Data Backup And Recovery Tools

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If you have developed a good habit of regularly backing up your data, what tools do you often use for backup or restore, external or internal? Now in this article we will list 9 backup and recovery tools built into Windows.

With more data coming in every day, users are increasingly aware of the importance of data backup. For example, if your Outlook file gets corrupted, if you have a backup, you can easily restore your Outlook data. Therefore, data backup is one of the most effective data protection tips.

Data Backup And Recovery Tools

Data Backup And Recovery Tools

More users use external tools for backup often. However, in reality, most operating systems include some built-in backup and recovery tools. For example, Mac provides Time Machine. Of course, Windows also offers many such features, such as the following 9.

Top 5 Best Data Backup And Recovery Tools For Salesforce

In Windows Vista or Windows 7, there is a feature called “Previous Versions”. It allows the operating system to record old versions of files. You can easily check or restore it from a previous version as follows:

In Windows 8 and 10, the “History” function has been replaced by “File History”. With this new feature, you can make a reservation by following these steps:

In addition, in Windows 7, you can use the “Backup and Restore” feature, which can save data files in the system library and any files on the disk.

You may have noticed in the above that under “Create a system image” there is an option called “Create a system repair disk”. It allows you to create a system repair disk to help you repair Windows if a serious error occurs in your system.

Best Linux Backup Software To Safeguard Your Data

“System Repair Disc” is only available in Windows 7. If you are working with Windows 10, you can use “Recovery Disc” instead.

When it comes to system restore in Windows, the first option must be to use the system restore point. A system restore point is basically a snapshot of Windows system files, program files, registry data, etc. You can create it at any time. You can also set it to work automatically. The next time you have serious system problems, you can easily restore your system to normal.

The good news is that Windows 10 comes with the OneDrive online storage function already installed. This means you can easily save data from your computer to OneDrive. All you have to do is enable this feature and select the folders you want to backup or sync. Of course, you can restore files from OneDrive like a breeze.

Data Backup And Recovery Tools

Windows 10 also allows you to sync your settings with other Windows 10 devices. However, this requires you to sign in to each device using the same MS account. To configure this function, do the following:

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery specialist at , Inc., a global leader in data recovery technology, including SQL and Outlook editing software products. For more information, visit Did you know that vendors will no longer offer Data Loss assessment services from July 31, 2020? We know about this service when we registered a data recovery case with the Salesforce support team and they told us that we can recover your lost data but it will take an average of 6 weeks to 8 weeks. Then here we also know about the recent announcement from the sellers.

In this article I will focus on discussing the 5 best backup and data recovery tools for Salesforce that we will get when sales pull this data recovery service.

To understand this article in detail, we first need to understand the difference between Salesforce data and Salesforce metadata.

Salesforce Data: Refers to data stored in our standard and custom components. All information in the vendor is tagged with a type of information known as an ID. Data is like a table where values ​​are stored in cell types while in sales the data is stored in object types like accounts, cases, leads, chats, files etc.

Handy Inbuilt Backup & Recovery Tools In Windows

Salesforce Metadata: Metadata is the customization/changes you make to your Salesforce business needs. For example, change custom fields, vertex prompts, vertex classes, alignment rules, etc.

There are many situations where Salesforce users will accidentally delete important data from a Salesforce product by using a data extractor or deleting the data manually. To recover this lost data, you need to enter into a data recovery case with the resellers and the resellers will give you some estimates as to when they can restore your data to your instance. That is why lost data recovery is known as salesforce data backup and recovery service.

According to the salesforce knowledge article number 000352139 the data retrieval is done by the sales support team and it takes a lot of time to retrieve all the data and the results are incorrect. In short, marketing does not guarantee that even after using the premium service, it will not be able to recover information from the marketing team.

Data Backup And Recovery Tools

To understand this concept, let’s consider a scenario where a user is working on data update operations where he needs to perform a delete operation.

Freie Wahl Des Speichersystems Für Veeam Backup & Replication

In the case above, we have done the deletion directly, but we still have record identifiers, which will play an important role if we want to retrieve these data from Salesforce.

There are many tools available in the app exchange and the vendors also recommend that we use these tools for backup and recovery of data and metadata components.

OwnBackup: OwnBackup is a company-based product and provides real-time backup for your salespeople’s data and sales metadata. It supports various cloud solutions such as salesforce (CRM Based Company), nCino (One of the banking software platforms that use marketing platforms), Veeva (a cloud-based information and support for life science projects using and marketing as a platform) and sage.

Expansion: Spanning is a powerful cloud solution for Salesforce, G-suite and Office 365 powered by Spanning. This company is competing with many companies in order to provide an easy click on the basis of the management system of the alternative data seller in a certain time. He has already helped more than 10,000 organizations and his great company is the one to turn to if you need a reseller solution.

Data Backup And Recovery Software

Odaseva: Odaseva is an enterprise solution for easy data storage. It uses its data management platform to manage storage systems and is used by many brands, one of which is “Schneider Electric”.

Grax: Grax is a data analytics platform that provides backup for your marketing data. If you want to get your data back in time, you can use the time machine feature to get your lost data back into your organization.

CloudAlly: CloudAlly is also a cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution for resellers that backs up all your data to Amazon S3 storage.

Data Backup And Recovery Tools

This is a list of Top5 tools that are very popular in business processes. If you think we don’t need backup of my sellers data then I have to say, you need to rethink your decision and try to take all the non-original replacement packages listed above. I will be ready to write a detailed review of these products in my upcoming posts.

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If you are not satisfied with the top 5 list above, I have also created another list of all web hosting companies with details like Company Name, Company Website, Linkedin Page, Company Contact Page, Salesforce Exchange Market listed below.

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