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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. () – A state investigation into a Colorado Springs charter school has found evidence of “inappropriate behavior” among board members when it comes to the school’s finances. However, the report he came up with

In April, the Colorado School Institute (CSI) and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office issued a breach of contract and cease and desist suit to the Colorado Springs Academy Board of Trustees (CSCA). The letter also informed the board that CSI would investigate multiple violations of the contract.

Colorado Springs Public Schools

Colorado Springs Public Schools

CSI alleged that CSCA’s board of directors allowed the collapse of internal fraud controls, the collapse of budgetary controls and failed to follow the policies of its own government.

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In their findings, CSI researchers say that certain individuals at CSCA with personal relationships with certain board members received significantly larger mid-year raises than other employees.

However, the report found that most of the higher increases could be explained by additional responsibilities; that the full CSCA board participated in these decisions formally or informally, and that the board chair was directly involved in making decisions about the costs of the free housing facilities.

“CGI concluded that the allegations that would elevate this matter to the level of criminal proceedings are unfounded. The record not only does not support any inference of criminal wrongdoing, but (in our view) dispositively establishes the absence of criminal wrongdoing,” CSI investigators told the CSCA attorney and board.

As for the board’s failure to follow its own government policy, CGI found that the Charter School’s actions did not rise to the level of a breach of contract with the state. However, the CSCA “highlighted issues in management practices that need to be addressed and may lead to additional Notices of Concern if not addressed.”

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Due to their findings, the CSI reverses the request that the CSCA Board of Directors not appoint new members. However, CSI insists that individual board members recuse themselves from voting on any appointments that would give rise to a conflict of interest.

In view of the above resolutions, CSI withdraws its request that the CSCA board refrain from appointing new members. CSI, however, insists that individual board members recuse themselves from voting on any appointments that would give rise to a conflict of interest.

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