Unemployment Rate By Education Level

Unemployment Rate By Education Level – Eu: youth unemployment rate by country 2022, Us unemployment rate by education level (2022 2022) [oc], Chart of the week: how does the unemployment rate vary based on educational attainment?, Education in germany, Pdf) forecasting youth unemployment rate in the post crisis period, Education sciences

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Unemployment Rate By Education Level

Unemployment Rate By Education Level

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File:unemployment Rate (among Persons Aged 25 64 Years) By Level Of Educational Attainment, 2022 (%).png

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Unemployment Rate By Education Level

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes annually data comparing unemployment and earnings rates at different levels of education. In 2018, anyone 25 years and older without a high school diploma had a 5.6% chance of being unemployed, and if they had a job, they earned an average of $ 553 a week. Someone with a high school diploma had a 4.1% chance of unemployment, earning $ 177 more per week. Add a two-year scholarship, and unemployment will drop to 2.8 percent, while wages will rise to $ 309 more per week than without a high school diploma. Finally, with a 4-year bachelor’s degree, unemployment is only 2.2%, and wages are $ 1,198 a week, $ 645 more than without a high school diploma.

Us Unemployment Rate By Education Level (2022 2022) [oc]

Georgetown University published a large study in 2010, which predicted workforce trends for the next 8 years. Some of the main ideas are that post-secondary education gives access to a wide range of jobs, while workers with a certificate of enrollment or less are limited to a smaller range of lower jobs. Life’s estimated earnings show an incredible difference based on education. A high school dropout earned about $ 1,198,447 in 40 years of work. A person with a bachelor’s degree is estimated to earn $ 3,380,060 during these 40 years, and someone with a professional diploma earns $ 4,650,588 in their working life.

What does all this mean? It pays to stay in school! The time and effort required to obtain a paid enrollment certificate is more likely to get a higher-paying job, and the cost of academic education will be reimbursed for life.

At McLean High School, we are committed to helping every student get a certificate. Although we understand that college may not be the next step for all students, we help all students who are interested in enrolling in college and applying for financial aid. Our mission is to help prepare students for success in a variety of post-graduate options.

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