Msc Human Resources Management

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The organization plans to change the name of the MSc Human Resources Management title to MSc People, Organizations and Change to better reflect the inclusion of the new track in organizational development and change. The new denomination is expected to take effect from the 2022/2023 academic year and will be modified here once the accrediting body approves the new denomination and the National Register is modified.

Good people management is at the heart of successful organizations. Global trends, such as increasing digitalization, changing forms of organization, an aging workforce, and the growing need to lead processes of growth, change, and renewal, bring challenges and opportunities to this sector. This program combines theory and practice to allow you to develop evidence-based solutions to real business problems.

Msc Human Resources Management

Msc Human Resources Management

Learn to think critically: to make better people-related decisions and create positive changes for people and organizations. Data is an important part of your toolkit as a manager, consultant, or HR professional. You will learn all about this in our course on people analysis, which focuses on data-based decision making.

Msc Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour

Once you have built a solid foundation through your core courses, then choose your path to MSc by choosing options that fit your professional goals. This option is provided by one of three features:

MSc graduates in Human Resource Management begin their careers knowing how to enable others to perform best while experiencing a positive work life and managing change and development in a compassionate and effective way. Recent Graduates HR Business Partners, Hiring Consultants, People Experience Leaders, Associate Consultants, HR Coordinators, Business Analysts, Program Managers, and Business Consultants.

Our graduates work in large multinational companies, small start-ups, private sector, public sector and non-profit organizations. The MSc HRM also prepares you well for a career in another people management or leadership role. Some of our alumni go from HR specialization to general management or start their own businesses.

The Master’s program in Human Resource Management lasts one academic year. Basic courses are compulsory and will be offered during the autumn semester (22 EC). Optional master’s subjects (18 EC) are offered during the spring semester, one of which can be chosen from another master’s program. During the course, students work on a master’s thesis (20 EC).

Msc Human Resource Management Rsm

Note that some selections can be very popular. Although we can place most students in selective places of their choice, there are no guaranteed places.

Whether you are a future employee, consultant, manager, leader or HR professional, people management is important to you. Most organizations create value through people, both for the organization and for other stakeholders. But what does the famous phrase “our people are our most valuable asset” really mean? What is value and where does it come from?

In this course we will analyze issues such as; How can we manage people to improve organizational performance and employee well-being? How can we ensure that our people management practices are consistent with the organization’s goals and ever-changing external demands? What is the role of people management in 21st century organizations?

Msc Human Resources Management

This is a highly interactive course that combines recorded knowledge clips with active participation in face-to-face discussions and small group activities. In class you will be guided through activities that focus on test theory and apply your new knowledge to an MSc business project. Through this you will work with a real organization to analyze key strategic issues related to people and make evidence-based recommendations on how to solve them. Encourage yourself to be critical and curious, and at the end of the course our goal is for you to be able to turn research into practice to create value through people management.

Masters In Human Resource Management (hrm) In Uk

In this course we will deal with strategic and organizational design as a managerial approach to the demands of change in the organization. The concepts and principles of organizational design are presented in a dynamic perspective in terms of the multidisciplinary approach and its application. The multipotential model follows the information processing paradigm where adjustment and strategic and organizational mismatch are important concepts. An adjustment is an alignment between an organization and its environment, strategy, technology, management style, or size. The adjustment principle offers management the opportunity to evaluate the design of the organization and change it regularly. Issues include multidimensional relationships, nonlinearities, and vertical perspectives, all important elements in the study of new forms of organization.

In 21st century organizations, the only constant seems to change. In particular, organizations engaged in global markets are multifaceted, difficult to fully understand and manage. This course focuses on the challenges that organizational change brings with special attention to the critical elements that drive behavior change in an organization. It requires a multi-level perspective, starting with how executive leaders play an essential role in visualizing and instilling positive change, incorporating people into an organization, and creating teams that can take change to the next level. Special attention will be paid to the political skills needed to cope with resistance, build resilience, and create strategic alignment in an organization.

Most organizations today collect large amounts of data that can help people manage to be more evidence-based and impact-oriented, and in turn help employees develop their full potential. However, only a few companies manage to use their people’s data to benefit business results. People’s analyzes can fill this void.

People analysis constitutes the statistical analysis and statistical analysis of human resource data (RR. HH.) And labor force for the benefit of employee performance and return on investment in the human capital of the organization. This phenomenon has gained strength in recent years, as a movement that can evolve the way people management decisions are made. It seeks to add value to organizations by leveraging analytical processes, a wide range of statistical techniques, and new data sources. In addition, where the return on investment in human capital has traditionally been considered opaque, people analytics promises to reveal the end result of HR practices, interventions, and investments.

Human Resource Management (msc)

In this course, you will learn how people analysis can be used to improve business results and make better management decisions. Through a sequence of readings, lectures, cases, and hands-on exercises, you will learn to leverage people’s analysis as a skill, a set of tools, and a mindset. You will learn what questions to ask, how to determine what methods to use, and how to communicate ideas effectively. This should not only help those looking to become an HR professional, but also help you stand out as a manager and business leader.

When you care about what you do, you will enjoy your work more, create more impact, and be more successful in being a force for positive change. However, it can be difficult to identify what your passion is, where your skills and abilities will be useful, and what professional environment and culture best suits you. That’s why the Career Center has designed a course to put you in the driver’s seat of your career and to help you identify and prepare for your first professional step after graduation.

The “Your Future Career” online modules will help you take important steps toward the practice or job that works best for you. You can decide for yourself if you want to reflect on your interests and motivations, develop knowledge about the job market, functions, companies and industries, get feedback from colleagues on the material of your application, ask a previous person Do you want to connect with a student advisor or attend an interactive workshop.

Msc Human Resources Management

Professional development and tutoring runs from September to December and forms the basis on which students connect basic course knowledge with skills development, personal development, and real-life organizational context.

Management (human Resource Management), Msc

The main goal of this course is to help students develop and develop their skills. Competencies include knowledge, skills, and attitudes, so within this course students will acquire new skills, work on their professional development, and our four knowledge courses (Strategic HRM, Organizational Design, People Analysis, and Leading Organizational Change) will combine knowledge acquired in) in a real-life organizational context.

The elective Development and Organizational Change (ODC) pathway of the MSc HRM is for aspiring change agents. Organizations more than ever are in a constant state of growth and change, and organizations need good leaders to help them cope with these processes. At ODC you will develop your ability to critically assess situations of change, participate creatively with change, and work with all actors in change processes in an appreciable and effective manner, providing inspiring, responsible, and sustainable results.

This course addresses the process of development and organizational change, with special attention to the role of professional facilitators of these processes. It is suitable for students who want to improve their understanding of both leadership and contributing to change. The course is taught as an elective in the MSc HRM, but is equally suitable for students from other programs who wish to complement their professional specialization with a major change and management course. Although the field of development and transformation of the organization is long

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