Where To Apply For Id Card

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Where To Apply For Id Card

Where To Apply For Id Card

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How To Apply For A Polish Id Card?

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Contact our agency – OJ Document Production by call, text, or email. We will return to your request as soon as possible and fulfill your requirements. Our services are accessible to everyone. Give us a chance to serve. Connect with us now! OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare and Administration) has started providing OFW e-cards to OFWs to support and assist OFWs and their families to receive their benefits, overseas documents and consular services as efficiently as possible. And be timely. .

The e-card serves as a form of identification that allows you to access OWWA services such as welfare, scholarship applications, training and other social benefits. If you want to know how to apply for an OWWA OFW e-Card, follow the instructions below.

The official identification card for active, legitimate and documented OFWs is the OFW e-Card. It aims to make OWWA’s welfare services, scholarships, training programs and social benefits more accessible. The OFW e-Card is also a valid government-issued identification card that can be presented at any Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) and any embassies or consulates abroad.

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All returnee workers or “balk-manggawa” who have an active OWWA membership, a valid overseas employment certificate/exemption number, and a valid passport are eligible for an OFW e-card. Remember that your OWWA membership must be valid for at least ninety (90) days from the date of your application to receive your OFW e-Card.

Balik-Manggagawa, according to POEA regulations, is an OFW who has completed or is currently completing an employment contract and:

Step 3: Select the OWWA Regional Office where you wish to receive your OFW e-Card. POEA Head Office, POEA Regional Office in Cebu City, OWWA Head Office, Singapore and United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) are all places where you can get your e-card.

Where To Apply For Id Card

Step 6: You will be given a tracking number as proof that your application for the OWWA OFW e-Card has been approved.

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If you meet the following requirements, you can apply for an OFW e-card in Singapore, Dubai, the United States, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere in the world. Follow the steps described in the previous section. Since OFW e-Card claims are currently limited to regional offices, you can still apply for your card after you arrive in the Philippines.

If you cannot return to the Philippines, you can still get your e-card by letting someone else claim on your behalf. You can do this by giving your family or relative a letter of authorization along with a copy of your passport information page. When claiming your OFW e-card, your authorized representative must also present a valid photo ID.

If you are a Balik Manggagawa who is exempt from obtaining an OEC, you must register at POEA Balik Manggagawa online to obtain a BM exemption number. When applying online for an OFW e-card, use your BM exemption number instead of your OEC number.

OWWA OFW e-Card is an active member of OWWA that aims to make OWWA programs and services more accessible. This is a government-issued D that can be presented to any Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) as well as any Philippine embassy or consulate abroad, whenever assistance or services are needed.

Apply For An Identity Card

Find the OWWA Regional Welfare Offices where you want to get your OWWA OFW e-Card available in the online application form.

Yes. OWWA OFW e-card applications can be submitted online at www.owwa.gov.ph Balik-Manggagawa still operating overseas. The OFW e-card collection point in the Philippines is currently registered with the OWWA Regional Welfare Offices. When an OFW arrives in the country, he can get his OWWA OFW e-card.

To obtain an OWWA OFW e-Card, an OFW must be a member of OWWA for at least 90 days from the date of application.

Where To Apply For Id Card

Yes, it is possible. The OFW must give the authorization letter to the authorized relative along with a copy of the identification page of the OFW’s passport and submit it to the OWWA Regional Welfare Office of their choice.

How To Apply Owwa E Card For Ofws

The card is free with the first purchase. For information on how to obtain a new OWWA OFW e-Card, contact the nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office.

You can check your OWWA membership by downloading the OWWA mobile app. It is available for free download from Google Play and App Store.

The OWWA OFW e-Card is an important document that all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) must have. It is a government-issued card that can be presented to any Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO), as well as any Philippine embassy or consulate abroad, whenever assistance or services are needed. The card is proof of OWWA membership and allows the holder access to all of the organization’s programs and services.

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Where To Apply For Id Card

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