Dental Practice Management System

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When it comes to the financial success of a dental office, choosing the best dental practice management software is critical. Find out about your dental program’s features to help you collect payments and keep your money safe.

Get the tools you need to manage your dental practice’s collection process. But don’t forget to give your employees the tools they need to track and collect your money.

Dental Practice Management System

Dental Practice Management System

The insurance and patient collection process is very complex even with the best systems. “Deadbeat” insurance companies and patients require repeated follow-ups, payments and follow-ups.

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Not using or using a good dental program leaves a lot of money on the table. This is money you have already earned; You just failed to collect it.

Many doctors make the mistake of thinking dental reimbursement software is too expensive and too complicated to use. They assume that every operation of the program will require a computer. Doctors feel they need to change the way they record medical information, take X-rays and make patient appointments.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely recommend a computerized dental office. With systems like Dentrix®, Curve Dental®, , Eaglesoft®, Softdent®, and Practiceworks®, they do an excellent job of providing these software solutions. However, when it comes to insurance and patient collections, a computer with the right dental software still gets the job done.

One system I recommend to friends is its single-computer version. It’s great for gatherings. And – the important thing – there is an easy way to improve the whole system.

Dental Practice Management Software For Your Practice

When it comes to theft and embezzlement, don’t think you’re immune. According to an April 2007 survey by, 59% of all dentists have identified evidence of fraud in their practice.

About three years ago, I became suspicious of an office manager who worked in my satellite office. My collection dwindled and I got worried. After a quick look at my app’s appointment book, it seems she didn’t collect my partner’s work.

I have also noticed that procedures completed for many financial patients are not being recorded in the ledger. In response, I pulled out the progress notes my attending doctor had left. This confirmed my suspicion that my dentist performed a treatment that was not billed to the patient!

Dental Practice Management System

Then I published the audit report. This report informed me that my office manager had also canceled cash payments and then re-entered these payments at a lower rate.

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Hoping he would volunteer, I asked him why he didn’t “charge” the patient for the work he did. I asked him why he deleted cash payment from my app.

To my surprise, he gave me a detailed explanation which solved my question. I wanted to believe him, but I couldn’t ignore the information my app gave me. So, I called the patient and told him that we were reviewing our books – the patient confirmed all my suspicions.

Obviously, the first line of defense against embezzlement is to hire honest people. But beyond checking their work history and calling their references, you can’t guarantee that your employees will never steal from you.

Frankly, without good software, you cannot properly protect yourself against employee theft. I would not have found this office manager without my software. I shudder to think how much money he could steal from me. Secure dental software saves your practice money.

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A good software allows you to customize your security settings and generate the reports you need to monitor your employees. This means that you can define what your employees can achieve and to what extent. If you don’t want your front desk to delete ledger items without your permission, limit their access rights.

You can set it up so that your front desk can add and edit items, but not leave items in the ledger. You also want the ability to print audit reports for your usernames This report will tell you what items your staff has added or removed from your program

During the Cold War, Ronald Reagan quoted an old Russian saying to Mikhail Gorbachev, “Believe but prove.” Do your best to hire reliable employees, but use your software capabilities to verify that they are honest.

Dental Practice Management System

Continually proving that your employees are honest will increase your trust and appreciation for them. And maybe you’ll find something. This will allow you to take immediate corrective action before the problem turns into something bigger.

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A few years ago, a friend of mine had a sales experience with his front desk staff. He hired a new office manager to help. He quickly got his insurance billing account and patients double to triple what he had at his previous two jobs.

Make sure your front desk staff knows how to print and understand insurance reports and patient ages. They show outstanding salary balances in increments from 0 to 30, 30 to 60, and 120+ days ago.

The most important thing your program can offer is the ability to collect money for the insurance company and the patient. And, when it comes to collections, your front desk folks need detailed and accurate aging reports to do their jobs.

The Day Sheet report shows your daily expenses as well as the current day’s total expenses. The Day Sheet report shows your daily expenses as well as the current day’s total expenses.

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You’ve just finished a long day at work and you’re feeling tired. You know the clinical details of your back office work (several crown preparations, molar root canals, etc.). But do you know the actual amount associated with it and if it is collected?

At the end of each day, briefly review a few important reports. I don’t recommend spending time on every detail, but keep your finger on the pulse of your practice finances. You’ll want to analyze day sheets, as well as your payroll and production reports.

Most software programs include a “Paper of the Day” report. This will show a daily breakdown of your fees and receipts, as well as “totals” for the current day. Maybe you’re worried about getting charged for a procedure done today.

Dental Practice Management System

Or maybe you’re nervous about getting payment from a particular patient. Maybe you’re just wondering what today’s total was for patients and insurance payments. Your daily paper should answer these and other “everyday” questions in a simple and easy-to-understand format.

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Like day sheets, you should regularly check payroll and production reports. These reports provide specific information about your practice’s performance.

Most production and payment reports allow you to limit their information to any range you specify. If you’re wondering how much money you collected from your hygienist work last month, plug in the appropriate columns. By doing this, your payment report will show how much insurance, Visa credit card and other payments you have collected.

For visually oriented people who don’t really like reading payroll and production reports, some software programs offer good visual options. Dentrix provides a scheduled production screen that shows your practice’s production dollars per day. The appointment book extends Dentrix by showing more on the monthly calendar. This includes paying your practice in dollars, scheduled production and its completion.

I have a friend who admits that he gets addicted to these income screens. And I can understand why – in short, you can easily find answers to most of your financial concerns. Here are the types of features you can find to answer these questions:

Curve Dental Redefines Practice Management Software With Curve Business Intelligence

Most offices get an A for properly preparing and interpreting their financial reports. But it deserves a “C” for properly using this information to drive their financial performance. A common mistake that many offices make is failing to optimize the practice’s fundraising methods.

The office does not make this mistake. Your staff needs these tools to reduce the time it takes to process patient and insurance payments.

Speed ​​up insurance payments by submitting all your insurance claims electronically. This simple step will help reduce the time it takes insurance companies to pay you from weeks or months to days. Electronic claims turnaround times can go fast enough to get you paid on Thursday for work done on Monday!

Dental Practice Management System

Don’t make the mistake of delaying payment to your patients by sending misleading information. Send accurate information and all the information your patients need. That way they can pay you instead of calling your staff with questions. Your software will allow your front desk to print travel information and send monthly billing information to the head of household.

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The monthly statements you send to patients can only include payments that have already received their corresponding insurance payments. Or, these monthly statements may include payments that are still pending insurance payments. Or they include an estimate of what these payments will be.

If your monthly statement estimates insurance premiums, make sure the data used to provide this information is current and accurate. If your patients feel confused by that statement, they are

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