Early Childhood Education Salary

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We’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions about the government’s announcement of pay equality in Budget 2022. Our progress on pay equity is supported by ECE Voice – Te Riu Roa NZEI for all ECE’s campaign to win fair pay for teachers!

Will trained elementary teachers working at ECE be paid according to the KTCA pay scale if their employer opts to join the higher funding range?

Early Childhood Education Salary

Early Childhood Education Salary

On 19 May 2022, the government announced the new salary scale for grade 11 early childhood teachers in Budget 2022. This will introduce six additional salary bands for teachers from January 1, 2023. It also includes minimum wages for centre managers.

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Equal deferred funding rates will apply to employers who demonstrate payment of teachers in steps 6-11. The expanded scale is comparable to teachers in stages 1 to 6 of the Kindergarten Teachers’ Collective Agreement Scale, but falls short of the promise of full equal pay.

“Partial steps” 7 through 11 will make experienced teachers working in education and nursing services $2,000 to $10,500 less than their nursery teaching colleagues. Covered by equality rates, including through fair pay agreements.

Previously, in Budget 2021, the government committed to taking five steps to achieve pay equality from January 2022. If your employer chooses to accept a higher capital pay equity rate in the 2022 funding round, you should be paid for the appropriate steps in the appropriate steps at least. The first five stages of the Meithrin Teacher Comprehensive Agreement (KTCA) scale.

1. Your qualification level If you have a teaching degree, you will be p3, which means you start at stage 1.

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Remember, if you are a union member, you can call or email us for personal advice and support. If you are not a member yet, you can also join us anytime!

Yes! If it is within the past 10 years, there is a range of previous paid work experience that counts towards your raise stage and should count towards a maximum of two steps of half service. If you’ve ever worked in any of the following jobs, it’s important!

If you think you are not getting the correct amount, as a union member you can contact us for personal assistance. If you’re not a member yet, you can join! Union members pay to fund a team of experts who can tell you what steps to pay and help you determine what your qualifications and experience mean for your salary. Getting it wrong can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Early Childhood Education Salary

You can search this spreadsheet to see if your employer has opted in. The Equal Authentication Response has a Y or N for each service listed. If your employer hasn’t opted in, they can still! Employers can join at three points each year (February, June or October). You can find more information on the Ministry of Education website. We anticipate that this process will continue to apply when Equality Extended Certification becomes available from January 2023.

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If you think your employer has opted in and the spreadsheet says “N” (No), ask your employer. They may opt in after July 1, 2022.

For more information, you can also visit the Education Matters website and click the Excel spreadsheet under “Certified Teacher Salary Proof” to open it, then click on the bottom tab called “Proof of Answers”.

If you are entering your third year of teaching in January 2022, you should be entering Stage 3 in that year, Stage 4 in 2023, Stage 5 in 2024, and Stage 6 in 2025.

The government has confirmed that the qualifications and previous relevant experience required by the KTCA will apply to service teachers who receive equal pay funding rates. For more information, see Section 3.3 of the KTCA here.

Salaries For Early Childhood Teachers Including Kindergarten Teachers

We are delighted that many employers have decided to join the government’s equal pay premium funding rate. We see opt-in as a step towards recognizing the value of the incredibly important work done by ECE faculty on tamararikie day.

However, we are concerned that some employers require a high level of proof of previous teaching service and relevant work experience. This creates unnecessary barriers for teachers to get fair pay.

If employers want to meet certification requirements for higher pay equity funding rates, they must determine the correct pay ladder for each teacher in accordance with Section 3 of the Kindergarten Teachers’ Collective Agreement. You can read about the KTCA here.

Early Childhood Education Salary

If you are eligible for higher stage experience but are restricted to stage 5 under the current equal funding rules, if your employer opts in, you will be immediately eligible for the correct stage under the rules set out in the KTCA scheme. Funding to expand equality.

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Some employers mistakenly believe that they can require teachers to deduct contact time, sick leave, bereavement leave and annual leave from their hours worked in previous years, presumably in order to make teachers work less than they deserve. This is unacceptable – teachers’ hours include these elements.

Some employers only count teaching services for the past ten years. This is also not right. The one-year term only applies to other types of work directly related to teaching, such as assisting teachers, working as a substandard teacher, or social work.

Most teachers will find it relatively straightforward to provide evidence of their qualifications and previous service and relevant work experience. In some cases, however, the degree of change in the department means the center or employer is no longer functioning, accurate records are not kept, or teachers have cut services due to caregiving responsibilities. This means that some teachers have difficulty justifying detailed descriptions of working hours.

Teachers are hired as professionals based on resumes and the information they provide to employers. Eintamariki employers and parents place high trust in our day-to-day teachers as teachers. Teachers expect similar trust work experience and services in relation to information. As professionals, teachers understand that dishonesty in qualifications or experience violates their professional standards and guidelines, which include “PONO: Demonstrating Integrity by Acting Fairly, Honestly, Ethically and Justly”.

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Unless there are clear reasons to doubt the veracity of teachers’ claims, employers should use a high-trust model to evaluate their statements about their experience and qualifications.

Yes. The minister said it was crucial to the fact that there was true pay equality. That is, those teaching their third year in 2022 should reach Stage 6 within three years. After completing 2080 hours of work (40 hours per week per year), teachers will be able to move on to the next pay scale. The Ministry of Education has made it clear that there are no performance requirements for teachers to move up the ladder each year.

If your employer chooses to pay all teachers in all five equal steps, their KiwiSaver contributions do not count as part of your salary.

Early Childhood Education Salary

If your employer does not opt-in and only certifies payment of step 1 of the payroll, your employer can count its KiwiSaver contributions towards your paycheck, but only if you agree. Browse here for more information.

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Rates announced in Budget 2022 set minimum wage rates for qualified and certified teachers and management positions. If your wages are already higher than these rates, your employer can and should continue to pay you at these higher rates.

A new standard for minimum wages for managerial positions has been introduced. Services that choose to expand equally must also demonstrate that they pay minimum wages to teachers in administrative positions.

While all of these categories will receive the same minimum wage in this budget announcement, we anticipate that will change when the currently ongoing review of sector funding is completed and implemented.

Yes. The minister said the expectation was “clear” and services would have to demonstrate they paid teachers over five stages and would be monitored. Parliament has passed legislation to support this and you can read advice to employers on the ministry’s website.

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Higher funding rates are available for educational services that pay teachers based on the scale of expansion. The Department has published these rates in the Funding Manual.

NZEITERiu Roa believes all teachers should be paid equally. Pay equity is a fundamental premise for valuing the work of all teachers and the work they do. This announcement is progress, but if all teachers benefit, we need to consolidate – that is, make a concerted effort to ensure salaries are provided through collective agreements. Only then will it be known that funds will go into teachers’ pay packages and public funds will go where they should be.

Ultimately, NZEITERiu Roa would like to see all teachers receive a central salary no matter where they work, rather than a one-off grant (the current model). This would remove the current incentive for employers to pay less teachers in order to increase profits. Ensure that funding increases aimed at raising teacher salaries go directly to teachers.

Early Childhood Education Salary

Teachers who provide services

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