recommendation or official transcripts are not required to apply. All students who submit a full application by the November 1 deadline for early action or the regular deadline of January 1 are automatically eligible for a scholarship and honors program.

At the University of Minnesota, you are considered a transferred student if you graduated from high school, applied for, or enrolled in college, university, or any other school after high school. (If you are currently a high school student with a college loan in programs such as PSEO or AP, you are still considered a freshman.) At this time, transfer students can apply through the University of Minnesota program at apply. ). Visit to learn more.

University Of Minnesota (minneapolis, Minnesota, Usa)

Visiting campus is one of the best ways to find out if the University of Minnesota is right for you. Schedule your visit today at Most visits include an information session, a 60-minute campus tour (don’t forget to dress according to the weather) and the opportunity to meet with a consultant at the reception. We offer weekday visits throughout the year and Saturday visits during the school year. If you have any questions, call VISITLINE at 612-625-0000. The University of Minnesota (U of M) is home to the curious and those who want to feed this curiosity. Two vice presidents called the U of M House. They also have award-winning authors, musicians and journalists. astronauts. Civil rights leaders. athletes. Revolutionary doctors. Inventors. Nobel Prize winners. Everyone called our campus their home.

In U of M you will expand your global perspective, develop new hobbies and achieve more than you ever thought. Because you are guided by discovery.

We offer a variety of ways to explore the campus and learn more about what makes the U of M such a special place. From personal excursions to campus to virtual weekly informational meetings, events and personal meetings with advisors and current students. Come see what it’s like to be a Golden Gopher!

Apply To University Of Minnesota

Curiosity is what motivates us to discover. When you are interested in U of M, you will master the skills, learn the facts and make the connections you need to explore the world, find a job and find your future. When you are interested in campus, the first thing you will notice is that you fit in well.

International Freshman Admissions Timeline

Curiosity has a guaranteed return. Take an interest and you will learn that U of M offers competitive tuition fees, world-class academics and great value. Just ask

We confirm that the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities was built in the traditional homeland of the Dakota people. It is important to pay tribute to the peoples on whose lands we live, study and work, and strive to improve and strengthen our relations with our tribal peoples.

We also recognize that words are not enough. We must ensure that our institution provides support, resources, and programs that expand access to all aspects of higher education for our students, staff, professors, and members of the Indian community. Learn more about being an international student at the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities. Subscribe to the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) mailing list to receive updates on terms and scholarships, as well as information on academic majors, ratings, costs, etc.! You can also find out when representatives of the University of Minnesota’s twin cities will be in your country and contact us on social media.

One of the most important ways to find out if college or university is right for you is to visit campus. At the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities University, we offer many ways to explore the campus and learn about the experiences and programs that make U of M a special place.

Resources For Undocumented & Daca Students

The University of Minnesota has more than 150 majors and 135+ minors. Whether you already know what you want to explore or are just starting to look, U of M will help you learn what motivates you to learn more.

U of M requires international students to demonstrate the English language skills required to succeed in teaching at the faculty level taught in English. All undergraduate programs at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities require a certain minimum score for enrollment.

Only three items are required to apply to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities: (1) an online application; (2) registration fee of $ 55; and (3) self-assessment of academic records. Letters of recommendation or essays are not required! Students can start applying in August, before the final year of high school.

Apply To University Of Minnesota

To track the status of your program, visit the program tracking program. This online tool can help you determine which application materials have been received, which materials may be missing, and whether a decision has been made to

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