Antivirus For Tablet Android

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The AV-Test Institute tested 18 security solutions for Android intended for privately used devices. Of the security apps reviewed, 13 received full marks, and Google Play Protect continued to improve its performance.

In May, the Magdeburg AV-Test Institute tested 17 security solutions for Android devices that their manufacturers had submitted for certification. For comparison, AV-Test tested Google Play Protect again, which can confirm its trend towards better performance from the last tests, but is still only suitable as a lower benchmark at best. Compared to the previous test in March, Antiy AVL and Line Antivirus are back. The rest of the testbed has stayed the same except for the version changes. Since the beginning of 2020, AV-Test has distinguished between applications for private use and protection solutions for companies.

Antivirus For Tablet Android

Antivirus For Tablet Android

The tests are divided into three categories: protection, performance and usability. On the one hand, the malware protection is tested with more than 3,100 malicious programs that are no older than four weeks. On the other hand, in so-called real-time tests, all applications are simultaneously confronted with over 3,000 copies of the latest malware on identical smartphones. Any damage to the battery life, the braking effect on the system and the traffic generated by the protection applications are included in the performance evaluation. For ease of use, the false alarms that generate protection solutions for over 3,100 harmless applications are defined.

G Data Mobile Security Android 2022

Defense programs that achieve a total of ten out of the possible 18 points and at least one point in each category receive a certificate. Tests are always performed on real devices (no emulators) running Android 11. Test candidates can access the latest updates and cloud services at any time.

All apps tested met the minimum requirements for a certificate, even Google Play Protect. 13 test participants achieved a whopping 18 points – that’s more than two thirds of the test field. Google has further improved its automatic app scan. However, Play Protect lags behind the rest of the field with malware detection of between 89 and 95 percent.

With the exception of Google Play Protect (89.3 / 95.3 percent), Ikarus (96 / 98 percent) and Line Antivirus (98.4 / 98.9 percent), all applications achieved malware detection of at least 99 percent in both subtests , many of them even 100 percent or just under. The average malware detection rate in the real-time test is 99.0 percent, without Google Play Protect it would even be 99.6 percent. In the malware test section, which lasted up to four weeks, the average was 99.6 percent and even 99.8 percent without Google Play Protect. Despite the improved performance, you should not only rely on Google Play Protect – the protection is only enough for a “better than nothing”.

In the Performance category, all candidates passed the tests without any errors and received a full six points. The data traffic generated by the protection apps, their battery drain and their braking effect during normal use of the devices are all equally modest.

Test: Die Besten Antivirus Programme 2022 Für Android

It is pleasing that there were almost no misdiagnoses. Only Ikarus was wrong twice and AhnLab V3 once. All other security apps passed all tests without generating any false positives.

In connection with the Russian attack on Ukraine, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) warns of security programs from the Russian manufacturer Kaspersky Lab. If you’re looking for alternatives to Kaspersky products, you’ll find plenty to choose from among the security apps in this roundup. Kaspersky application test results are also included for comparison.

There are significant differences in the functionality of security applications, but they are no longer appreciated. The range of devices with additional functions ranges from the rather spartan securION OnAV to Avast and AVG, which apart from a backup function have almost everything your heart desires. Many apps have anti-theft features built-in so they can locate the device, lock it, and/or erase all data if lost. Also quite common is a web filter that blocks or at least warns about access to suspicious or dangerous websites.

Antivirus For Tablet Android

Some of the no-install apps you find on Google Play are stripped down versions of the paid solution and advertise it. If you want to use one or the other additional feature permanently, you can usually upgrade to the premium version via an in-app purchase. Detailed test results with information on the range of functions can be found on the AV-Test Institute website. You can also view previous test results there.

Virenscanner Für Android: Schutz Wirklich Nötig?

As with the Windows tests, we weighted the results of the individual categories differently in the scoreboard. The protective effect makes up 50 percent of the total score, the other two categories each 25 percent (2:1:1). These points can be found in the last column, by which the table is also sorted. The penultimate column contains the points without this weighting (1:1:1) as calculated by AV-Test. Due to the changed weighting, the distance between Google and the penultimate becomes clearer. Important: Your version of Windows is outdated and no longer supported. For your safety, we recommend you upgrade to Windows 10/11 before downloading our software. Here you can update your Windows.

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“I’ve been in drag for over 10 years, totally clean, no push and no worries, no breakouts. That’s the way it should be, keep it up!”

Best Antivirus For Android 2022: Protect Your Phone Or Tablet

“It’s really a brilliant app, it immediately identified and eliminated 2 risks, everything went quickly and everything is clear without any problems 👍 only criticism that you have to pay for Pro, so now I couldn’t scan everything, but still good 😉”

“Does exactly what it’s supposed to do with good tools. Ads are limited. Thanks developers. Keep up the good work. (That’s why I give 5 stars).”

“I’ve tried several antivirus apps but this is the best out there. Got it for mobile for laptops and haven’t had any issues so far.”

Antivirus For Tablet Android

“Well, if I get something for free, you should be happy. But that’s exactly how I bought it. Just great.”

The Best Antivirus For Android In 2022: Free & Paid For Apps

The virus scanner detects over 350,000 Android threats every month. Protect your Android phone from viruses and use many other security features to secure your smartphone and your personal data.

If your phone is lost and you’re not sure if it’s been misplaced or stolen, these handy features can help.

Virus scanner for Android scans your device for threats and helps you in case of loss. But our free antivirus for Android includes other innovative security features:

A free antivirus program like Antivirus Security for Android is not only important to protect your device against millions of mobile threats, but also offers many other protection, online privacy and optimization features in addition to virus protection. You can use VPN to surf anonymously and encrypt your device’s traffic, block sensitive apps like your messengers, and manage your apps’ access permissions. The Android app also includes a network scanner, identity protection, and various anti-theft tools. You can also optimize storage space and memory to speed up your device and free up more space.

Do I Really Need Android Antivirus?

Antivirus Security protects your Android device from millions of mobile threats. In addition to antivirus protection, the Android application includes many other protections. Thanks to VPN, you can surf anonymously and encrypt your data traffic, thus ensuring more security in insecure public WLANs. The network scanner shows you all devices connected to your home network and the identity protection notifies you if your email address has been discovered. Anti-theft tools help you locate your device if it is stolen or lost and protect it from unauthorized remote access. The premium version also offers web protection to block malicious and phishing websites, and camera and microphone protection to prevent spying through your microphone or camera.

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Antivirus For Tablet Android

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Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus Apk Für Android

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