Graduate Certificate In Human Resource Management

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Post-secondary courses are divided into basic courses and specialized courses. Electives can be chosen from any of the programs offered at the graduate level. Special courses are an enrollment-based program and may not be available on all campuses. There are planned projects for all students and electives. See the schedule for more information. See the general description of the course to see a list of available courses. Students are encouraged to complete courses and earn credits at the highest possible level.

Proficiency in English, bachelor’s degree (or equivalent, degrees with 180 European credits or 120 American semester credits are considered equivalent).

Graduate Certificate In Human Resource Management

Graduate Certificate In Human Resource Management

Since this is a part-time program, we do not accept visa applications for on-campus studies. It is possible for international students to follow the course online.

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There is no deadline to apply. Due to the flexible and modular design of the program, most start dates are in October, November, January, February, April, June, July and August. Check the academic calendar for exact start dates. Students who need a student visa to apply 3 months before your chosen start date are encouraged.

Our training programs are designed to meet the requirements of various business professions. Students also get help finding attractive internships and jobs in local and national companies and organizations. In addition, we also review our students’ resumes and offer helpful advice for job interviews.

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Our dedicated careers department organizes relevant career conferences and guest speaker events quarterly, and the online careers center offers 24 hours a day, 7 days, access to the latest job offers and internship opportunities, and many videos and articles with interest. tips and advice.

Graduate Certificate In Human Resource Management

Our professional training programs prepare students for many careers in many industries. It is important to note that our programs are not aimed at access to legal professions or public service. Although access to public employment may be limited due to the private nature of our qualifications, many students are working for government officials in various positions.

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I completed a 6-year program at 2 schools, in Brussels and Barcelona, ​​​​which introduced me to a truly diverse environment. The teachers have extensive work experience in their field and also come from all over the world.

Graduate Certificate In Human Resource Management

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Evidence/ Bodies Of Work

No Comments Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resources Jack Welch Management Institute Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate 9 months Herndon, USA

No Comments Academic Assistant / Social Support Worker – North Island College Human Services Certificate / 1 Year Certificate British Columbia, CanadaAmity University is established by act of state legislature and recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Amity Education Group is an Indian private education group, ranked among the top 200 universities in Asia by QS, UK rankings and the only university in India that is accredited by WASQ by USA.

I take this opportunity to thank all the academic and non-academic staff for their support throughout my course. In addition to online course content, they have interactive video conferencing programs.

Amity sets benchmarks for global education with a program that matches best practices, theories, resources, and standards around the world.

Graduate Certificate In Human Resources Management

PhD in organizational behavior- Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi | He works as an assistant professor at Amity University Stellar Performance with more than 16 years of extensive experience in management techniques and systems, organizational behavior, etc. | Author of more than 25 research papers.

PhD in Organizational Psychology – University of Queensland | Working as a Professor at the Safety Science Innovation Lab, Griffith University Extensive experience as a Research Scientist and Senior Advisor and Co-Founder of The Cultural Impact | Visit Faculty at Amity University online.

Doctor of Business Administration – IT Management, University of Capella Served as Professor and Program Director at Amberton University – Antwwhile, Visiting Professor – DeVry University, Professor Parker University | Senior Consultant and Agile Coach- Vizient, Inc. | Visit Faculty at Amity University online.

Graduate Certificate In Human Resource Management

MDP in Labor Law- XLRI Jamshedpur | Served as Vice President of HSBC India, TISS Certified Trainer | Over 14 years of experience in labor, employee and industrial relations management including consulting and compliance with national and international labor laws (APAC region) | Visit Faculty at Amity University online.

Diploma In Human Resources Management

MSc Communication and Organizational Communication – NYU | He works as a visiting professor at DeVry Expert University as an independent PR-CC consultant, rich experience in corporate reputation management, research and brand development | Visit Faculty at Amity University online.

PhD Study with IIM (Indore), MBA- University Business School, Punjabi University (Gold Medalist), BE (Hons.), Thapar University | Business Analyst with 35 years of experience in Global Leadership Positions (Fortune 500 MNCs) | Worked as Director – Digital Learning at ISB | Former Asia Pacific Director of Alcatel Lucent University | Former Education Director at Reliance Jio | Master of Management Program – INSEAD, Singapore | Visit Faculty at Amity University online.

MBA (Marketing) – University of Pune | Worked as guest lecturer in reputed business schools of India 27 years of exposure to industry in life insurance, FMCG, retail, home entertainment, Rural and Serve platforms and international markets | Visit Faculty at Amity University online.

The postgraduate degree in Human Resource Management is a two-year program (4 semesters) that offers a comprehensive study of various theoretical concepts and work areas in Human Resource Management. The HR function is essential to the success of the organization as it helps to achieve larger business goals.

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It is a specialized 2-year program that offers a comprehensive study of various theoretical concepts and work areas in human resource management. Our goal is to provide students with a foundation for effective human resource management and to give them an overview of the strengths of conflict theory, negotiation styles, and other dispute resolution methods.

The program is designed to determine the basic skills and knowledge of students to help them understand the importance of aligning HR practices and policies with general organizational principles.

Yes, we are the first online university in India approved by the Distance Education Council, an office of the University Scholarship Board. See the link for more information:

Graduate Certificate In Human Resource Management

Yes, we offer placement assistance with Amity College’s Online Virtual Course. This is a unique all-in-one digital career platform that can help you expand your job search by allowing you to meet a variety of recruiting organizations looking for interns and workers in all specialties. In our Virtual Job selection, interview and hiring are done simultaneously with zero participation cost. We are the only university recognized by UGC that offers placement assistance after each semester.

Post Graduate Certificate In Human Resources Management (pgchrm)

Amity University’s online certification is not only nationally recognized, but we also have WASC-USA and QAA-UK certifications. Our certificate is internationally recognized and accepted and you will not have a problem if you want to study / withdraw.

The exams are conducted according to the latest guidelines through a screening method that works for online technology. The test model has internal and external evaluations. The weighting is as follows: internal (assignments) 30% and external (final exam) 70%. Section A- Topic, Section B- Case Studies and Section C- MCQs.

This degree helps students to discover the challenges and best practices to ensure that the human resources of the country and the world meet the expectations of the organization, with the main business principles and business skills of you need to operate and manage small and medium businesses. Students with PGDHRM acquire the necessary skills to improve their careers and are hired by leading organizations or recruitment banks, insurance companies, hospitals, universities , companies, manufacturing companies, etc.

The main task of HR managers is the efficient use and development of the skills and talents available to employees within the organization. Therefore, they are in high demand in public and private companies.

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Learning at Amity University Online is designed to be relevant to your daily professional life, helping you learn the most valuable skills for work today, tomorrow and beyond.

With Amity Online you get professional approval in fast growing companies. It gives you the opportunity to perfect and present your training to future employers knowing that you have professional weight and education.

You can order through our online campus and register now: https:///amy/Home/Foundation or call our toll-free number 1800-102-3434 for assistance. Alternatively, you can write to dladmissions@amity.edu1 Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management Looking for a job in Human Resources? In today’s turbulent market, managers face many challenges. To win the battle for human capital to ensure that environment, resources, and work design contribute to achieving results, managers play an important role in performance development.

Graduate Certificate In Human Resource Management

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