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Duh son. Just when you thought you would reach absolute lows in terms of horrible government ads, we went to dig up another one that is even worse than yesterday’s attempt by the Ministry of Finance.

Australia Post Graduate Program

Australia Post Graduate Program

Let me introduce you to ‘Graduate Life at Australia Post’, a five minute video designed to make Australia Post such a pleasant and attractive workplace for graduates:

The Team Behind That Terrible Department Of Finance Video Have Made Another Shocker

The video was produced by Together Creative, the same agency behind the Ministry of Finance’s graduate recruitment ad. I’m sad to say that the Australia Post business is just … awful.

Like what? Aside from the fact that there are more flare lenses than the Michael Bay / JJ Abrams collaboration, why does he smile like that? What did he see, Australia Post? There is nothing like that in the Australia Post.

This is your face when you recently saw a photo of Dev Patel hanging out with his new Australian girlfriend, Tilda Cobham-Hervey. This is not the face you make when you think of the national postal service.

Anyway, go back to the video. The concept is that we accompany Grace, a graduate who works at Australia Post, and shows her life at the company. This is absolutely good and original, except for the fact that Grace is constantly asked questions by a voice that does not exist. It was a scary experience because the voice man, Tom, was supposed to be the kind of first-person narrator on the ground with Grace, but he obviously recorded his rules at the sound cage.

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It’s all confusing for Grace who’s supposed to talk to Tom, but because Tom is not real, he does not know where to look.

Grace apparently works in corporate affairs and now does rotations on the liaison team, which she loves. We know this because he told us that he “loved”. Let’s see what she starts during a typical day at work.

Only this is not a post, this is just old friend Josh, a marketing graduate. He takes his bike to the bike shed below. The Australia Post has a bike shed that is supposed to be a takeaway from this, I think.

Australia Post Graduate Program

That’s literally all he said. The fact that there is no one else in the video who has so far claimed Tom’s presence makes it even more bizarre. It’s like he’s a voice in Grace’s head that does not really exist in the real world. Dark.

Postgraduate / Study / The University Of Newcastle, Australia

After that, we met Aaron, another graduate in corporate affairs who wore a sweatband for several reasons. But he also wore a jacket? What’s the matter Aaron, are you hot or cold? Thought this is a normal thing people do during exercise. I do not exercise as I know.

But here’s where it gets interesting! Grace introduces Aaron to Tom! Real Tom! Unless Tom refuses to communicate with Aaron. Maybe Tom is actually a figment of Grace’s imagination and everyone in the office just goes along with it because it’s an accepting work environment? That would be fine.

Let’s move forward a bit fast because the video is stupidly long. There’s more lens flare, Grace talks about shoes, Tom gives a pack, they run into a guy named Glyn and everyone continues to ignore Tom’s visible presence.

Hugh asks Grace if he drinks “ordinary almond milk decaf chai latte shot triple shot with a touch of honey”. This is … not a real drink. What is it about this production company that forces the people in this video to eat strange food? First it was “paleopear and banana bread” at the Ministry of Finance and now it is “triple shot decaf chai”.

What Are My Options After Graduation In Australia? Overseas Students Australia

Although the drink is completely made up, Grace tells Hugh that it is in fact a triple almond milk decaf chai latte with a touch of honey.

“Everyone here looks very friendly,” Tom said. Which is strange considering that no one bothered to talk to him or acknowledge his existence.

More flare lenses, more people ignoring Tom, and then we get a glimpse of the infamous Australia Post breakout space where graduate students play pool every day.

Australia Post Graduate Program

Now we’re talking. The video could just be “Hi welcome to the Australia Post, we play pool during office hours” and it would be more effective.

Audi Global Graduate Program

To check it out, however, Grace sways to the pool table, hits her old chai on the felt, picks up eight balls, and throws them in the side pocket.

What the fuck, Grace? Your colleagues have a pool game in the morning and you ruin it right away. Plus you left your solid cup on the table on walking away? Where is HR? By the way, let’s not forget Grace gave Tom a random package centuries ago and he’s still forced to carry it around. rude.

Tom finally meets Sean, who probably kills my theory that he’s a figment of Grace’s imagination, but does not explain why 90 percent of the staff refuse to let him.

Sean makes boring speeches on innovation and “modern commercial thinking”. What if you focus on sending letters on time, friend?

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Nerd was involved in a kind of “hack day” but no explanation was given for the use of this VR block. Why is the Australia Post blowing money on VR? Again, send us a letter on time, folks!

Next we meet Karen, Grace’s partner on the friends program. The friends program is back! It turns out they were very successful at the Ministry of Finance, they rolled out the Australia Post. Only this time the friend does not have to constantly call “friends”, which is a relief.

Karen visits the “garden lounge”. pool tables, VR and now garden lounges? It’s more absurdly lavish. And it’s all paid for by our taxes! Is that why people choose the Liberal Party? I think I’m conservative now.

Australia Post Graduate Program

“Dexterous, innovative, personal and dynamic,” said Tom, who was absolutely right. Calm down, you’re not Malcolm Turnbull. This is Australia Post, not Uber.

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The only thing I capture from this video is that no one at Australia Post is apparently involved in sending the mail. Is this perhaps the problem? Thought instead of underpaid contractors, leading to a low quality experience for customers, you can retreat a bit into the “garden space”, “innovation” hype and hilarious virtual reality programs and …

The Australia Post will not disclose how much they spent on the marketing campaign. But this is a setback: this video was selected by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers. Awards, believe it or not, are called “AGRIAS”.

I can not believe there is a set of awards for this worthy video. What is the bet from the Ministry of Finance that AGRIA is sweeping this year? What can I do after completing my studies in Australia? What are my options after graduation in Australia? These are some of the common questions that are on the minds of many international students in Australia who have almost finished their studies.

The first option for you is to continue your further studies. Many students decide after completing their degree in Australia to continue their studies here. For example, you have completed your Bachelor’s degree, then you can pursue his Masters degree in Australia.

Jobs At Australia Post

🟢 You thought you should apply for a new student visa because your old student visa will expire. So if you need to apply for a new student visa before the current visa expires.

🟢 You must also apply for the course you want to study. Whether you are going to study at the same institution or have thought about whether you want to study at another institution or in another city or country.

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Australia Post Graduate Program

So many international students after graduation in Australia, like to rest and travel in Australia. Since most international students are quite busy when studying and working during their student visas, it is better to travel and explore this country further.

Australia Scholarships For International Students 2022

International students can apply for a visitor’s visa (subclass 600) which allows them to stay in Australia for up to 12 months for travel purposes. Please note that you are not able to work on a tourist visa in Australia.

If you have completed an accounting, engineering or related IT degree, you can seek professional work experience. International students from this stream can apply for professional year programs.

This program can be very useful to learn how the Australian workplace works and to gain work experience, which is part of the program and can be more useful in applying for your permanent residence.

If you are between 18 and 30 years old and if you have

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