Which Bank Has The Best Credit Card

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I have reviewed 100+ credit cards in India in many banks and compiled a list of best credit cards for 2022 based on different user segments. They are here,

Of the approximately 10+ active credit cards in my wallet, the list below covers most of the cards I personally use and more. Let’s start with the major credit cards,

Which Bank Has The Best Credit Card

Which Bank Has The Best Credit Card

If you’re new to the world of credit cards, there’s no reason to skip the HDFC Millennia credit card. This applies no matter which other card you get.

Top 5 Best Credit Cards 2022 /best Credit Cards Rewards 2022

It helps build a bank relationship so you can access premium and super premium HDFC credit cards.

A simple and elegant credit card that offers 2% cashback on all your regular expenses. This 2021 HOT pick is superior to many premium cards when it comes to reward rate and also continues its position in 2022.

The American Express Membership Rewards (MRCC) credit card is the best way to enter the world of Amex. If you just use this card to get the monthly 1000 MR bonus points, you can easily get a return of more than 10%.

In addition, you will also have access to amazing Amex Deals (trade offers and cost-based offers) that are highly profitable most of the time.

Quick Look At The Best Entry Level Credit Cards For Gadget Shopping: Icici, American Express And More

If FREE food is on your mind, all you need is the RBL Zomato Classic Credit Card. It is one of the fastest to be approved, even without RBL bank a/c.

If you shop often with Flipkart, you shouldn’t miss out on this co-branded credit card as you can take advantage of Flipkart offers and 5% cashback.

Premium credit cards come into play when your lifestyle has a dash of luxury factor. It includes more travel benefits like access to domestic and international lounges, better reward rates, etc.

Which Bank Has The Best Credit Card

If most of your spending is online and doesn’t exceed 40k per month, you shouldn’t miss out on this amazing product. The catch, however, is you have to do not very good premium customer support.

The Best Beginner Credit Cards In Germany 🇩🇪

If you spend big online, consider getting an Indusind Pinnacle credit card. It has recently gained attention from 2020 onwards due to better availability with low entry fees and welcome benefits.

The most important benefit of this card, in addition to rewards and commercial offers, is the ability to obtain a Priority Pass for family members, which also shares the limit of free access to the lounge.

Update: After the devaluation of IDFC cards in 2022, the luster of the IDFC Select card has disappeared and now it is worth keeping only the IDFC wealth credit card. If your monthly expenses are higher, you should not miss it.

The American Express Platinum Travel Card is the best travel credit card in the country, without a doubt! It still remains nice even after recent changes in acquisition options.

Here Are The 5 Best Rewards Credit Cards For Golfers

Personally, I enjoy using this card because it helps me stay at an exclusive Taj property every year with the free Taj Voucher.

With the SBI IRCTC credit card, you have the opportunity to save up to 10% on your train tickets and redeem them back for train travel. If you travel frequently on the Indian railways (more than 40 trips a year), consider buying this card.

The first year free offer (extended for now) on this card is not something you can miss. The return on spend offered by this card is still impressive.

Which Bank Has The Best Credit Card

But the issue recently is that the service is generally disruptive. In addition, award seats are becoming more difficult to book through vouchers in busy sectors such as DEL/BOM.

Best Credit Cards In India For 2022 [detailed Reviews]

I hope this will improve as airlines return to full capacity, but we will have to wait and watch that.

If your trip includes a flight with Air India for any reason, you should not skip this product. It requires high cost, but is decently worthwhile.

If you can redeem the escort ticket for a long distance (or) first class business, keeping the above things in mind, you can easily save yourself a few lakhs.

This is not an awesome card per se, as you can get a 2% reward on a typical entry-level card that is available for FREE. So why spend money?

Best Credit Card Combinations To Maximize Rewards

But if you fly indigo often, such as more than 20 flights a year, it might make sense to explore the card, assuming the capture is smooth.

Super premium credit cards are those with higher reward rates, higher credit limits, unlimited lounge access, better card-linked benefits, and many other perks you’ll need to have a luxurious lifestyle.

