The Best Android Antivirus App

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A new survey by AV-TEST reveals the best antivirus solutions for Android, as 8 out of 16 applications achieved the highest number of points.

AV-TEST attempted to determine the app’s performance in three separate rounds of testing conducted between November 2017 and March 2018. The institute evaluated the protection, usability and features of third-party security solutions for Android and Google Play Protect, the default anti-malware service included in the Google Play store.

The Best Android Antivirus App

The Best Android Antivirus App

The research lab offered six points for each of the protection and usability tests and one point for features, leading to a maximum of 13 points for the best.

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Security solutions Avast, Bitdefender, G Data, Kaspersky Lab, PSafe, Symantec, Tencent and Trend Micro received the highest scores, closely followed by McAfee with 12.8 points, Alibaba with 12.7 points and AhnLab with 12.4 points .

Security apps Alibaba, Avast, McAfee and PSafe topped the malware detection charts, while Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab were near the top. Google Play Protect failed completely here with only 56.8% detection in the field and 61.5% detection on the benchmark set.

“Google is committed to increasing security for all Android users. If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be a constant scan of the Play Store and an automatic investigation of every mobile device with Google Play Protect. The AV-TEST laboratory does join the call for greater security, but the current results of the Google Play Protect test recommend the use of a security solution,” explains AV-TEST.

Overall, the six-month endurance tests show that Android users have a wide variety of apps to choose from if they’re looking for third-party protection on their devices, as Google Play Protect is still not considered an effective anti-malware layer.

The Best Android Antivirus App Of 2022

The performance impact of these apps should be minimal, as 12 out of 16 products tested received all 6 points after experiencing almost no lag during the tests.

The dream of a Windows 11 phone lives on as an unofficial project moves forward: Windows 11 on the Surface Duo now has Wi-Fi and GPS With Android malware on the rise, running antivirus software on mobile devices is becoming a must, but stay smart phones safely is also possible by following simple procedures such as installing apps only from trusted sources.

However, for those looking to install a third-party antivirus on their Android device, choosing the most effective app is a lot harder than you might think, which is why studies like AV-TEST are so helpful.

The Best Android Antivirus App

The antivirus testing organization conducted a new study to determine the best antivirus apps for Android, and the results aren’t surprising at all.

Best Antivirus Apps For Android

No less than nine security products received the highest rating, including applications from Symantec, Tencent, AVG, Trend Micro and Sophos. All of these apps scored six points for protection and another six for usability, and some also had additional security features that added an extra point.

Apps from leading desktop security software companies, including Bitdefender, Kaspersky and McAfee, also fared very well in the latest round of rankings, although they fell short of 100% in field tests. For example, Kaspersky achieved a detection rate of 99.6%, while Bitdefender scored slightly better with a detection rate of 99.7%.

Somewhat surprisingly, Google Play Protect, which is available on Android to protect devices from malware injected into apps downloaded from the Google Play Store, scored quite poorly, with only a 62.9% detection rate in real-world tests the world.

Interestingly, AV-TEST says the industry average for real-time detection of the latest Android malware is 97.8%, while for malware detected in the last 4 weeks, the detection rate improves to 98.5% .

The Best Antivirus Apps For Android

This means that most security solutions can offer advanced protection against both known and new threats, despite an average of 8 false warnings when installing legitimate software from Google Play.

The dream of a Windows 11 phone lives on as the unofficial project moves forward: Windows 11 on the Surface Duo now has Wi-Fi, and smartphone GPS processors have become so powerful that they’re an attractive target for cybercriminals. Hijacked mobile phones are often used in botnets or used for cryptocurrency mining. A good security application protects against such attacks. 15 tested security apps for home users.

Many modern smartphones use advanced 6- or 8-core processors, some of which have a clock speed of just under 3 GHz. These powerful packages are of interest to cybercriminals, as their capacity also allows them to be used for “mining”, i.e. creating hashes, for cryptocurrencies. This makes these latest smartphones tempting targets for botnets. In these networks, criminals pool processing power and force entire groups of mobile phones to exploit attacks or calculate bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

The Best Android Antivirus App

However, when a smartphone is protected by a good security app, users no longer have to worry about whether their device will be included in a botnet. However, it would be a good idea not to rely on the automatically available protection through Google Play Protect on Android. This can be seen in the test, as Play Protect was also included for comparison. The lab tested 15 Android security apps for protection, performance and usability, such as false alarms. The test included Android security apps from AhnLab, Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, F-Secure, G DATA, Google, Ikarus, Kaspersky, McAfee, NortonLifeLock, (Total AV), securiON and Trend Micro.

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The test result is proof of the high level of security for Android smartphone users: 10 out of 15 evaluated applications received the maximum possible 18 points in the test. 3 additional apps still managed to score an excellent 17.5 points. One application scored 16.5 points. Only the standard protection of Google Play Protect on Android is nothing special: 6 out of a possible 18 points.

Six security apps surveyed detected 100 percent of all threats in the test, while four others made only minor mistakes

The lab evaluates every Android security app for protection. The test requires detecting, blocking and quarantining a veritable flood of infected applications. In the real-time test, the lab uses completely newly discovered malware applications – nearly 3,000 samples. In addition, Android device experts expose another 3,300 malicious apps that have been ravaging the web for two weeks.

Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, G DATA, NortonLifeLock and Trend Micro each passed the 100% detection exercise in both test steps. AhnLab, F-Secure, Kaspersky, and McAfee followed, making minor mistakes in one or both tests. All mentioned applications received a full 6 points in the protection test category.

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Avira, Ikarus, and securiON applications achieved between 99.9 and 99.1 percent detection in both tests. They still scored a good 5.5 points. Only Google Play Protect can’t match any other app when it comes to detection: just 85.2 for known threats and 61.6 percent for fresh malware. This resulted in zero points.

Any Android security app that runs in the background needs some processing power, battery, and data from the internet. But how much does each security application need? The laboratory also examined these criteria and was able to give favorable scores in all areas. The use of the investigated security tools did not cause an excessive load on the CPU of the test devices, did not require much battery power, and only a small amount of additional background data was required. For this modest use of system resources, all evaluated security applications received a full 6 points.

In addition to the 18 points, the bug-free and very secure app also stood out in the test due to its many extras, such as VPN

The Best Android Antivirus App

While many users only download their apps from reputable app stores, alarms are raised time and time again that an app is infected with malware. That’s why you shouldn’t install them! But it’s really annoying when the whole thing is based on a false alarm. That’s why the lab is testing whether security apps can really tell the good from the bad. In addition, the lab ships over 2,500 harmless apps from the Google Play Store to protected devices. In addition, the lab uses another 1,200 apps from other app stores to detect friends and foes. Perfect score: no alarm because all apps are harmless. 13 out of 15 apps achieved optimal results here and received all 6 points. The Ikarus app only made a minor mistake with a single app. An interesting result: Google Play Protect misclassifies 7 apps from its store and 24 apps from other stores as threats.

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Security app deniers like to argue that these apps are just draining their battery life and you probably wouldn’t find any dangerous apps anyway. The last test shows how:

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