San Diego County Criminal Records Search

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A plane was deployed last January at the Mother Miguel Mountain trailhead in Chula Vista to search for May “Maya” Millett. In October, prosecutors charged husband Larry Millett with murder. She was not found.

A father and canon follower is accused of killing his young son and young daughter, fearing they have dragon DNA and thinking he is saving the world.

San Diego County Criminal Records Search

San Diego County Criminal Records Search

A counter-protest in Pacific Beach last January brought conspiracy charges — perhaps the first case in the country where prosecutors charged alleged anti-fascists with conspiracy.

San Diego County Sheriff

Larry Millett, 40, is charged with murder in the death of his missing wife. May “Maya” Millett, 39, disappeared from the couple’s east Chula Vista home in January 2021.

In October, authorities charged Larry Millett with murder, citing evidence they say the mother of three was dead. His body was not found.

Larry Millett was sentenced Oct. 21 in the courthouse near South, charged with murder in the disappearance of his wife, Maya “May” Millett.

Prosecutors said she was moving to divorce her husband. He says Larry Millett sought help from “spell casters” he found online, hoping the spell would make him ready to stay.

San Diego County, Central Courthouse

According to San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan, Millett’s requests deepened. He asked the guardian to let his wife go so that no trouble would come to her and to break her bones so that she would live in a house.

Craig, 72, was charged with driving under the influence causing great bodily harm in the deaths of three people sleeping at a homeless camp in San Diego.

Craig Voss, 71, put his hand to his chest as he heard his bail was set at $1 million during a March 23 court hearing in San Diego Superior Court.

San Diego County Criminal Records Search

Voss was heading west toward the B Street Tunnel around 9 a.m. when his Volvo station wagon jumped the curb and plowed into several encampments of homeless people, tents along the sidewalk, San Diego police said. Chaldea, where they were trying to escape the rain and cold on March 12. . .

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After the accident, they stopped and tried to help the victims. He was arrested after a field sobriety test, and authorities suspect he was driving under the influence of drugs, police said.

Travis Surishta, 33, has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and attempted murder in connection with the shooting in the Gaslamp neighborhood around 10:30 p.m. April 22.

Parking attendant Justice Bolden, 28, who San Diego police said was shot unprovoked at Fifth Avenue and J Street near the Pendry San Diego Hotel. Authorities say there was no conversation or exchange of words before the shooting.

The shooter — armed with a ghost gun — was up the block and confronted a group of four strangers, shooting and wounding each of them, police said. The crowd chased, grabbed and wrestled the shooter, who continued to fight when police arrived.

Court Cases To Watch In San Diego County In 2022

Matthew Taylor Coleman, 40, is accused of taking his children — a 2-year-old son and daughter — from their Santa Barbara home to Mexico, killing them and leaving their bodies behind.

He was arrested on August 9, when he tried to re-enter the United States, hours after the victims found the dead children in Rosarita, a coastal community about 30 minutes south of Tijuana. Federal prosecutors in San Diego will lead the homicide case.

According to an affidavit containing the initial complaint, Coleman told FBI agents that he was “exposed to QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories” and “believed he was saving the world from monsters.”

San Diego County Criminal Records Search

He also said “they found sightings and signs indicating that his wife had snake DNA and that he passed it on to his children,” the affidavit said. went.

San Diego County Grand Jury Looking For New Applicants

Tik Tok star Ali Abulaban, popularly known as Jin Kid, is accused of shooting dead his foreign wife and her friend.

When Abolban was sentenced, prosecutors said Abolban installed a eavesdropping device on his 5-year-old daughter’s tablet device on Oct. 21.

A few hours later, with a listening device, he heard his wife Ana Abolaban and her friend Rayburn Cardenas Barron talking. According to prosecutors, the suspect then went to Anna Abolban’s apartment on the 35th floor of the High-rise in San Diego and shot her to death.

Ali Abulaban, 29, has more than 940,000 followers on the social media app, where he provided hilarious sketches and impersonations of the character Tony Montana from the 1983 film Scarface.

San Diego Central Jail

An alleged “antifa” conspiracy led to the criminal charges against several people who participated in counter-protests at a rally for then-President Donald Trump’s supporters.

The incident occurred during a planned “Patriot March” in Pacific Beach on January 9 – three days after Trump supporters stormed the US capital.

San Diego police confronted anti-fascist protesters on Mission Boulevard near Garnett Avenue on January 9. The counter-protesters are there to oppose the pro-Trump “Patriot March.”

San Diego County Criminal Records Search

Dozens of black-clad “anti-fascists” appeared on the boardwalk and streets near Crystal Pier to protest. The incident was violent, often between counter-protesters and a pro-Trump group, and between counter-protesters and a San Diego police officer.

Superior Court Of California

In December — 11 months after the incident — law enforcement officers raided homes in San Diego and Los Angeles counties, arresting at least 10 alleged “anti-fascists.” San Diego County prosecutors charged each with conspiracy. Some have also been charged with crimes such as assault and vandalism.

Criminal prosecutors have uncovered 68 overt acts in the conspiracy, ranging from dressing in black to assaulting people. Prosecutors argue that another aspect of the criminal conspiracy, the agreement, was ratified when the defendants liked or shared social media messages calling for counter-protests or simply attended the event. “The property on the 1000 block of Broadway in Chula Vista. We lived right behind him when I was a kid, he was old and I used to help him around the house because he was so old. The day my mom told me that a The lawyer came to ask about me because he wanted to include me. According to his will.”

My first instinct was to determine when Thomas Trent died, most likely in San Diego County. The California Death Index, 1940-1997 tells me that Thomas B. Trent died on 23 Dec 1977 in San Diego County. I found an obituary for Thomas B. Trent in the San Diego Union newspaper that said he had a son and six grandchildren.

To find out if there is a probate record for Thomas B. Trent, who died in 1977, I went to the San Diego Superior Court website ( and accessed Searched receiving court case files. Portal Page:

Application And Order For Service On Clerk Of The Court {d 135}

The San Diego Superior Court has digitized indexed probate records dating back to 1974, and has online images for files since 2008. Prior to 1974, files were organized in record books, and original files were on microfilm or microfiche.

I wanted probate records dating back to 1977, so I clicked on the green button to “find case number and location” (which includes probate). This took me to the “Party Name Search” page:

In the fields above, I entered case type = “Probat”, “Case location = “San Diego”, “Start date = 1974, end date = 1980, Last name = “Trent” and First name = “Thomas”.

San Diego County Criminal Records Search

Two items are listed on the same day, one with case number = P116618. I clicked on the case number link and saw the file details.

San Diego Superior Court Holds Session In Haunted Courthouse

Probate Record “In the Matter of Thomas B. Trent” was entered on December 30, 1977. There is a case with “Affidavit / Letter from Admin VA”. I think this means it’s an administration file with the will attached (but I could be wrong!).

The next problem is “How do I get it?” The “How to View a Court File” webpage states that “the public may request and view a file by filling out the required site form and showing a valid driver’s license or other valid photo identification that will be recorded by court staff. ” However, the file must be viewed in the site’s commercial office, and cannot be removed.

“Once you have the case number and site location, there are several ways to obtain a copy of the site records. The records may require:

Go to the court where the file is located. Copy requests should be made to the official at least 30 minutes before the closing of the trading office.

San Diego County Administration Center

So to look at that file, I have to go to the Central Courthouse in downtown San Diego and go to the second records office, which is in the basement, and follow the directions above.

I need to check back with Rick and see if he is willing to pay a fee for me to get the test file. Turns out it costs 50 cents to get the file before it can be copied, but it has to be copied to court staff, and I have to make another trip.

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