Infinia is everyone’s dream, without exception. It has everything anyone needs. If you’re looking for a credit card for all your spending, this is it.

Which Bank Has The Best Credit Card

Axis Magnus offers new airport experiences such as quickly skipping airport queues along with free airport pickup and pickup services, which are very handy at times like these.

The 8 Best No Fee Credit Cards To Open In 2022

Also, the card is super full of> 6% reward if you spend> 1L per month. This is a HOT pick of the year 2022.

If you don’t have a chance to pick up Infinia, Diners Black is a great alternative. For the rare few, Diners Black is better than Infinia because it includes monthly rewards and

The only downside is the lower acceptance of Diners cards in India as compared to Visa/MasterCard, which means you have to keep a backup card handy.

As well as HDFC Infinia/Diners Black, Stan. The C Ultimate card also has a 3.3% reward rate. The USP of this card is you get reward points on almost ANY spend.

Top Best Credit Card In Pakistan 2022

That said, throughout 2020 and 2021 we have seen enticing offers with no travel due to Covid. So I expect the same for the first half of 2022, by the end of which the Covid and Amex ban is expected to return to normal.

If you want meet and greet and luxury airport transfers, along with the benefits of unlimited lounge access, this card needs to be kept in your wallet. However, it only provides significant value if you play golf often.

In the amount you need. Start with 2 cards if you are new to the system and gradually increase the number based on your spending. 5 cards is enough for most.

Which Bank Has The Best Credit Card

Amex and Citi are some of the best credit card issuers known for their premium support. You will also enjoy the same treatment at any bank as long as they accept their super premium cards.

Digital Nomad Banking: Bank Accounts & Cards For Travel

HDFC Bank is the market leader and also offers great commercial offers. So start with HDFC and add others as needed. Consider having an Amex card for a mix.

Nothing. Just purchase an HPCL or HP Paycode gift card or HP Pay app using any of your current cards. This works well for most. You can also use Paytm Wallet.

Uni Cards are better than slice because of the support and overall user experience. Merchant offers are good now on most BNPL cards, but like CRED, the offers are just for getting customers.

I prepared the list above assuming most of the covid scenes will go home in April 2022 and therefore many travel cards will be listed this year.

Top 5 Best Credit Cards For Beginners

And don’t forget, the credit card industry in India is changing fast as we have seen many new cards in the last 2 years. You can stay up to date with trends by subscribing to the FREE instant email alert service.

If you think the list is too much to handle, feel free to take my one-on-one credit card inquiry service [there is an offer in the works]. About 335 days ago, my father dragged me into old age and cried. Finally, after a few long months of personal finance training, it was time to sign my first credit card.

It’s not so much that I don’t understand the concept of credit, but what credit means. Credit cards are for

Which Bank Has The Best Credit Card

-people coming together enough to pay bills and shop for the elderly. I, in turn, decided

Compare Hdfc Millennia Credit Card Vs Regalia First Credit Card

I was 22 years old and still living with my parents just six months before graduation. I did well in college with cash and a reliable debit card (well, I was

, but isn’t that part of the fun?). Aside from my shiny new job at, I’m not much different from the person I was in college. Why should I sign up for a credit card?

As my loving father – a 30 -year veteran of financial services – very kindly explained, I was utterly mistaken. Cards are not one size fits all, there are all types to suit all types of people, from the financially mortified (me) to the financially conscious.

For savvy consumers, my father explained, credit cards can even serve as memory creators. Most cards accumulate “points” when you spend money, which can be used for food, travel or shopping. Others offer exclusive “member” perks at concerts, live events and vacation destinations. This is probably not devastating news for you, but rest assured, it is for me.

Best Credit Cards For Gadget Shopping: Amazon Pay Icici Bank Card, Flipkart Axis Bank Card And More

To illustrate his point, he presented a series of cards with built-in perks for players, from cheap tee team connections to tickets and discounts to major professional events. Now, a year later, conditions are better than ever for card holders. Americans

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