Cyber Security Master Degree

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The MSc Cyber ​​Security course will prepare students for careers in research and industry. Students can choose to specialize in the fields of cryptography, privacy, software security, systems and networks, formal methods of cyber security or legal aspects, directly stimulated by the latest research at the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security. Related topics in computer science. This program is equally suitable for students who have completed a degree in computer science, cyber security or a similar field, no cyber security degree is required. The program is designed for 4 semesters and you can equally start studying in the winter or summer semester.

Students are admitted to our program twice a year. For any winter semester starting in October, apply to Saarland University’s online application portal by May 15. For any summer season starting in April, apply by November 15th.

Cyber Security Master Degree

Cyber Security Master Degree

“Learning from the world’s best researchers creates outstanding academic and industry career opportunities. And best of all, no tuition fees.” Prof. Dr. Christian Rossow, CISPA Professor “Learning from the world’s best researchers creates outstanding academic and industrial career opportunities. And best of all, no tuition fees.” Prof. Dr. Christian Rossow, CISPA Professor

Cybersecurity Graduate Program

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning create new opportunities and risks. Become an expert in this emerging field.” Prof. Dr. Mario Fritz, CISPA Professor “Artificial intelligence and machine learning create new opportunities and risks. Become an expert in this emerging field.” Prof. Dr. Mario Fritz, CISPA Professor

You don’t necessarily need a degree in cybersecurity to study cyber security: the master’s program is designed for students with a degree in cyber security or computer science. See our sample timetable to check out our special pathway for students with no prior IT security experience. Since our program is conducted in English, a good command of English (level C1) is required. Students must apply through the online application system at Saarland University. Detailed information on prerequisites can be found on the Saarland University’s Master’s website: Master’s website.

Take a look at our Cyber ​​Security Course Sampler, which allows you to choose from a wide selection of basic and advanced courses based on the latest CISPA research.

During your studies, you will not only attend lectures, but also solve exercises and monitor exercises and other projects with colleagues, which is very important in further pursuit of your specialization or research direction.

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Be sure to take this into account when estimating your workload and planning your schedule. An example of the day might look like this:

Saarland University collaborates closely with other research institutes on campus, giving it a strong competitive advantage in the fields of computer science and nanoscience and European studies.

University life here is international, not only because we are very close to France and Luxembourg, but also through our degree courses taught in English and our collaboration with international institutions.

Cyber Security Master Degree

With good public transport links to the city centre, the university is also close to the forest and offers a variety of sporting and leisure activities on campus.

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Strong key profiles in computer science, nanoscience and Europe create a competitive profile for Saarland University in collaboration with neighboring research centers on campus.

Your studies are international, not only because we are very close to the borders with France and Luxembourg, but also because of our English study programs and our international cooperation.

The university is well connected to the city center by public transport and is located near a forest that offers various opportunities for sports and leisure activities on campus.

Our computer science courses are rated excellent by CHE. There is no tuition and the cost of living in a small town with a vibrant cultural scene is moderate. Does it sound too good to be true? Saarland University’s study programs are state-funded, so there are no tuition fees for undergraduate and consecutive master’s study programs. Students only have to pay an administrative fee of €286 per semester. This includes a ticket for free public transport throughout the Possarge region, a premium payment for insurance coverage and access to university facilities, allowing students to eat at university canteens at discounted prices.

Best Online Cyber Security Master’s Degree Programs In 2022

Daily life in Pozár, located in the region where the borders of France, Luxembourg and Germany meet, is traditionally international. Explore our International Student Center.

Saarland University has no tuition fees and the cost of living is moderate compared to other cities in Germany. There are various funding options to support your studies in Germany.

Students who are not eligible for German scholarship programs (such as BaföG) are eligible to apply for our scholarship program, which provides scholarships from industry and academic partners. Scholarships will cover your living expenses. In selecting the recipients of such scholarships, we cooperate with the scholarship fund. You will find out whether you are eligible for the scholarship together with the notice of enrollment in the study program. More information on financing your stay.

Cyber Security Master Degree

CISPA offers part-time employment as a research assistant to students, as tutors, or as a member of our CISPA lab team. For general information about working in Germany, see the Welcome Center Guide.

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Am I really allowed to travel to Saarbrücken? Yes! We look forward to welcoming international students and visitors to Saarland University. We are committed to providing you with both high-quality virtual courses and on-site hygiene instruction.

If you are not yet living in Germany, you can apply to rent one of the apartments reserved by the university for its international degree programs. These apartments are intended for your accommodation and can be rented for one year. By the end of the first year, you will have to find new housing (either in a dormitory or on the private housing market). The university offers assistance to both. It is also very common to share an apartment with classmates (Wohngemeinschaft in German or WG for short). More information

Although our undergraduate cyber security course and all subsequent graduate courses are taught entirely in English, you may still find it interesting or useful to learn German for everyday life and leisure. Please note that this is an optional offer for those who may be interested in learning about the local culture and language. It is quite possible to get into English. More information about German language courses can be found here.

Prepare your stay at Saarland University: After receiving the acceptance letter, all you have to do is register, pay for the semester and find accommodation (see Support and Services). See our checklist which summarizes (link) everything you need to do and take care of before traveling to Germany, as well as the administrative tasks you need to complete upon arrival (eg health insurance, bank account, temporary residence permit, registration with local authorities, etc. .)

Why Pursue The Cyber Security Master’s Degree In 2022?

Check out the Saarland University Welcome Center. Assistance with arrival planning and initial formalities. They will be happy to help you. Just send them an email to

We have pre-selected the most important information for you. The DAAD provides a useful guide for international students on studying in Germany.

CISPA – Helmholtz Center for Information Security is a major German national scientific institution within the Helmholtz Association. His research program covers all aspects of information security.

Cyber Security Master Degree

With its continued growth, CISPA will have a critical mass of researchers (500+) to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to the current cybersecurity and privacy research challenges facing our society in the digital age. CISPA strives to play a prominent international role in research, transfer and innovation by combining cutting-edge, often disruptive basic research with research focused on innovative applications, relevant technology transfer and community outreach. Thematically, it aims to cover the entire spectrum from theory to empirical research. It is deeply rooted in computer science and works interdisciplinary with researchers in neighboring fields such as medicine, law and social sciences.

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There is no general tuition fee in Germany. The current administrative and social fee is approximately 300 euros per semester. More detailed information about tuition fees can be found here:

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related subject, such as cyber security, is required for the master’s cyber security course. If you have completed a degree other than Cyber ​​Security, we offer a dedicated course schedule that will provide you with all the courses you will need to complete your degree. If you complete a cyber security degree, you can specialize in different courses. With either option, you’ll earn a high-quality master’s degree with cutting-edge research from CISPA and other excellent on-site computing institutes.

Yes, if you have a letter from your university confirming that you have passed your exams and that your degree will be awarded before classes start (ie mid-October). Master of Business Administration Master of Health Administration M. – M. of marketing and communication. – M. of educational design and learning technologies. Master of Computer Science

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