Marriott Rewards Signature Visa

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One of my favorite credit cards in my wallet today is the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier. Indeed, a few weeks ago I wrote about the fact that I would probably never close this tab. However, unlike most of my credit cards, the Marriott Rewards Premier card rarely shows the light of day. This is because spending on this card does not benefit me. Instead, the value of this card appears with each anniversary of the card.

On each anniversary of my card, I get 15 nights from Marriott Rewards Elite for simply keeping my card open and paying the annual fee. These 15 nights qualify for Marriott Elite status annually. This means that every year, just because I pay an annual fee of $ 89, I start the year with 15 of the 75 nights I need to qualify for Marriott Platinum status. Additionally, if I don’t achieve platinum status, an accumulation of “unused” nights will further help me qualify for next year. For example, in 2018, I started the year with 37 Elite Nights before ever stepping into a Marriott hotel.

Marriott Rewards Signature Visa

Marriott Rewards Signature Visa

While 15 Elite Nights are great, those nights alone don’t make this tab keep open forever. Instead, the Marriott Free Night certificate is the advantage I value most from this card.

Marriott Bonvoy: Marriott Rewards Credit Card

On each anniversary of the card, current cardholders receive a Marriott Certificate Category 1-5 Night Fee. The value of the certificate covers the nightly rate of any Marriott Category 1-5 worldwide!

Another thing I love about the Marriott Free Night certificate is that it couldn’t be easier to use. All you have to do is log into your Marriott Rewards account, choose a Category 1-5 eligible property and choose to pay by points. As long as you have an “unused certificate” in your account, you should be able to pay with your certificate.

I recently used this advantage to stay at the Renaissance Riverside Saigon Hotel in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. I didn’t even have to put away my credit card at check-in. At the check-in, my bill came in, fully paid, and I left the hotel. Additionally, during your stay, the hotel staff treated you like any other paying guest. I had access to the club level as if I was paying with money. Needless to say, I really like this advantage.

For existing Chase Marriott Premier Rewards cardholders, an annual Free Night Certificate is awarded around each anniversary of the card. This is the card opening date. So, since I opened my card in December, my Free Night certificate usually comes in early January. Depending on the official conditions of the card, the certificate can last up to 8 weeks from the anniversary of receipt of the card.

Best Marriott Credit Card 2022: Enjoy Extra Travel Perks

As with many credit cards with annual benefits, time is of the essence. There is nothing worse than losing your free profit just because you forgot to pay attention to important dates. Fortunately, Chase and Marriott make it easy to track this advantage. Every year, once the Marriott Free Night certificate is available, I get an email from Chase with an anniversary gift!

There are instructions in the email on how to use your Free Night Certificate, but otherwise there is nothing else to do. A Marriott Free Night Certificate should be in your account shortly upon receipt of the email (or your card anniversary date). If for any reason you do not receive a Free Night Certificate, please call Marriott to have the problem resolved.

Of course, with every Marriott Rewards Premier Free Night Certificate, the goal is to be worth at least $ 89. That way you will fully recover the cost of the annual card fee. But what’s the fun of breaking into zero?

Marriott Rewards Signature Visa

Instead, I like to start each year with a short list of properties that would benefit from my Free Night certificate. In the first year I had this benefit, I waited until the last minute and ended up booking a nasty $ 120 / night room in the Desert for a wedding. Not exactly the best example of maximizing benefits.

Renespoints Marriott Rewards Visa Card

To make up for my bad complaint from last year, I am aiming for a fairly aspiring ransom. I really hope to use my 2018 Free Night Certificate at JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort and Spa in Vietnam!

The reason I look at this hotel is twofold. For starters, since my crazy trip to Ho Chi Minh, I’ve dreamed of coming back. Secondly, this hotel may currently be the most expensive category 1-5 hotel in the Marriott portfolio.

I was looking for prices for accommodation in this hotel and could not believe the cost. Note that this is for a Category 5 hotel. Usually you can expect rates ranging from $ 100 to $ 200 per night.

This is almost $ 550 a night per room! This is absolutely crazy considering that your out-of-pocket cost is only $ 89. Maybe you can use another one to buy your airline tickets to Vietnam.

New Marriott’s Credit Cards: Which Card Is Best For You?

As mentioned before, the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier card is one of my favorite cards in My Wallet today, although I rarely use it. The card comes with an annual Free Night Certificate which, when used correctly each year, easily compensates for the annual fee paid on the card. Just be sure to use each certificate annually. There is nothing worse than the expiration of your free residence certificate just because you forgot about it. The new Mariott Rewards Premier Plus credit card is now available and we were all curious – especially since it has a very generous registration bonus of 100,000 Marriott Rewards points after spending $ 5,000 for the card in the first three months after. The older Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card is the main credit card in my hotel wallet for many years, and I find it worth paying the annual fee for only the one-year Free Night Certificate.

The Mariott Rewards Premier Plus credit card (Discover more) is definitely an updated version for most of us. Even with the $ 10 annual fee, there are many improvements to the benefits of the card.

Please note that existing Marriott Rewards Premier credit card holders are not eligible for the 100,000 point welcome bonus, nor are cardholders eligible to receive the welcome bonus from any Marriott Rewards personal credit card in the past 24 months. All Marriott Rewards personal credit cards are also subject to Chase 5/24.

Marriott Rewards Signature Visa

If you’re like me and already have a Marriott Rewards Premier credit card, you can check that your account is earmarked to receive bonus points as an incentive to upgrade to Premier Plus.

Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card Review: Earn 5 Free Nights

Bids range from 10,000-50,000 points. Out of curiosity, I linked my data and saw that the goal was to earn an additional 20,000 Marriott points by upgrading and purchasing a new card by 12/31/18.

At first glance, the 20,000 Marriott bonus points for a $ 10 annual fee increase are definitely worth it. After all, Marriott points go 3: 1 to Starpoints, which is 6,667 Starpoints, which I estimate to be over $ 140.

Even with the bonus points, I can understand why some people may be hesitant to jump off the ship, especially if you’ve been a Marriott cardholder for a long time.

If you are not impressed with the upgrade offer, you can always cancel your existing card and apply for a new one, provided that at least 24 months have passed since you received the welcome bonus on your personal Marriott Chase card.

Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card

Since you can’t have both cards at the same time, it may make sense to submit a new application shortly after closing your existing account to receive the full 100,000 enrollment bonuses.

Another thing to remember is that completing this product change can result in a change to the month you receive your Annual Free Night Certificate.

I just got [and realized] my 1-year free night in February, so I’m still in no hurry to change the product.

Marriott Rewards Signature Visa

We already know that the annual fee for a Premier Plus credit card is $ 10 more than for a Premier card, but there are other changes to consider as well.

When Does The Marriott Rewards Premier Free Night Certificate Post?

Some of the new benefits that are immediately emerging are an improved Free Night Certificate and an increase in potential earnings (from bad to not so terrible) while spending on the card.

The Marriott Rewards Premier Card includes a Free Night Certificate in Hotel Categories 1-5, while the Premier Plus Card includes a Free Night Certificate for properties up to 35,000 points, which can be very valuable between August 1st and December 31st. December This year.

While this probably won’t affect many, there are also some changes to how you earn Elite Status Credits. With the Premier (old) card, you have the opportunity to get 1 Elite overnight credit for every 3,000 money spent. In the case of Premier Plus (news), 15 elite night loans will not be launched until 2019.

It is also worth noting the “reduction” of benefits of the card along with the elimination of the interruption / cancellation of the trip.

New 100,000 Point Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card + Upgrade Offers On Existing Cards

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