Online Schools For Criminal Justice Degree

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CINCINNATI, OH () – A safer community can start with you! Have you considered a career in criminal justice? The careers that make up the criminal justice system are diverse, rewarding, and allow individuals to make a difference in their communities at the local, state, and federal levels.

If you’re interested in law enforcement, the courts, or corrections, a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice can be the first step toward an exciting new career or advancement in your current one. Those with a criminal justice degree find fulfilling work in a variety of law enforcement positions, including police officer, border patrol agent, FBI agent, case manager, corrections officer, victim advocate, crime analyst, court administrator, counselor, clerk, pretrial, parole officer, adult or juvenile correctional officer.

Online Schools For Criminal Justice Degree

Online Schools For Criminal Justice Degree

If a career in criminal justice sounds like the right thing for you, Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) can help you achieve your goals with a 100% online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Best Online Schools For Criminal Justice

When you enroll now for summer and fall 2019, the online degree provides students with the leadership skills and competency-based approaches needed to successfully serve and protect their communities. Graduates are prepared to hold key positions or continue in law school or other postgraduate studies.

Some of EKU’s graduates are employed by the US Secret Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, local and state law enforcement agencies, the Bureau of Prisons, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the District Attorney’s Office, and the Department of Agriculture.

Contact us to learn more about earning a bachelor’s degree online. As an online student at EKU, you can choose between three areas with a focus on the education, including criminal law, police investigations and corrections, and juvenile law. You also get a number of benefits, including multiple start dates throughout the year, so you can start building your future when the time is right for you. You can also benefit from free guidance and career assistance. Once you’ve registered, your dedicated personal advisor will help you design your exam plan and offer support and assistance. Online students are also eligible to apply for financial aid and transfer credits from other regionally accredited colleges and universities.

By ranking the best online degree programs in the U.S. Ranked among the best by News & World Report, you can count on the respected, world-class education you get from EKU Online.

Best Online Bachelor’s In Criminal Justice

To learn more about EKU’s 100% online criminal justice degree or any other online degree, visit or call Chris Adkins at 859-622-7568. If you want to further your education and prepare to pursue a career that includes community service, leadership, and decision-making, consider earning an online master’s degree in criminal justice.

Criminal justice is a broad field, and obtaining a degree at this level can help you pursue one of many different careers. Continue reading for more information on how to do this from online masters in criminal law.

Typically requiring one to two years of full-time study, master’s programs are typically available in two main categories: a research master’s program and a professional master’s program.

Online Schools For Criminal Justice Degree

Depending on the type of online master’s degree in criminal justice you earn, you can prepare for any of a number of outcomes, from continuing your career to continuing your studies at the doctoral level.

Online Criminal Justice Degrees

To graduate from a research master’s degree, students may be asked to defend their thesis before a special committee of faculty members.

These degrees can help prepare students to continue studying at a higher level.ii Master’s degrees in research are commonly referred to as Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MS).

As such, courses may be more narrowly focused and focused on the roles and responsibilities of that career.ii Professional master’s degrees may have subject-specific titles, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Depending on the school and program, it may be possible to choose a concentration or special focus area in criminal justice while earning a master’s degree. Although this option is not guaranteed and different schools may have different concentration options, some potential examples of concentrations can be seen in the list below, which cover many different aspects of criminal justice.

Best Online Criminal Justice Graduate Programs Of 2022

Remember that they can vary from program to program. To best know what your concentration options are, you should feel free to contact each school you are considering directly.

There is no such thing as a typical master’s degree in criminal justice, and the topics covered during the course of study can vary depending on the school, program, concentration, or even the individual student and their goals and interests. That said, if you’re wondering what courses could potentially be available in a master’s degree in criminal justice, check out the following list of some commonly included class subjects:

Keep in mind that not all programs offer all or even any of these specific subjects. Be sure to check the curriculum of each school you are interested in so you know what their course offerings and requirements may be.

Online Schools For Criminal Justice Degree

One career you could pursue after earning an online master’s degree in criminal justice could be training as a college professor in criminal justice. While the most common undergraduate education for professors may be a doctorate, 40% of O*Net respondents said an online master’s degree in criminal justice was the level of education they needed to obtain to qualify for their position. Criminal justice professors earned an average annual salary of $58,770. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this occupation is expected to grow much faster than average between 2014 and 2024.

Best Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs Of 2022

Other criminal justice careers may not require a master’s degree, but it can help you stand out from the competition. Police detectives, for whom basic education can range from a high school diploma to an associate’s degree, earned an average annual salary of $77,210 in 2015.

If you’ve read and are ready to start exploring your options, jump right in here at Check out our sponsored listings for online criminal justice masters and note programs that may be of interest to you. So don’t hesitate to contact the schools yourself, request more information and find out who can be the best online masters in criminal law. Good luck! Are you a student who recently graduated from high school this year? Are you planning to continue your advanced studies in criminal justice, but don’t want to go to classes on campus every day? There is nothing to worry about because you always have the option of getting your degree online.

Not all colleges/universities across the United States offer an online criminal justice degree, but you’ll be pleased to know that there are many reputable ones that offer top-notch programs. If you are willing to enroll in an online program, here are the best colleges/universities to choose from.

At Penn State World Campus, the online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program is specifically designed for those who want to earn a degree in criminology at their own pace. Students who wish to build their careers in areas such as protective services, law and corrections, crime prevention and support, security management, justice administration and social services will find this online bachelor’s program very useful in their preparation.

The 20 Best Online Master’s In Criminal Justice Degree Programs 2022

At the University of Alabama, students enrolled or planning to enroll have the option of taking a criminal justice course either online or on campus, or even a mix of both. The fully online program is flexible, and all online course content is accessible through the UAB Canvas learning management system, which includes a variety of tools to make the course experience more engaging. This online program includes lectures in virtual classrooms, multimedia, chat and discussion forums, which combine to give you an experience you will never forget.

The online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology at Ball State University opens the door to a wide range of opportunities for students looking to establish themselves in criminal justice and criminology, policing and law enforcement, and more. With this online bachelor’s program, you can proceed at your own pace and complete courses according to your own preferences. Ball State’s online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and criminology requires you to complete a minimum of 120 credits for the bachelor’s degree.

The Criminal Justice Program at West Texas A&M University offers a variety of online courses, including a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration that can be taken entirely online. The primary goal of the Criminal Justice program at West Texas A&M is to introduce graduates to crime and criminal justice policy, the law, and the science of criminal justice necessary for their chosen profession.

Online Schools For Criminal Justice Degree

An online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is affordable and flexible, introducing students to a great educational experience that prepares them for the professional world.

Online Criminal Justice Masters

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