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In recent years, the demand for online studies has been increasing, and German universities are also paying attention. The subjects available online now are diverse and range from business administration to information technology. In addition, German and English-taught programs are offered online by German universities, giving many international students the opportunity to study in their home country.

The choice of graduate programs available online is vast and goes beyond online university degree programs. Therefore, students who are interested in pursuing an online master’s program have a good advantage in terms of study options. There are different types of online education and some combine in-person and online classes for students who want a combination of both in-person and online classes. You can read more about different online German courses and their strategies in our article on online study in Germany.

Germany Free Masters Programs

Germany Free Masters Programs

The main purpose of this article is to provide students with an overview of graduate programs available online for international students. Whether you’re looking for a program taught in English or taught in German, there are a variety of online master’s programs in a variety of fields. In this article, you will find advantages and disadvantages, education information and application standards, as well as selected study programs and universities. Don’t wait any longer, start below!

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There are different degrees and subjects to study online in Germany. Our StudyFinder has over fifty different online master’s programs taught in English. In addition to some specialized study programs, there are a variety of subjects, from chemistry to human rights or business administration. Here are some selected degree programs:

Alternatively, you can click here to view all online master’s programs available through our StudyFinder. It’s important to remember that an online degree doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality in your education. Many top German universities offer online degree programs. Be sure to read our article on online universities in Germany.

Note: Due to Covid-19, many traditional “in-person” degree programs have converted to fully online. This means that international students enrolled in these programs will begin their distance learning from their home country as they cannot obtain a distance learning student visa. Read more on the Covid-19 update page.

International students have unlimited options when it comes to studying in Germany. In addition to studying degree programs taught in English, you can also apply for degree programs taught in German! In fact, international students can apply for any degree program of their choice as long as they meet the eligibility requirements for graduate programs.

Masters In Germany Guide For International Students [updated 2022]

Students are advised to use an alternative platform called Hochschulkompass to search for online master’s programs taught in German. Here, you will find search filters to search for different degree programs. This also includes a detailed description of online degree programs and graduate programs.

Students are often hesitant to enroll in online programs because they believe it will damage the credibility of their degree. It’s just the opposite! Online degree programs are just as credible as traditional degrees and there really is no difference in degree. Even Germany’s top universities offer online master’s programs, see some of them below.

As you may have heard, education in Germany is free for all students. In Germany, public universities do not charge tuition fees. Since most online degree programs are specialized degree programs, they are usually not tuition-free. Because online degree programs require additional equipment to maintain online learning (for example, purchasing only the platforms to enable online learning), they can cost a good amount of tuition. Tuition fees vary between degree programs, however below is an overview of tuition fees for higher education in Germany.

Germany Free Masters Programs

Remember to look for programs that suit you and your study needs, so don’t skip tuition programs. Many private universities offer scholarships to students to cover tuition fees. If you are interested in a program that pays for tuition, consider several financing options. There are many scholarships available for international students.

Free Universities In Germany For International Students

Applying for any degree program can be time-consuming. The collection of official documents submitted is the culprit of this long process. Therefore, we recommend that you set your personal deadline weeks in advance of the actual deadlines of universities and admissions offices. We’ve simplified the steps as much as we can to give you an overview of what the application process looks like for anyone who doesn’t know where to start:

This process requires a significant amount of research and knowledge to find out how to find a great comparison of different online programs. We have taken the liberty of doing this comprehensive step for you and have gathered all the information (language requirements, entry requirements, deadlines, program information, etc.). Our StudyFinder is the largest database of English language study programs in Germany, so be sure to use it wherever you are.

After narrowing down the selection to your top programs, you must meet all the requirements to apply and submit all documents by the submission deadlines. Be sure to start this process early, as some documents may take longer to obtain, such as official notarized documents and certified translations. If this is important to you, be sure to find out what the application process looks like through Uni-Help.

The last step is to submit all the official documents to the universities of your choice. If you apply through Uni-Help, you only need to submit these required documents once. If you are applying directly to universities and other programs that use uni-assist, make sure you enter the requested information in all fields. This can include submitting paper copies by post as well as digital copies. For additional questions about the process, consult the admissions office at your chosen program.

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Online degree programs are a very attractive option for international students to study at a German university from their home country. Whether it’s for family, work or any other reason, online studies give students the flexibility to learn at their own pace. A few things to keep in mind: If you are at the beginning of your journey to becoming a graduate student at a German university, the road ahead may seem long and difficult. But it’s easier than you think:

Once you’ve met these three criteria, you’ve taken the biggest and first step to starting a master’s program in Germany: find out for the master’s level (or not) in general. Once you’ve done that, you can take the second step and figure out what your chosen program requires (eg, a certain GPA, certain credits, or work experience).

To prove that you meet the eligibility criteria for a master’s program in Germany, you need to collect three documents:

Germany Free Masters Programs

German universities accept a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from all other countries. Find out more about how your degree is recognized in Germany here.

Study In Germany For Free: What You Need To Know

You can study in Germany in English or German. Find out how to prove your language skills at a German university here.

Did you know that only โ…” of international students coming to Germany from the top 20 countries of origin need a visa? Entering Germany as a student is easier than you think. Find advice on getting a student visa here.

“But wait…” you might be thinking by now, “So why do the programs I’m looking at have such long list requirements?” The answer to this question is simple: the German higher education system distinguishes between the three general qualification requirements and additional entry requirements.

Eligibility criteria are set by German law. Any Master’s student must meet them regardless of the program they choose. In German this is called “Zugangsvoraussetzung” (entry requirement). After meeting these criteria, you are generally eligible to become a Master’s student.

Master In Germany ๐ŸŽ“ The 3 Basic Requirements (2022)

In addition to the eligibility criteria, each university can decide on additional admission conditions under which it accepts its students. These requirements are set independently by universities and vary from program to program. In German this is called “Zulassungsvoraussetzung” (admission requirement).

It is important to understand that once you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be able to find a program with admission requirements that you will meet. Some of them may be difficult for you to approach. But there will be programs that suit your profile and skills so that you can get in easily.

Infographic: Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements * GPA: Master’s programs require a GPA (Grade Point Average) requirement of a minimum 2.5 grade point average in the German system. Click here to change your class to the German system. Even if the degree is not listed on the university website, it may still be useful to apply. This is because German universities hold at least a percentage of their tuition

Germany Free Masters Programs

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