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The torn catalog shows a large amount of military intelligence equipment provided to the United States police by 120 pages from the headquarters of British Cobham at the Florida Department of Justice, where it was published.

The confidential, 120-page list of spyware originates from the British Cobham military base and is distributed to the US government, reducing the number of devices that can block phones and text messages, identify individuals who use their mobile phones and cellular communication in a particular region. .

Cell Phone Spy Equipment

Cell Phone Spy Equipment

A slew of documents came from the Florida Department of Justice, where spokeswoman Molly Best confirmed that Cobham products had been purchased but provided no further information. The documentary presents a unique look at the various electronic and electronic surveillance devices used by American and foreign police, providing equipment from black boxes that can track signals throughout the city to hidden microphones in lights and cameras hidden in trash. Evidence published up to 2014.

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Cobham spokesman Greg Caires confirmed that Cobham, recently named one of the UK’s leading companies in transferring surveillance technology to oppressive regimes, has questioned US police about its clients. The company closed its Surveillance and Tactical Communications business at Domo Tactical Communications earlier this year, selling the company to another company and possibly turning over many of those customers. Caires declined to comment on the catalog.

“Based on the model, these devices are non-discriminatory and work where most people might be,” Richard Tynan, a technology expert at Privacy International, said of the devices in Cobham’s book. He claimed that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

The national debate over military intelligence spying on local law enforcement focused primarily on “Stingray,” a type of cellular spy box developed by one company, Harris Corp. But the list of national security options is huge and misunderstood, largely due to efforts by perpetrators and their law enforcement clients to stop information about their operations and use. What little we know about manta rays has often been the result of hard cases announced by the government or the FOIA. When the Wall Street Journal began reporting on Stingray use in 2011, the FBI declined to comment on the allegations, saying even discussing the device’s existence could jeopardize its usefulness. Efforts are underway to find more details about the materials; Last April, the American Union for Human Rights and the Electronic Frontier Foundation won a lawsuit in the Supreme Court, leading the state to admit that it used Stingray in Wisconsin.

Not surprisingly, Cobham’s list defines itself as “confidential and confidential” and requires that it be “returned upon request.” Information on Stingray’s only Cobham Suite – a box that appears to no longer exist on the site. But from a distance, on page 105 of the book, there’s a section called “Cellular Surveillance,” in which the UK defense team and intelligence-based team run small-scale commercials to eavesdrop on private conversations, if any. . Baghdad or Baltimore:

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The above page was immediately disclosed to ACLU attorney Nathan Wessler, who has tools similar to Stingray’s that focus on his human rights work. Wessler said the “note at the top of the page about the ability to stop calling and texting (except the ability to make phone calls)” is very interesting, as “law enforcement agencies in the country generally say they don’t use that. Wessler also said that mobile phone users could be “followed up to 1 meter”.

Tynan said Cobham’s cell phone monitoring devices, such as the Stingray, which is commonly known as “IMSI,” can be used to create spoofed cellular networks and to intercept the fingerprints of international identity users, phone calls and messages. text. But he said such tools could work to a greater extent:

The Cobham team on this list is a standard stand-alone team that has the ability to perform as a 1-4 station at the same time. This would allow them to have 4 different operators or 4 base stations from the same line or connection. This information allows you to cancel up to 4 calls at a time. The operating distance of these devices is about 1-2 KM in 3G and very large for 2G devices. This type of device can get unique phone features at the rate of 200 per minute.

Cell Phone Spy Equipment

Meanwhile, the mammoth “GSM-XPZ PV” has a maximum power output of 50W, which is comparable to a cellular antenna made by AT&T or Verizon. Anyone in front of the radio (possibly miles from the box itself) can be tracked invisibly.

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A simple list of “GSM-XPZ HP Plus”, which seems to be used with the help of a dedicated device, can “control the designated phones” and “set a remote area to disconnect the GSM network”.

Also visible are “address lookup parts” – trackers used to track where (and possibly using) a person’s phone is. One, called the “Evolve4-Hand Held Portable Address Finder,” actually allows a soldier or neighborhood police officer to wear an antenna hidden in his clothing that he can use to track a person’s location:

Another similar device uses a large antenna that can be attached to any car, a design that draws Wessler’s attention: “A small profile means it’s hard to tell which police are using the technology.”

Not only does this lack of technology allow employees in the car to track where a person works on a mobile phone, but it is also “designed to be used by any GSM keyer,” which possibly means blocking cell phone and internet access. .

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Spyware is a big part of the list, especially in the areas of audio and video monitoring, where sensors are hidden in everything from your bag and bird to your suspenders:

Elsewhere in the catalogue, Cobham boasts of a history of more than 70 companies, boasting three times since 1997, and speaking of “customers and partners in more than 100 countries”. The company’s mission is “to protect people and improve communication.”

But the proliferation of spyware sold by Cobham is actually a security risk, according to Tynan. “As we move into a more connected world where cars, toys, refrigerators and even implanted equipment, including small cell phone technology, the potential for disaster when using one of these devices is growing,” he said. “It just came to our notice then.

Cell Phone Spy Equipment

Expect! Before you go on with your day, ask yourself: How could the story you just read be made up of different stories if the Intercept didn’t? See what the media world would be like without The Intercept. Who could be the electorate of the party to be held accountable for the values ​​it claims to have? How many hidden wars, abortions in justice and dystopian technology would still be hidden if our journalists were not beaten? The type of report we make is important for democracy, but it is not easy, cheap or profitable. Interception and independent non-profit information. We don’t have any ads, so we rely on our members (35,000 and counting) to help us take a heavy responsibility. Entry is easy and doesn’t require a lot of transportation—you can become a member for as little as $3 or $5 per month. Anyway, at least I didn’t go downstairs without explaining myself first. One can spy on someone’s Android phone to make sure that their loved ones are safe. Also, spying on someone’s phone can be good in an emergency.

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Cell Phone Spy Equipment

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Leaked Catalogue Reveals A Vast Array Of Military Spy Gear Offered To U.s. Police

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