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A technical issue linking the San Diego Vaccine Registry to the state network is causing local applications for digital vaccination cards to be rejected by the recently launched California Vaccine Registry System.

In an email, Sami Gallegos, California’s public health spokeswoman, said plans to repair the problem by the end of Friday had not been realized.

San Diego County Records Search

San Diego County Records Search

The new system, which was launched on Friday morning and is now available at, requires some important information – name, date of birth and mobile phone number or email address – which is linked to each person’s vaccination list against coronary heart disease. . The document contains a QR code, which allows the platform to scan the file but not save it and confirm the vaccination status with the SMART Health Card Framework.

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To submit information, users must enter the same mobile phone number or email address they used when making an appointment for vaccination. Parents and caregivers who make an appointment for children can enter the name and own mobile number or email of the child and access the digital file.

Once the cards are downloaded, the cards can be stored in the smartphone photo storage as a screenshot, making it easy to record later.

There is a lot of development in the current climate to address the reluctance to vaccinate. Many in the nation have opposed any idea that the government could create a “fax passport” to help identify those who have been vaccinated and those who have not.

The state stays as far away from this hot button material as possible and provides the system with little more than convenience for consumers.

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“We’re just giving California residents the chance to find their files in that system and get a backup for themselves as a backup,” said Rick Klau, Chief Technology Officer of California.

But it is clear that digital copies are more than just copies. They make it possible to investigate the fax status that many have been pushing hard against, because the nation’s vaccination campaign has infected hundreds of millions.

The presence of QR codes allows companies to be more aggressive with verification than they can be with existing paper cards that are easily falsified.

San Diego County Records Search

The federal guidelines passed this week require anyone who is not fully vaccinated to wear an inner mask, and California law allows businesses to choose one of three different ways to confirm their vaccination status. Companies can simply believe in those who claim to be vaccinated, implement a vaccination confirmation system or require anyone to wear a mask.

Tech Problem Causes State’s Digital Vaccine Card System To Deny San Diego Requests

At a press conference on Friday morning, officials confirmed that companies across the state could choose to only accept new digital cards if they wanted to and reject paper versions issued at the time of vaccination.

Most of the local organizations that contacted Friday declined to comment on whether they only consider electronic confirmation for events or actions. However, San Diego Padres said in an email that no such move was considered for games at Petco Park.

The Health Card Framework is a creation of the Vaccine Credential Initiative, an alliance of public and private entities focused on establishing safe standards to verify vaccination status.

UC San Diego Health is a member of the VCI Steering Committee and Dr. Christopher Longhurst, chief information officer for the local health system, said he spoke privately with local organizations holding major events in the area.

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“They told us quite clearly that this is not required by the state and until that changes, they will continue to allow people to confirm their vaccination status themselves,” Longhurst said.

But he added that the introduction of the digital vaccination card system will help health care institutions, including the university, which will soon be able to publish similar files for the approximately 500,000 people in the province he has been vaccinating since December. And soon, more skills will be added, including the ability to obtain scannable evidence from a recent negative COVID test.

The new cards, Klau said, are more secure than their paper counterparts in that when their QR codes are scanned, electronic readers verify the digital signature in the pattern and compare it to a signature key on a file in a database maintained by VCI.

San Diego County Records Search

However, there is nothing to prevent someone who has downloaded their own verification code from saving the digital image and then sending it to someone else. A scanner would then verify that the code is genuine and display the same information as visible on paper cards: Name, vaccination dates and type of fax given.

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Companies trying to verify that a regular visitor or customer has been vaccinated should not only scan the code, but also check that the person entering the code has other identifying information, such as a driver’s license, with a matching name.

Klau said the state relies on VCI to provide a reliable reader program for smartphones that companies or other organizations can use to scan the codes. Such an app, he said, is designed so that it could temporarily view the codes but not store them or the information they verify. He said the software would be available in the coming weeks, but did not specify a specific date. “I’m looking for information on a Thomas Trent estate that died many years ago. Behind him when I was a child. He was already old and I would help him get around his house, around.” t he was so old.At least I remember one day my mother told me that a lawyer came and asked questions about me because he wanted to add me to his will.

My first instinct was to decide when Thomas Trent died, presumably in San Diego County. The California Death Index, 1940-1997, told me that Thomas B. Trent died on December 23, 1977 in San Diego County. I found an obituary in the San Diego Union about Thomas B. Trent stating that he had a son and six grandchildren.

To find out if there is a probation record for Thomas B. Trent who died in 1977, I went to the website of the Superior Court of San Diego ( and found of Accessing Court Case Files portal page:

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The Supreme Court of San Diego has digitally recorded probation records from 1974 to the present day, and has photos available online for records from 2008. Prior to 1974, the records were recorded in record books and current files are on microfilm or microfilms.

I wanted the probation data for 1977, so I clicked on the green button to “Find the case number and location” (which contains the probation). This led me to the “Search by category name” page:

In the boxes above, I entered the case type = “File,” Case Location = “San Diego,” Start Date = 1974, End Date = 1980, Last Name = “Trent” and First Name = “Thomas.”

San Diego County Records Search

Two items were registered on the same day, with one case number = P116618. I clicked on the Case number link and saw the description of the file:

Public Health Services

The probation “In the Matter of Thomas B. Trent” was submitted on December 30, 1977. It is a case of “Letters of Testament / Admin WWA”. I think that means this is a directory with an extension at will (but I could be wrong!).

The next problem is “how do I get it.” The website “How to view the court file” states that “The public can request and view documents by filling out the required court form and presenting a valid driving license or other valid identity card with a photo taken by court staff. . ” the file at the Commercial Office of the Court and it can not be removed.

“Once you have found the case number and location of the lawsuit, there are several ways to get a copy from the court. You can ask for evidence:

Navigate to the courthouse where the file is located. Copy requests must be received by the clerk at least 30 minutes before closing the company office.

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So to view this file, I need to go to the Central Court building in downtown San Diego and to the Other Records office, which is in the basement, and follow the instructions above.

I need to check with Rick again and see if he is willing to pay the fee for me to get the probation in question. It seems like the cost of getting the documents is 50 cents per copy page, but it has to be copied by the court staff and I would have to take another trip to the courthouse to get it. Otherwise, Rick could save my trip by ordering a copy of the files in the mail, including paying the appropriate fee.

This process interests me because my grandparents died at the same time as I did not seek probation for her, or any other parent or relative in San Diego. Four of my great-grandparents died in San Diego, as did some nieces and nephews. This can be expensive !!

San Diego County Records Search

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