English Masters In Germany

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If you are at the beginning of your journey to becoming a master’s student at a German university, the road ahead may seem long and winding. But it is much easier than you think.

As soon as you meet these three criteria, you have taken a big and first step towards starting a master’s program in Germany; You will usually know whether you are eligible (or not) for a master’s degree. Once you’ve done that, you can take the second step and find out the admissions requirements for your chosen program (such as a specific GPA, specific credit scores, or professional experience).

English Masters In Germany

English Masters In Germany

To demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria for a master’s program in Germany, you must collect three documents:

Masters In Germany Guide For International Students [updated 2022]

German universities accept degrees or equivalent degrees from other countries. Learn more about how to recognize your degree in Germany here.

You can study English or German in Germany. Find out how to prove your language skills at a German university here.

Did you know that only international students arriving in Germany from the top 20 countries of origin need a visa? Entering Germany as a student is easier than you think. Get tips on getting a student visa here.

“But wait…” you might be thinking now, “Why do those programs I’m looking at have long lists of requirements?” The answer to this question is easy. The German higher education system distinguishes between three general eligibility criteria and additional entry requirements.

How To Apply For Masters In Germany In English By Admissionatgermanunis

Eligibility criteria are set out in German law. Every prospective postgraduate student must complete them, regardless of their chosen programme. In German it is called “Zugangsvorausetjung” (entry requirement). Once you meet these criteria, you are usually eligible to become a graduate student.

In addition to the eligibility criteria, each university may determine further admission requirements according to which students are admitted. These requirements are set by individual universities and vary from program to program. In German it is called “Zhulassungsvorassetzung” (entry requirement).

It is important to understand that once you meet the eligibility criteria, you can find a program that has admission requirements that you meet. Some may be difficult for you to reach. But there will be programs that match your profile and your talent so you can get in easily.

English Masters In Germany

Infographics. Eligibility Criteria vs. Admission Requirements *GPA. Master’s programs require a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the German system. Click here to convert your grade to the German system. Even if you don’t have the grade listed on the university’s website, it may still make sense to apply. This is because German universities reserve a minimum percentage of their teaching capacity for non-EU international students.

Master’s In Germany

You may be surprised to learn that German universities usually select their applicants based on a written application. This means that there are no entrance exams or personal interviews for admission to a German university.

This is good news for international students. Applying from abroad is easy and you need to mail your documents instead of appearing in person. More often than not, you don’t have to fly halfway around the world to take an entrance exam or attend an in-person interview.

Of course, every rule needs its exception. You may come across some universities that ask their students to participate in entrance tests or personal interviews.

As an example, applicants to some master’s programs at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) may be expected to participate in a personal interview, which may also be conducted over the phone.

How To Find An English Degree Program In Germany

In programs such as art, theatre, music or sports, applicants usually appear in person and demonstrate a hand in portfolio, play music or take a sports test in front of a selection committee. There are many programs. Courses are offered by several universities in Germany, and if one thing is for sure, there is definitely something that interests you.

The best thing about studying in Germany is that unlike other popular student destinations like the US, UK or Australia, the university sector is not privatized, meaning they are all public and funded.

For this reason, universities are not only cheaper and more accessible to the public, but they are not in competition with each other.

English Masters In Germany

You see, private universities should outperform their peers because they attract the best professors and can justify the fees they charge.

English Universities In Germany: The Updated List (2022) 🏛️️

Moreover, this competition brings rank and prestige into the equation, and now if one fails to get into one of the top universities, they are at a slight disadvantage from the word go.

This does not mean that the universities here are the best. In fact, Germany has 12 universities in the top 200 best universities in the world.

I mean you never hear companies, workers or employers discuss these issues anytime soon.

Note: There is a set of 9 universities, namely TU9, which are considered higher ranked than the rest. However, TU9 was founded in 2003 as an informal confederation of technical institutes in Germany established before 1900.

Step By Step Guide: Masters 📚in Germany 🇩🇪 (english)

DAAD – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, or simply the German Academic Exchange Service, is the world’s largest independent funding agency dedicated to the internationalization of the academic system by promoting the international exchange of students and researchers.

DAAD acts as an independent intermediary between a network of external partners, including universities and student organizations, and advises decision-makers on cultural and educational development policies to meet emerging demands.

Founded in 1925 to award scholarships to outstanding candidates, DAAD scholarships have been awarded to nearly 2 million scholars in Germany and abroad.

English Masters In Germany

Note: DAAD does not offer study programs, but offers competitive and merit-based scholarships for study and research programs in Germany and abroad.

Master In Germany 🎓 The 3 Basic Requirements (2022)

Hint. You can also search for your intended course using the search bar, e.g. Search “Mechatronics Engineering” and select 1 or all 3 options.

Although Germany is known for opening its doors to international students and offering education at a very low cost, at the time of this writing, the state of Baden-Württemberg has set a tuition fee of €1,500 per semester since 2016 if you are not a student. EU citizen.

Moreover, some public universities offer paid programs. They are usually designed with an industry or company in mind and cover a specific area of ​​study and range between €4,000-€8,000 per year.

As you can see, there are no tuition fees on semester or yearly basis and hence falls into the category we are looking for.

How To Study In Germany For Free

Mobility investment (semi-annual ticket). With a half-year ticket you can use public transport for free with no time limit. In general, you have to pay around 100 euros per month for limited access to certain areas.

Student Body Contribution (AStA). AStA is the representative body of the external student body at most (but not all) German universities. Think student government with student interests in mind.

Note: More and more universities are turning to UniAssist, an external application processing agent. They act as intermediaries and universities receive complete application documents, perform required accreditation checks and grade conversions, among other things. This frees universities from hard work and makes it easier for them to evaluate applications.

English Masters In Germany

I think they have their own online portal for this university where you have to make your profile and upload required documents.

Masters Programs In Germany Taught In English

Whether through sheer luck or endless motivation, but certainly over the course of a few sleepless nights, I was able to piece together the app’s puzzles.

So hopefully you won’t have to go through those steps and will be able to find your course in hours rather than days or weeks.

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Find An English Masters Degree In Germany

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The same requires technical storage or access to create user profiles to send advertisements or track users across a website or multiple websites for similar marketing purposes. Germany has more than 400 universities offering all kinds of degree programs.

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