K12 Washington Online School

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Changes are everywhere. And at Washington Connections Academy, we help students embrace change as an opportunity and thrive in the world ahead.

Public and private public schools work together to provide students in grades K-12 with a safe, engaging environment where they can learn the way they want to learn. Not only will your child gain the knowledge and confidence needed to pass tests like the SBA and the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science, they’ll develop the social, emotional, and real-world skills needed to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

K12 Washington Online School

K12 Washington Online School

Each lesson at each level helps your child take the next step in their development. Choose your child’s level and see how we meet the goals every day.

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Each school day combines online classes with plenty of time for your child to learn effectively. And as their learning coach, you’ll be there to lend a hand when they need it – and enjoy a step forward. You can expect:

From dynamic text to video and audio, lessons will engage your child in ways that spark curiosity and help them gain basic knowledge while developing social and emotional skills.

Connect to 4th Grade Online Learning | The Nature of Plants 2 minute video In this online unit, students learn to explore how plants have adapted to their environment, changed and adapted to thrive in all areas. Guided through a series of one-on-one lessons using interactive text, video, and audio, students improve their thinking skills and ability to connect with the world.

In this episode, Connections Academy online students take a trip around the world, learning how geography and climate combine to create our environment. Guided through a series of one-on-one lessons using text, video, and audio, students expand their knowledge of science and the reasons why it matters to their lives today and the world of tomorrow.

The George Washington University, K12 Inc. Launch Online High School

Our elementary teachers love helping young students learn and grow. And they will be the partners you need to fully support your child as a learning coach. Our teachers, who are state-certified and specially trained in online learning, recognize the uniqueness of each student and guide them on a learning path that is right for them and leads them to a future full of possibilities.

Each day your child will participate in a series of fun activities, with time to work independently and develop independence. As their learning coach, you will be able to monitor their progress and lend a hand when needed, helping them on their learning journey. You can expect:

Our courses offer more than just knowledge. They use dynamic text, audio and video to capture students’ curiosity and encourage them to explore the world around them. Plus, we infuse every lesson with social-emotional learning, helping your child develop the skills they’ll need in high school and around the world.

K12 Washington Online School

Connect 6th Grade 6th Grade Online Learning | Age of the Earth 2 minute video In this episode, Connections Academy online students explore fossils and the concept of continental travel, making connections between the past and the present. Guided through a series of individualized lessons that use interactive text, video, and audio, students deepen their understanding of how the world came to be, while developing the skills needed to develop and advance scientific ideas.

K12: Online School Programs

In this unit, Connections Academy online students will learn how writers use plot, structure, and other techniques to create literary works such as short stories and poems. Guided through a series of individual lessons using text, video and audio, students develop their analytical skills and gain knowledge of the language and its strengths.

Our high school teachers are part educators and part leaders. In addition to state certification and specialized training for online learning, they are attuned to each student’s unique needs and committed to guiding each child to a bright future. As your child’s tutor, you can count on our teachers to be the partner you need in your child’s success.

An online high school prepares students for the future they want. Your son or daughter will build on your responsibilities while learning valuable skills in online classes – many of which make the school day a reality. Also, as your son or daughter’s coach, you will be able to follow their progress and see them improve. You can expect:

From mathematics to languages ​​and our many electives, courses engage students’ minds and encourage them to engage in lifelong activities such as resilience and adaptation. Not only will your son or daughter meet state graduation requirements, but they will also develop emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills. If they want to go to college or start a job after high school, they will be ready to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Online School For Special Education & Special Needs Students

Link to Online Learning Grade 9 | Biodiversity 2 minute video In this unit, online learners explore the living world and how different organisms come together to form ecosystems and ecosystems. Guided through a series of one-on-one lessons using text, video, and audio, students strengthen their critical thinking skills and ability to understand complex systems.

Our high school teachers know what students need to succeed in school today and go far in the world tomorrow. Our state-certified and specially trained online tutors will be there for your son or daughter, eager to teach, encourage and guide them to the life they want to live.

There is no better feeling than watching your child grow. At Washington Connections Academy, we offer you the opportunity to be your child’s coach so you can be a part of their success. Here’s what other parents are saying about their experience.

K12 Washington Online School

It is a place where teachers can be teachers and students can freely explore education. – Lisa S.

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Learning is your journey. And we use a unique approach. However your child learns, our teachers and curriculum will guide them forward.

The Washington Communication Academy is free for children of Washington residents. The only expenses are school supplies and special trips if needed.

We strive to provide quality education tailored to the needs of each student. This level of self-awareness is rarely found in traditional mainstream schools. Using our available technology, we connect parents, teachers and students from home or anywhere there is an internet connection. In addition, families enjoy flexibility in adjusting their schedules, which is not usually possible in traditional settings. Parents can also monitor the student’s learning environment, ensuring a clean and stimulating atmosphere. Visit the Resource Hub to learn more.

Sign up to learn more about how Connections Academy can help your child prepare for the future. Find helpful resources, watch informational videos, view case studies, and answer discussion questions to help you make the best decision for your child. WASHINGTON, Jan. 13, 2011 // – George Washington University and K12 Inc., a leader in online K-12 education, today announced a partnership to launch an independent, private high school – George Washington University High School (GWUOHS), www.gwuohs. com.

Washington Connections Academy

“We are very excited to expand our independent online schools mission to include this powerful college prep program,” said K12 CEO Ron Packard. “We know that high-achieving students are looking for flexible learning alternatives that will enable them to succeed in college and beyond. We believe that GWUOHS’ unique program will not only attract and motivate students, but also prepare them for future leadership roles in global society. modernity..”

GWUOHS is designed for high school students who are looking for an academic experience and want to attend colleges and universities. The school will offer rigorous college preparatory courses in a personalized and flexible learning environment. Admission to GWUOHS will be highly selective.

Once approved, students will be able to access the course anywhere they have an internet connection. Certified teachers and supervisors with in-depth knowledge of their subject areas will work in close contact with students. Faculty will lecture and interact with students through online courses, lectures, and one-on-one lectures. From admission to graduation, students will receive college counselor services, including SAT and ACT preparation, college assessment, and application support and guidance through scholarships and financial aid.

K12 Washington Online School

George Washington University and K12 bring together two institutions known for their work in education, research, innovation and the pursuit of academic excellence. GWUOHS will be conducted by K12 with GW monitoring program quality and performance. In addition, GWUOHS will provide the university with opportunities to conduct research on a major trend in education – the development, delivery and evaluation of online learning.

How Online Learning Works

“This partnership with K12 will provide unique research, teaching and professional development opportunities for our students and faculty,” said the dean of GW’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD). “There is no doubt that online learning will continue to be considered as an alternative

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