Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree

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The School of Engineering at Purdue University shapes its academic programs around the great challenges of the 21st century. There are several options for your needs:

Dissertation option. The thesis option is highly recommended, as it involves conducting independent research and a publishable report (as a dissertation). program or employment.Admission or Ph.D. requires the student to provide evidence of the ability to conduct independent research.

Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree

Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree

This complete program on the Purdue Mechanical campus combines 21 credits of technical majors with 9 credits of management and / or professional development classes. It is perfect for:

Master Of Science Mechanical Engineering

Completing the Professional Master program usually takes one calendar year – fall, spring, and summer semesters (longer if you decide to take the part-time job). Although this is an on-campus program, up to 25% of your classes can be completed in a remote format, if available. Graduates receive an MSME (Master of Mechanical Science). No dissertation is included and gives no path to a doctorate. Students are not eligible for teaching / research assistantship as a scholarship.

You can get a master’s degree from Purdue University of Mechanical Engineering completely online. Course materials and lectures are available online at any time, so you are not limited by specific class times. You get the same quality education from the same faculty that teaches on campus, but on your schedule.

Incoming students: The student must have a strong interest in graduate studies leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The student must have:

Students currently in the ME program: A graduate student who enters the MA program but later decides to pursue an immediate PhD must submit a written application to the ME Office of Graduate Studies. the requirements for the program and the specific reasons for submitting the request must be explained. Any research experience, learning experience such as presentations, publications, GRE scores and / or GPA, and long-term interests in a faculty like research position can be included to enhance the nomination.

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The ME Admission Committee approves changes from MSc to direct applications for doctoral studies. The Commission will take into account the latest information available at that time when taking a decision on the request. The student must have:

Optional Master’s Degree: Students enrolled in a direct Ph.D. programs have the opportunity to apply for a master’s degree “on the way” to a doctorate. This option is available if the student meets Purdue’s Graduate School of Mechanics and Graduate School requirements for a master’s degree. The student will submit and register for a master’s study plan for master’s candidate. The master plan may be for a non-dissertation option and must meet the requirements of ME for a master’s degree for non-dissertation. No more than 3 credits may be completed as independent project work (for example: ME 597 or ME 697) between the D-Doctoral Plan of Study and Master’s Plan of Study together.

Area of ​​Examinations: Direct Ph.D. the student must appear for the area exam no later than the third semester (excluding summer sessions) of graduate studies at Purdue. A student will have a maximum of two chances to pass the weekend exams. In the first attempt, the student must appear for all required examinations in the same semester. Any student who is unable to pass all area exams in two attempts will be discharged from the Direct Ph.D. program. If the student and senior professor so wish, a PhD student who fails the PhD field exams can file a petition with the ME Admission Committee to convert a Direct Ph.D. of the master’s program.

Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree

Direct PhD Study Plan: Students are expected to pursue a Ph.D. Plan of study and have it approved before the end of the first semester of graduate studies. The curriculum for an immediate Ph.D. student includes a minimum of 36 credits of graduate courses in addition to dissertation examination hours. No more than 3 credits may be completed as independent project work (eg: ME 597 or ME 697) between the PhD study plan and the MA plan of study combined. At least three (3) courses or nine (9) hours of the twelve courses must be in applied mathematics, with 6 credits required from the Department of Mathematics. Purdue’s Graduate School Database (Plans of Study) and Banner systems will identify the student as a “doctoral student” instead of a straight Ph.D. Management And Engineering In Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering

Scholarship levels for students admitted to the Direct PhD program: An admitted student will initially be awarded the same scholarship as a student admitted to the MS program. The student’s scholarship level will be adjusted to the doctoral level after the student has passed all field exams. The new scholarship level will enter into force semester after semester in which the weekly examinations will be conducted.

The combined BSME / MSME program is an integrated five-year program in which qualified students can earn a BS and MS in mechanical sciences. The program provides a seamless transition from BS to MS programs for Purdue students, in which graduate courses taken as undergraduate electives count for both the bachelor’s and MS degrees, making the total time required for an MS degree . This program is only available on the West Lafayette campus. The Master of Science program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the latest and most important subjects in mechanical engineering.

Students can create a flexible program of study tailored to his or her interests and goals, working closely with their faculty advisor to identify courses and research experiences that will enable a seamless transition to the field of mechanical engineering.

Students can construct their own course sequence (referred to as the Standard Track), or choose courses from various proposed specialized elective concentrations, which currently include biomechanics, energy systems, micro- / nanoscale engineering, and robotics and control.

Online Masters Of Mechanical Engineering (ms)

In general, two to three sisters of the entire study are required to obtain a degree, although it can also be performed on a part-time basis over a correspondingly longer period. sister plan, which includes four courses in one sister, four courses in sister two and two courses in sister three (referred to as the 4 + 4 + 2 plan).

To meet the requirements for a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, a student must complete 30 credits of courses, consisting of not less than ten courses, with a GPA of at least 2.5 / 4.0. All courses must be at graduate level, ie. 4000 level or higher. The order of courses must show a clearly distinguishable specialization. In addition, courses taken must meet the following requirements:

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering program offers students great flexibility in tailoring their program to their specific interests and goals.

Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree

Visit the Office of Graduate Student Affairs page to learn more about our academic policies and procedures for Master of Science programs.

Mechanical Engineering Degree

If there is a conflict between the syllabus in this brochure and that published on Courses, the CourseWorks syllabus will apply. M.Sc. MME-CAME is an interdisciplinary program for industrial engineering that provides, on the one hand, in-depth knowledge and understanding of finite element methods, numerical methods, simulation, mechanics and software engineering, and on the other hand solid knowledge of core management. processes and an understanding of the major social and environmental issues that set the stage for international business operations in developing economies. Current research has a direct impact on the curriculum, and ensures that students are constantly exposed to the most up-to-date information and practices.

The M.Sc. MME-CAME offers two specializations: “Model and Simulation Engineering” and “Digital Engineer”. Students must decide which specialization they want to pursue.

In Modeling and Simulation Engineering (MSE), you will specialize in the areas of computer-aided modeling and simulation technology, computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing in mechanical engineering, manufacturing process design, and life-cycle forecasting of materials, parts, and components. You will gain in-depth knowledge in the application of computer-aided design software to generate complex technical solutions for design tasks in the field of mechanical engineering, such as process engineering and technology.

You will have acquired expertise and technical skills in the field of product data management and production planning, which will allow you to define, evaluate and execute simulation projects, e.g. in production.

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Digital engineering (DE) describes the consistent use of digital methods and technologies throughout the entire production development and production process in companies. Today, digital technologies are the key to optimizing production processes and production cycles, such as managing resource usage and reducing costs. With the Digital Engineering specialization, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the technical application of networked production fields and a comprehensive understanding of how to control and design an integrated production chain. You will be able to monitor and shape the future development of companies through strategic technology development.

Learning German is essential to successfully integrate students into the German cultural environment and further pursue internship places and job opportunities in Germany. One (German) language course is part of this master’s program. Students with no knowledge of the German language start learning German at level A1.1 to pursue it

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