Dental Practice Management Software Reviews

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Founded in 2004, Curve Dental offers cloud-based practice management software to more than 50,000 dentists in the United States and Canada. Dental offices use Curve Hero to plan, bill, manage claims, manage coverage, survey and more using anywhere with just a web browser and an Internet connection. Curve Hero’s superbly designed interface makes it easy for any member of your team to learn and use regardless of their practice experience ….

This is the best software we have used for many doctors in several places. It is also cloud-based so we do not have to worry about the server crashing or losing information.

Dental Practice Management Software Reviews

Dental Practice Management Software Reviews

Really good experience with the software. The price is higher than it should be, but it is more convenient in the cloud. If it could connect to Dental Intel, I would place it in all my offices.

Curve Dental Reviews, Demo & Pricing

There is no CBCT backup option. Cannot be used with Dental Intel. The default reports are sometimes complex, although you can create custom reports.

I think it’s too easy to plan appointments on top of each other. Checkout is not easy to read, because it divides it into transactions and then the transaction is no longer visible after payment. There is no way to choose a non-premium procedure in a payment transaction. You can not transfer credit between family members in the same account. Tabs in charts can also be confusing. I think all current and existing treatment plans should be combined, not separated. You can not trace in the chart what was diagnosed when, as it will remove the completion date of the treatment. There are too many places where the fee schedule can be adjusted to allow for errors later. If the coverage changes, the treatment plan must be approved and re-entered for the patient correctly. I do not see any point in the tags in the agreement where it does not import the procedures in the agreement title. It can seem like a lot of work to make an appointment, because you have so many options. Setting the date of birth is more difficult than necessary. Email cannot be used in multiple person profiles. Canceled claims can be deleted from the system. It is confusing to revise overdue claims. There is no way to state the maximum amount remaining on a patient insurance policy for treatment plan purposes. Treatment plans do not affect secondary coverage. Scanned documents can be grouped into files and letters instead of creating a separate entry for each page. The diagram on the teeth is too sensitive.

We appreciate Raquel’s comments. She sheds some light on some of the topics we wanted to address. – Schedule appointments. The flexibility of our planner allows you to plan other appointments in advance. Longtime customers do not view this as negative; However, we understand Raquel’s concerns and are taking steps to change this functionality – quite early in fact. – Invoice accounting vs. Curve Dental Clinic uses the form of invoice accounting, so it has many benefits. Because most dental professionals use older management systems that display information in different ways, our new customers may find Curve Dental’s accounting style a little different. After completing appropriate training, our customers will see the benefits of invoice accounting as it presents a more streamlined set of invoice information. Especially according to Raquel’s comment, payment transactions will be hidden after 30 days for more efficient use of space, but with two clicks all transactions can be seen. Payment for insurance. If there is a specific procedure you do not want to be billed for, omit that part of the claim. – Credit transfer between family members. If all family members share a responsible party, yes, credit can be shared between family members. However, if family members have different responsible parties, one account must be refunded and the other credited, which can be done quickly. – Show current and current treatment. With pictures, it is possible to see the current treatment method and the current treatment plan at the same time. Line-by-line details can be displayed for existing procedures or scheduled procedures by clicking on the respective tabs in the chart. Date of diagnosis. If you are concerned about the date a procedure was diagnosed, you can access a quick report to retrieve that information; it is not deleted. – Adjust fee schedules. Prizes can be awarded to a specific patient or when setting up an insurance plan (determining how the coverage is calculated). When you create a treatment plan, you also have the option of choosing a different fee guide, but the default is the original fee guide assigned to the patient. Change insurance. Now you do not need to delete and re-enter your treatment plan if you need to change your insurance information. – Date of birth format. We have received some comments on how to enter a date of birth (which is yyyy-mm-dd) and intend to let our customers customize the format to another customized for their region. Of course a small concern, but one that should be addressed. – Unique email address. For security reasons, Curve Dental does not allow multiple patients to use a single email address. Curve Dental’s patient portal gives patients access to account information, future appointments and more. To protect this information, a unique email address is required to access the data. The person in charge can of course access the information of all family members. – Delete canceled claims. In order to provide an extra measure for fraud prevention, we strongly believe that canceled claims should be a permanent registration in the patient’s account. As a result, it can be a little busier to view patient accounts, but not confusing. – Participate in Maximum Insurance and Factoring Secondary Insurance. Curve Dental now lets you specify coverage used in real life or in software, and helps our customers get accurate coverage estimates. And our software actually takes into account the secondary coverage when they are calculated. – Scanned documents. We have discussed ways to improve the organization of scanned documents and will make a change. – Sensitivity diagram. Curve Dental has two map modes. One allows you to drag the mouse over tooth surfaces to select the desired surface. The second mode requires you to import surfaces in a more classic style. Some may find one mode more appropriate than the other.

It does not get much clinical attention when it comes to the transition from treatment plans to notes and so on. I also HATE why you can not right click on an appointment after it’s done. It takes me 4-5 clicks to get to the area where I need to write my notes. It would be very beneficial if you could right-click on a closed deal and immediately take a note. It is also annoying not to see the notes automatically; Each patient automatically has a specific type of note, so if you want to see all of them, you need to change what appears with each new patient. and organized. There are so many options out there, so it can be overwhelming when trying to decide which one is best for your practice.

Fuse Reviews, Demo & Pricing

That’s why we went in. We have put together a list of 13 software options for dental clinic administration. All meet the following criteria:

All-in-one comprehensive Cloud Dental Software. The platform delivers a comprehensive and engaging, engaging patient experience across the entire value chain in the continuum of care. Our integrated all-in-one modules work together as part of a seamless experience, giving you an integrated platform to tackle today’s challenging business environment.

Curve Dental is an online or cloud-based all-in-one administration solution for dental clinics. This is the favorite method of many because it is web-based and can be used with all operating systems on any computer. From planning to billing and image processing, Curve Dental does it all with ease.

Dental Practice Management Software Reviews

Practice-Web has many different possibilities. There is appointment planning, mapping, electronic payments, purchase card processing, automatic appointment reminders, free text messages and more. It is an all-in-one solution that allows you to practice completely paperless. But that is a big disadvantage. Practice-Web is only compatible with the Microsoft.NET platform (part of Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7.) If your practice uses macOS or Linux, you will not be able to use Practice-Web.

Ace Dental Reviews, Demo & Pricing

Dentrix Ascend is another cloud-based software for administering dental practice that provides task management, mapping, visualization, and group practice. The software makes it easy to plan and confirm appointments and keep track of insurance plans. You can also run management reports to collect KPIs such as the number of patients seen and procedures performed.

Denticon was released in 2003 and was the first cloud-based software for dental office administration. This is a reliable program that fits practices of all sizes. It also has business and clinical functions

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