Highest Level Of Education Question

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1 1.) What is your first job this year? Class Teacher Special Education Teacher ELL / ESL Teacher Librarian or Information Technician School Coordinator Technology Academic or Guidance Counselor Curriculum Additional Teacher, Teaching Assistant or Training Guide or Tutor 2.) What classes (classes) do you currently have? Preschool – Class I – Class II Class III – Class IV – Class V Class VI – Class VII – Class VIII Class IX – Class 10th – 11th grade – 12th grade – 12th grade – All Grades 3.) What is the main task? . Art, Technology Education) Directory of Visual Arts and Entertainment or Media World or Language 4.) Do you think about your colleagues and do you think about yourself? The 2013 peer-to-peer project is less developed than tomorrow’s peer-to-peer technology users page 1

2 5.) Tell us about the mobile devices you use. These can be equipment provided by you or your school. Make the right choice for your Smartphone without internet Internet access Smartphone Netbook Tablet Computer (such as iPad) Digital player (such as Kindle or Nook) MP3 player (such as iPod or iPod Touch) My device – It’s a school network Device your own – but not the school equipment provided by the school. Frequently used in instructions? . They are not used in the classroom according to my needs, my students do not have access to mobile devices in the classroom often, but I would like to teach in this class.) Which of these activities do you often practice in professional technology? Mission? . Customize the digital content you find online for students to learn, learn how to make videos online. Learn how to make videos online. Blogs or wikis. Participate in e-Finance Management for professional students. Attend online video conferences or attend webinars. Read articles or read books. Digital reading or posting Blog or Wiki Projects 2013 Project Tomorrow Page 2

Highest Level Of Education Question

Highest Level Of Education Question

Attend class 3 Update my social media profile (Facebook, LinkedIn) Upload class information (e.g., scores, homework, teacher notes or introductions, podcasts, homework) Use an education-oriented social networking site with my students (e.g. Edmodo) students Use Twitter as an informal professional development tool to create feedback tools or questions online and to communicate with my students via Twitter. (See all apps) Administrator Evaluation Contact Parents or Sponsors Investigate Tracking, Create Advanced Questions, or Organizers Compare, Classify, Compare, and Compare Creating Graphic Organizers Creating Physical Models Creating Knowledge Modeling or Drawing Customize content. Students Need Student Assessment e-Curriculum Development e-Finance Encouraging Students to Monitor Their Learning Learning Examining Student Performance Trends, Improving Teaching Plans Improving Teamwork and Structure Facilitating Tasks and Practices Students and Parents Suggest Student Feedback Aim who share class, school or Parent work with exemplary students Media support and content creation by students Tracking the relationship between effort and success 9.) How important is the effective implementation of i? Teaching techniques for the success of your students? Extraordinarily Important Slightly Important Ideas 2013 Design Tomorrow Page 3

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4 10.) What are the barriers to using technology in the classroom, in addition to the fact that you have enough time on the school day? . Find out what technology is available for my use. I need additional professional development in technology tools in the classroom, I need additional professional development on how to effectively integrate technology into my curriculum, very slow or insecure in downloading the digital content I want to use. Lack of support from technical administrators My students know a lot about technology, not all students and families have access to computers and the internet at home, and students who do not have access to computers use school filters or defensive wallblock sites, I don’t have enough computers. All media institutions that have policies that prohibit me from accessing Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or other companies over time. Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree What you think is the main benefit of integrating such of devices in teaching? . Creating a learning-centered environment provides students with a way to re-examine after-school materials, provides informal opportunities for correction, and develops students’ skills for collaboration and teamwork. Students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

5 Students’ ownership of learning These devices help extend learning beyond school days I don’t think these devices can have a positive impact on learning. . I don’t know how to effectively integrate mobile devices into my guide to support their use, I don’t know what features I can use for the guide, I don’t know the value of using mobile devices in the guide Our school does not allow students to use mobile devices in the classroom. 14) What is your interest? Do online or virtual learning environments teach and provide content mainly on the internet? . Professional development course I am interested in teaching online courses. So far, there has been no national interest.) There is a lot of national debate about the potential of “blended learning” to change education. In general, this concept implies that students are engaged in a form of face-to-face teaching in a traditional classroom, while spending their time leading online learning. There are several types of blended learning models. Which of these models best represents the classroom? . Online support for students on the web, usually in the school environment 2013 Project Page 5

6 online students decide to accept an online textbook that is delivered to teachers and students online

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