Flying Blue Bonus Miles

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We recently published a post about Flying Blue sweet spots, along with the ongoing point transfer bonuses on Air France KLM Flying Blue. I have a few trips to Europe booked in advance. Air France’s business class also looked mildly interesting). I’ve been seeing Air Europa search results on the Air France website for a while now, but I completely ignored them. I was under the impression that Air Europa had less business class (of course this is true, but is it enough to justify the difference in cost?). Considering what I’m looking at now

Business class seats for future family trips I finally see why Air Europa deserves attention: Flying Blue Fees

Flying Blue Bonus Miles

Flying Blue Bonus Miles

Fewer fees/surcharges on Air Europa flights, so those who enjoy flying to New York/Miami can save a bundle by booking Air Europa with Flying Blue.

Flying Blue Meilen Mit Bis Zu 100 Prozent Bonus Kaufen

After taxes and fees (not mileage), this flight from Rome to Miami on Air France or Air Europa costs $294.87 in taxes and fees when booked on Air France, or just $84.87 on Air Europa.

That’s a difference of $210 per passenger (never mind the huge difference in miles here; this is not to compare 72k miles vs. 318k miles, but to highlight the difference in fees per passenger). If you’re flying multiple passengers, it can really add up. To illustrate this, there are 4 passengers (two adults and two children) on the same route:

From $1,162.48 on Air France flights to $322.48 in total taxes and fees for four passengers, the difference is significant even though the number of miles required is the same. Again, in this case it’s me

Comparing the difference in the number of pipes required is important because there are cases when the required pipes are more similar. The difference in taxes and fees is permanent.

Get An Up To 100% Miles Bonus With Flying Blue Promo

For example, in the scenario below, you could save 6,000 miles for 59,500 miles and $216.90 on an Air France flight from New York to Madrid via Paris. However, you might be forgiven for paying 6,000 miles more for a nonstop flight and paying only $10.10 in fees.

Given the current point transfer bonuses on Air France / KLM Flying Blue, the difference may be even smaller. For example, with a 25% transfer bonus, 53K points for completing 65,500 miles on an Air Europa flight or 48K points for completing 59,500 miles on an Air France flight – effective. A difference of just 5,000 points per passenger, which saves $200 on an Air Europa flight.

Again, the difference becomes more noticeable when you fly multiple passengers. Even though the Flying Blue miles cost less than 12,000 rupees, double the total amount to fly on Air France and the $400+ fee seems kind of crazy.

Flying Blue Bonus Miles

Although the above comparisons show Air France and Air Europa, the differences are similar on routes served by KLM or Air Europa, for example, from Brussels to New York, with a difference of $200 in fees and charges after the fact before accounting. Air Europa flights have fewer miles.

Transfer Chase Points To Flying Blue With 25% Bonus

I was hoping to find a way to fly KLM again on one of my planned trips to Europe, but between the miles difference and the dollar difference for a family of four, the Delft Blue Houses seem too expensive.

Obviously, the next question is about the quality of the product. Last year Greg and I flew KLM from Dubai to Washington, both of us

In contrast, based on a mile review I read of an Air Europa flight from Madrid to Miami, it seems that Air Europa does not have its own lounge in Madrid (their hub), but instead has a contract. . While Ben found his flight more enjoyable than he expected, he said the place was too tough.

I like a comfortable seat as much as the next guy, but for the $800-$900 difference for my family of four, I might prefer a slightly less comfortable but fully lie-flat business class seat. . If booking a round trip, I would have a harder time justifying the cost difference of $1,600 or more. Anyway, from the pictures on Air Europa’s website, their long-haul business class on the 787 doesn’t look bad.

Last Call: Air France Klm Flying Blue Buy Miles Up To 120% Bonus Until June 30, 2022

The biggest draw for many readers is that New York and Miami are the only US cities served by Air Europa. Air Europa flies to some destinations in Latin America, including Cancun, Panama, Cuba and the Dominican Republic in North America, and a few countries in South America (Wikipedia has a full list of destinations here ). If you want to combine your trip to Europe with another international destination in North America or South America, one of these routes may appeal.

For those still looking to get to and from a hub like New York or Miami, these Air Europa flights are worth considering. I looked at the Air Europa results earlier and had images in my mind of a business class that wasn’t quite flat and a missed opportunity for the home of Delft Blue. However, now that I’m looking for tickets for a family of four, I might have to use my $800 savings to pick up a house on eBay and pocket the rest if I’m tempted to book a flight. It’s also worth noting in the screenshots above that the prices shown on each date tab in the blue award search results rarely (if ever) show the lowest fares on Air Europa, so it’s worth clicking by date to find the cheapest seats.

We maintain a list of the best credit card bonuses out there, and this page provides more instructions on how it all works.

Flying Blue Bonus Miles

Our Resources page has a collection of our most useful full guides and posts. Here are some complete guides to get you started…Air France – KLM’s Flying Blue started a sale in early June to buy miles with up to 120% bonus (secret – log into your account and check the %) and ends today . (June 30, 2022).

Buy Air France / Klm Flying Blue Miles With 120% Bonus

Flying Blue Elite members can redeem up to 300,000 miles per transaction before bonus, and 100,000 for others. There is no limit to the number of miles Elite members can purchase each year.

Flying Blue Tubes can sometimes come in handy (the easiest way to book awards is using their app), and the only way to access a First Class La Premiere cabin (you also have to be an Elite member) is not available with a partner. programs. Some business awards are highly competitive.

During the promotional period, Elite members can earn a maximum of 360,000 bonus miles when purchasing miles, while Explorer members can earn a maximum of 120,000 bonus miles. Bonus miles will be awarded for transactions between June 10 and June 30, 2022, 2359 CET +1 and will be credited to the recipient’s account upon completion of the transaction. Tubes are sold in 2,000-mile to 100,000-mile units and 100,000 to 300,000-mile units in 25,000-mile units. Elite members can purchase unlimited miles, while Explorer members can only purchase or earn 100,000 miles in any calendar year and, unless a promotion is active, bonus miles can be purchased or earned. 100,000 miles. Inc sells you miles. (“”) Miles will be credited to your account within 72 hours of purchase. Purchase You have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days as provided in the terms of the Gift Miles program. To exercise your right to opt out of the Buy and Gift Miles program or to obtain assistance, please contact the Customer Service Center.

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If you’re looking for a new frequent flyer scheme to join, the Air France/KLM Flying Blue program is definitely a worthwhile option. With an extensive route network between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol, the Flying Blue program offers affordable redemptions on flights to the Americas, Europe and Africa.

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