Delta Airlines Frequent Flyer Card

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If you choose to use your Delta SkyMiles to book a premium cabin, you can generally expect to pay a lot more than other airlines for a comparable flight. It’s hardly Delta’s oversight,

And Delta believes it can still get away with it thanks to continued high demand for its loyalty program and credit card.

Delta Airlines Frequent Flyer Card

Delta Airlines Frequent Flyer Card

Summers focused on the lack of value of using SkyMiles to secure premium cabin flights compared to other airlines’ programs and asked, “Why does Delta charge so many miles for higher awards than other airlines? ” Sharma, who has overseen several redemption values ​​during his tenure, argued that as long as customers continue to apply for Delta credit cards and participate in the SkyMiles program, change is not needed:

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“We take it very seriously that customers see value in the program, and the value is very comprehensive. A big part of that, of course, is using your miles to fly, to join the program. There’s promise. And we believe that as we see where customers are flying and their ability to use their miles, we’re really seeing 2019 come to a close in terms of how customers use their miles. are using to fly so that it remains in high demand. This is also confirmed by the fact that customers are not only joining the program at record levels but also co-branding at record levels. There is a currency that they want to earn.” So, we looked at value as a whole. We feel great about what we offer to customers. We continue to receive feedback and satisfaction about the ability to redeem miles and the value of redeeming miles.

This is hardly an unexpected answer. It’s not that illogical, either, because as long as travelers continue to apply for credit cards or SkyMiles for credit flights, Sharma can certainly bluntly say that Delta offers a premium cabin fare of 2- Can charge 3 times more.

Sharma acknowledges that passengers value redemption options at a reasonable price, and uses two economy class examples to show that Delta offers its customers great value in premium cabins:

“We had deals for customers living in New York where they could take a 34,000-mile round trip to Europe in the main cabin or they could go to Miami for a 15,000-mile round trip in the main cabin. So we have some of that. For customers it depends on when they want to go and where they want to go.

Review Of Skymiles, The Loyalty Program Of Delta Air Lines

But Samar fights back. Considering the innovation of Air Canada’s Aeroplan program, which offers great value (and is still likely much lower than Air Canada’s original price) and puts discretionary travelers on the spot, why not Delta? Should be done? Why is Delta effectively giving away this market segment by charging a disproportionate premium for premium cabin seats even on its own flights compared to some partners? Sharma credits Delta’s operational reliability and above-average in-flight experience.

“Our focus here is to deliver consistent and sustainable value… so we’re not necessarily trying to play games with consumers or bloggers. We listen to what clients want and make it persuasive across segments. We try to deliver on value and that was our focus, and we also look at value overall. Mileage savings is a big part of that, but so is everything that Delta delivers in terms of experience. Can and keeps them coming back to us.

Before the pandemic, Delta’s operational reliability was impeccable and a major selling point. These days, Delta has demonstrated a lackluster, not to mention stellar operational performance. Sharma uses the term “holistic” twice, but fails to define what he means. Yes, in general passengers will have a great experience on Delta. But does that mean paying 300K for a one-way award from New York to Amsterdam on Delta using SkyMiles vs. 55K for a one-way award on the same route in KLM Business Class using Flying Blue Miles? Will you be ready? As more travelers learn that there are actually attractive alternatives to Delta, SkyMiles will lose customers.

Delta Airlines Frequent Flyer Card

It all boils down to this: Delta Airlines believes it can charge higher prices for premium cabins than other airlines because it can get away with it.

How Valuable & Profitable Are Airline Frequent Flyer Programs?

It’s an arrogant position that may work for now, but could lead to a massive backlash as consumers seek out more valuable alternatives. This is what many are already doing. Still, carriers like American and United also find they can charge more miles for their premium products than they do now, which could narrow the gap between Delta and its rivals, pun intended. can do.

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Delta Skymiles Program: The Complete Guide

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Delta Airlines Frequent Flyer Card

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Frequent Flyer Guide To Delta Skymiles

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